Talk To Spirits Of Those You Loved And Lost spirits

Spirits are all around us but not everyone is gifted to be able to communicate with them.

It’s easy to talk to Spirits…

…the tricky part is to get them to answer back.

You see, spirits are everywhere. These spirits, however, are the “souls” of people who have walked this earth and have passed on, not evil “spirits” of the lower realms who have never been human.

Communicating with spirits requires a fair amount of psychic abilities, and while all humans are born with latent psychic ability, the capacity to sense and communicate with spirits differs from one person to the next.

Think of it in terms of musicality. Everyone can learn to play the violin, but not everyone can master the violin in such a way that would entrance hundreds of people in a concert hall.

A person can always learn to enhance his or her psychic abilities, but there are people who are “born knowing” or “born seeing” – individuals who came into this world with extraordinary psychic abilities.

Now, some of these gifted people can see and communicate with spirits. These gifted people, called mediums, are often asked to communicate and to talk to Spirits for their clients, which is more commonly known as having a séance.


What Is A Seance?


Séance is a French word which translates to “session”, “seat”, or “sitting”. When people come together to attempt to communicate with the departed, this group is called a séance.

A séance is usually done with the help of a Medium, who facilitates communication with the spirits.

Seances have been recorded as early as the Third century AD, but many occult scholars believe that ancient people have long been practicing these gatherings, too.

In fact, ancient Greeks built a temple which they called the “Oracle of the Dead” at the top of a sacred hill. People from all over the empire went to this temple for meetings with Spirits of those who no longer dwell in this world.

Spiritualist Séance

In Spiritualism, a religion which started in the US, around 1848, spiritualists have known the Spirits of the departed are able and willing to communicate with the living. Spiritualists view the “Spirit Realm” as an ever-evolving place that is very much alive with energy and vibration.

They know that communicating with Spirits is possible, and Spirits can provide guidance.


Methods Used In Seances seance

A séance is a group of people attempting to communicate with spirits with the help of a medium.

While there have been plenty or hoaxes during the early Victorian years, séances – real séances – have been happening in private.

In the homes of those who fervently want to speak to their loved ones, and in the secret sanctuaries of those with the gift of seeing, real mediums lend their abilities so a bridge between the Spirit World and our physical world can be opened.

It takes a sheer amount of psychic skill and spiritual energy to establish links between the Spirit realm and the human world. Here are the two ways used to talk to Spirits by those who have the Gift of Seeing: 


In channeling, you invite a spirit to use your body as vessel to deliver messages. Spiritual beings communicate through you using your voice, by merging their energy with yours, in order to speak, and be heard.

Those who have the gift of channeling allow a spirit to speak through them freely and consciously. Usually, spirits who are more spiritually evolved are drawn to channelers, in order to provide insight into the spiritual realms, along with messages and guidance.

The channeler might go into a deep form of meditation, also known as a trance, before the spirit takes over. Most channelers can recall only very little of what happened during the communication, and sometimes, have no memory of the connection at all.


Mediums are gifted people whose psychic abilities enable them to establish communication with spirits and other beings from different planes and realms.

Mediumship is a form of channeling, but mediums don’t allow spirits to step into their body.

Even though there is also a merging of energies with the Medium, rather than entering the Medium, the spirits often stand or remain close to him or her, in order to communicate their messages. The Medium then senses, listens, sees, and takes in the message from the spirit, and then delivers it to the intended receiver by speaking what he or she hears.

While channelers often don’t remember what was said or done when the spirit has stepped into their body, mediums are entirely conscious during the entire connection and communication.


A Beginner’s Guide To Talking To Spirits


While you may choose to have séance, you can always try to speak with Spirits on your own, especially if you’re trying to reach a loved one. I believe trying to talk with a loved one will be a special experience that you can do privately at home.

  1. The first step is to choose a space that feels right to you. It can be a personal space that you use at home, a place where you are most relaxed, or a place where you can meditate quietly.
  2. When you’ve chosen your place, sit down comfortably on a chair.
  3. Close your eyes and feel your body relaxing.
  4. Take three deep breaths.
  5. Open your eyes and let your mind go quiet
  6. State your intention. Say something like this out loud, “I want to speak to (name) and receive his or her messages.”
  7. Meditate on your loved one and the questions you want to ask, or the things you want to say.
  8. The answer may not come immediately to you. Remember that this is the first of many steps and your skill will increase with more practice.
  9. Look and listen for answers or messages throughout the day. Sometimes the message may be hidden in a song or an image that you would see as the day goes by.


Communicating with a loved one on your own may not immediately give you the results you are looking for, but you will get better with more practice and focus.

If you want to have a more structured conversation with a departed loved one, you can seek the help of a psychic medium.


What Can You Ask From The Spirits? psychic_medium

It is important that you choose a reputable psychic medium when you talk to the spirits of your loved ones.

There is no limit to what you can ask from the spirits of loved ones, but there is no guarantee that a spirit will always give you the answers to your questions. Sometimes a spirit might answer vaguely, and in this scenario, you have to understand their view of the world – and our human concerns – is different now that they reside in the spiritual realm.

Your loved ones might remember an event differently from how you remembered it while they were still alive, simply because they might have seen it from a different viewpoint.

Sometimes a spirit might answer in riddles, or might not answer at all, but instead choose to show the Medium images as a reply. These are things you have to take into consideration when talking to departed loved ones.


Choose A Reputable Medium


This is also where the importance of choosing a reliable and trustworthy Medium comes into play.

Remember, the Medium is going to facilitate your communication with your loved one – you are going to have to place your complete trust that the answers to your questions are being given to you in a concise and accurate manner.

As a Psychic and a Medium, I have experienced firsthand how vulnerable people are when talking with loved ones who have passed away. Every ounce of their energy is focused on being able to communicate with their spouse, child, parent, or dear friend.

Love, anger, denial, loneliness, regret, relief, acceptance. Imagine the full spectrum of feelings and raw emotions that go into each session. Before a session, you might think you won’t become emotional, but trust me, it might take you by surprise.

This is why you have to choose an experienced Medium who will be able to guide the conversation into the direction it needs to go. You might not see or hear the spirit of your loved one, but keep in mind that there are two parties involved and the Psychic Medium has to have the skill to make the conversation a meaningful and fruitful one.

You need a conscientious medium who you can be at ease with, so you can ask your questions without reluctance, knowing you are sure that you are in a loving, respectful, and accepting environment.

And lastly, you need a Psychic Medium you can trust, especially when it comes to matters regarding estates, inheritance, or valuable things which need to be found.

I can help you talk to Spirits and communicate with your loved ones. Simply click here to schedule an appointment with me or fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page and we’ll contact you soon.


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