Today’s Psychic Energy Report for 02-13-2016 by Tana Hoy psychic energy report

The psychic energy today will be supportive of the unplanned

Here Is Today’s Psychic Energy Report:


The psychic energy today will be supportive of the unplanned. Do you like being spontaneous? Are long, drawn-out details a burden for you? If so, then today will be a good day for you!

Keep in mind, however, that being spontaneous does not have to mean being reckless. Make sure that your unplanned actions will not bring you or anyone else to harm by starting your day with meditation.

Before you try to do anything that you know will result in a huge change one way or the other, make sure that your mind is calm and uncluttered. That way, even if you’ll be spontaneous in your decisions, you won’t have much to regret later on.


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  1. Candy says:

    I am being very spontaneous today how funny

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