Supernatural Spirit Territories: Do Spirits Live In Your Yard?

Time and space does not exist in the spiritual realms in the way that we, humans, understand time and space. But there are “supernatural” places on Earth where spirits, such as a ghost, sprites, and gnomes, become “attached” to.


Is Your Yard A Spirit Territory?

They consider these places as their “territories” and that they deem as their own. In fact, you may be sharing ownership of your property with a spiritual being and not even know it!

More About These Spirit Territories?

Spiritual beings do not treat territories in the same way that humans do. People consider land ownership as having a piece of paper (land title) which signifies that you have the right over a piece of property.

For supernatural entities, a place becomes their territory when they have an attachment to it. That is, their energies are drawn, bound, attracted to, or committed to a place. Being as free as they are to move around in the non-physical plane, they still have special attachments to certain earthly locations.

For example:

• The soul of a person may stay in a house that he or she lived in while alive, or may haunt a road where he or she died.

• A group of nature spirits may inhabit a tree that they are spiritually attached to. Their energy relies on the tree, and they take care of the tree in return.

• A fairy may live in a garden where the plants and flowers have a special spiritual connection to him or her.

• Gnomes may guard an opening in a cave that leads to energy crystals.

• A clan of elves may protect a clearing in the forest which serves as a “gateway” between the physical world and their kingdom.

• A group of extraterrestrials may defend a place where their spacecrafts are located.

Spirit territories are quite different from paranormal hotspots, because in hotspots, there is a heightened level of metaphysical activity.

In spirit territories, events happen quite normally (as far as we, humans, are concerned) and there are very minimal paranormal activities – that is, unless the non-human beings sense that someone is being unkind to their location.

You see, mystical beings expect people to show respect for their territorial boundaries, in the same way that you would expect other people to respect your territory.

Spiritual Beings And “Trespassers”

Unlike humans who call the police when an intruder trespasses on their land, spiritual entities handle intrusion quite differently.

For example, the nature spirit called “tikbalang” will let you walk and walk into the forest it protects, but you will always end up in the place where you started. In a way, it never lets you get anywhere!

A ghost that haunts a road, on the other hand, may suddenly appear in the middle of street, startling drivers and causing accidents. There are also places wherein trespassers start feeling ill for no reason, making them turn back.

But these non-human beings are not bad. They will let you pass through, or even stay without them bothering you, provided you acknowledge their presence, and show them and their territories some respect.

How To Recognize A Spirit Terroritory

It’s important to be psychically aware of your surroundings, especially if you’re going to a place that’s unfamiliar to you. It’s best to put up your “psychic antennae” to detect whether there are spiritual entities that are inhabiting or guarding the place, to avoid offending them, because there are non-physical beings that are very sensitive, and that do not take kindly to disrespect.

Another way is to pay attention to eyewitness accounts about a certain place, such as sightings of unexplained orbs of lights, apparitions, accidents, and the like. These are usually indications that there is a spirit, or a group of spirits, in an area.

What To Do When You Know That A Place Is Spirit Territory

You may be forgiven for trespassing in spirit territory when you’re unaware of it, as long as you show some respect, but it’s always better to know! Here are things you need to remember when you think that a spirit is protecting or inhabiting an area:

• Entering a spirit territory is something like entering someone’s private property – you don’t just go about touching and taking items, or acting as though it were your own.

• When using roads or bridges that you know are guarded or inhabited by spirits, or where an accident has happened before, honk your horn once or twice before you reach the actual spot. A soft beep will do. This will keep apparitions from suddenly appearing on the road before you.

• When hiking or walking through wooded areas or forests, just whisper “excuse me” as you trudge along, especially when you’re about to pass a huge tree, or a natural mound of soil. This will warn entities of your coming.

• Never damage the trees, or chop down branches, at least, not without warning. Trees cry out in pain, and spiritual entities don’t particularly appreciate trees getting hurt.

• Never pluck mushrooms, or disturb rocks that have been formed in a circle! And don’t step inside the circle either. These are fairy dancing circles, and there are consequences when you disturb such formations.

• Don’t throw rocks in ponds, lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water. It’s like throwing stones at someone’s windows!

• Never litter or leave human garbage behind. It’s one of the most offensive acts that spirits – especially nature guardians – can’t tolerate. They will seek revenge on you!

• And if a spirit shows itself to you, don’t scream or run away. It’s quite offensive. Stay calm, and try to sense its energy. It will sense yours, and will know if you mean it harm or not. Just be polite, and if you really need to go (for fear or otherwise), say goodbye as you would when leaving someone’s house, and make sure to do it graciously.

If you discover that a supernatural being shares your property with you, don’t worry. It’s just like having an invisible roommate or neighbor! And as long as you show your spirit friend respect, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get along just fine. You can even be friends!

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  1. Lindsay Marino says:

    My friend’s 4 year old son says he sees a spirit in the tree and calls him Edward. Apparently Edward talks to him a lot. Should we be concerned?

  2. Amber vinson says:

    I see trees take the form of humans all the time I like to call them tree people. Why am I seeing this? It reminds me of the part of the movie Lord of the rings when the trees come alive to help fight in the war.

  3. Trent Mills says:

    I see people in and around our house all the time..the spirits or what have you talk nasty and they always say they are going to kill or get fiance and I have heard the same one tell my fiance to kill me. .its every day and night…how do I know what I. Dealing with??

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I am seeingin the woods where I live little orbs of light go into the trees and not long after the trees branches start moving as of they were hands definitely not like a tree would move and also the leaves will take shApe of a human’s face or of a dog or horse and when I look with my binoculars on the bark of the tree I see a pair of eyes staring right back at me and every evening before dark the trees in the back will move to the front and in the morning they move back where they was. I know this comment is very scattered but I’m trying to rush and comment and work at the same time but I have nobody else to talk to about this without them putting me in handcuffs lol

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