How The Supernatural Vibrations Of Music Can Heal You – by Tana Hoy

Did you know that humans are not the only ones who enjoy music? Gnomes, angels, pixies, and other spirit being like it too! And like us, these supernatural beings also have their own musical preferences!


Supernatural Energy Vibrations

The Psychic Energy In Music

When you listen to music on the conscious level and enjoy what your ears hear, you might like to bob your head and tap your feet to the beat, or even hum to the tune. But did you know that on the subconscious level, you are sensing the music’s psychic energy? This is the psychic energy that your spirit friends “listen” to also.

For example, have you ever noticed how certain kinds of music affect your thoughts and emotions, trigger memories, induce desires, or even soothe or provoke your feelings?

For example, you might lighten up when you hear New Wave but groan when the 60s are played. Or your heart may melt when you hear “One Last Cry” from Brian McKnight, but you may suddenly flare up when you hear “To All The Girls I Loved Before” from Julio Iglesias. Music has a way of “piercing the soul” and evoking thoughts and emotions.

Also, one song can stir different reactions from different people. For example, your neighbor may enjoy playing heavy metal at full volume, while it gives you a headache. Or you may swoon when a certain ballad is played on the radio, but your friend only rolls her eyes.

Your reaction to music is brought about by the music’s energy which penetrates into your inner consciousness. While the beat and melody sounds appealing, it’s the psychic vibrations embedded in the music itself that moves you. Spiritual beings “listen” to these psychic vibrations and can sense the energy that comes from the music that you play.

How Music Radiates Psychic Energy Vibrations

Psychic energy in music comes from three sources:

The energy when the music was created

When the piece of music was composed, the composer transferred his or her energy into the composition. This goes for the lyrics that the lyricist wrote, too. The composer and/or lyricist may have transferred either positive or negative energy into the piece of music. So this is why listeners sense it psychically (whether they are aware of it or not) each time it is played or sung.

The energy from the music players

Each musician, instrumentalist, or singer transfers his or her energy into the song, too. If you listen to the same song played by two different artists, you will sense that they emit different energy signals. So you “feel” the song in different ways. Also, if you listen to a singer sing the same song on two different occasions, you will sense the difference in the energy that he or she radiates in those two instances.

The energy that is embedded in the music itself

Music has “a heart of its own.” If you listen to a piece of music with your psychic ears, you will sense the energy that the music itself radiates. There are some songs that emit negative energy, like hatred, anger, envy, lust, and this energy is transferred to the listeners. Other songs emit just the opposite, radiating positive energy, like joy, happiness, love, and more.

I advice that you use your psychic ears, as well as your physical ears, when you listen to music. This way, you will not only be able to sense whether the songs are transferring positive or negative energy, but you will also be able to listen in the same way that supernatural beings hear them.

What Kinds Of Music Do Supernatural Beings Like To Hear?

Like humans, there is a kind of “cultural” difference among spiritual entities when it comes to musical preference. Think of it this way: people in the Caribbean islands enjoy more reggae than the people of Japan. Those in Chicago seem to prefer R&B, while those from Tennessee are likely to enjoy country music.

This is a generalization, of course, but you will find that your spirit friends also have different “tastes” when it comes to their listening pleasure, and here are some examples:

o Dwarves and gnomes enjoy rich, earthy tones. They usually prefer the pure sound of tribal and tribal-inspired music, with drum beats that seem to resonate with the richness of the earth.

o Pixies love tinkling sounds, which is why they enjoy nursery rhymes and the lightness of traditional oriental music. They also like the sound of xylophones, triangles, chimes, and toy pianos.

o Fairy folk enjoy robust and merry sounds, especially jolly fiddle music. They particularly like Gaelic folk songs played during ceilidh (a Scottish & Irish social gathering) and barn dances.

o Dryads and merfolk like to listen to woodwind instruments that produce light sounds, like flutes and recorders. Although they will also listen intently to brass instruments, especially saxophone music with a soulful melody.

o Angels particularly like classical music, such as the compositions of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. They also enjoy listening to choir music and opera.

o Elves are generally balladeers, and they prefer the sound of stringed instruments like harps, guitars, lutes, and zithers.

There are now numerous forms of music, such as pop, techno, new age, hip hop, along with R&B, jazz, rock, heavy metal, and more. Your spirit friends may choose one over the other, according to their personal preferences – but you will discover that the reason behind their choices is far deeper than just melody or rhythm. Their preference relies mostly on the energy that is embedded in the music.

So, invite your spirit friends over for an evening of music listening, and enjoy the relaxing and uplifting vibrations that come from the different sounds!

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