Why Bigfoot And Other Supernatural Creatures Are Real – by Tana Hoy

You have probably heard of the Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti, and Big Foot. Those three are among the numerous creatures whose existence is highly debated, regardless of eyewitness accounts, primarily because no one has yet produced scientific evidence of their existence. Many believe them to be just figments of people’s imagination… but are they?

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Why Bigfoot is real!

Cryptozoology: The Study Of Hidden Animals

The study of hidden animals is called cryptozoology. The term comes from the Greek word kryptos which means “hidden” and zoology, which is the study of animals. It involves seeking evidence of extinct animals, as well as those that are mentioned in old stories, legends, myths, and other reports. These animals are called crypt ids.

But even long before the term cryptid was coined, “mythical” creatures were already present. All over the world, in every culture, stories of elusive animals were passed down from generation to generation, with new accounts added as eyewitnesses told of their own encounters. Over the centuries, travellers told stories of seeing bizarre animals during their travels.

But while natives believed them to be real, and travellers wrote about them, many people had dismissed these accounts as nothing but folklore, old wives’ tales, fabricated stories, or simply mistaken identities.

For example, people thought for a long time that the giant squid, kangaroo, and okapi were myths and legends! Even the Komodo dragon, western lowland gorilla, and coelacanth were thought to be unreal. Eventually, however, eyewitness accounts were deemed right when these animals were finally proven real.

However, there are simply creatures that continue to elude discovery. The reason is because not all cryptids are of this world – there are those that are not physical in nature. Many of them are beings of the spiritual world!

The tikbalang, for example, is a tall supernatural being that has features of both a horse and human. It lives in dense forested areas in the Philippines, and usually sits alone under a huge tree. Some people may spot them when they are caught unaware.

As an earth elemental that closely guards its domain, this creature will lead travellers astray, or make them go back to the same path over and over, to keep them from venturing further and deeper into the forest.

How To See These Supernatural Creatures

Beings of the spiritual realm cannot normally be seen by humans, because their energy vibrations are different from ours. In the same way that we cannot see ultraviolet rays with our naked eyes, we also cannot detect supernatural creatures with our ordinary physical senses.

So unless they deliberately lower their vibrational frequency (usually, when they don’t feel threatened by human presence), they are invisible to most humans.

The only way to really detect metaphysical beings and interact with them is by means of using your psychic senses. By developing your psychic abilities, you will be able to tune-in to their energy vibrations, and actually see them, hear them, and feel them. If they trust you enough, they may decide to lower their vibrations so you can see and hear them using your physical eyes and ears.

There is no doubt that cryptids are real – some of them are physical animals, while others are metaphysical beings. So perhaps, the real question that those interested in cryptozoology should ask is not whether Big Foot is real, but whether these creatures are of the physical world or the spiritual realm.

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