Talking To Spirits: Some Techniques You Can Use spirit_communication

It’s just normal for everyone to wish to reconnect with loved ones, even with those on the Other Side. One of the reasons for spirit communication is to know answers about some pressing matters especially if the death of a loved one is sudden.

Death is a mystery that people will always wonder about for as long as they live. And this is probably the reason why talking to Spirits has always been an intriguing affair to think about for many people.

Mostly romanticized or attributed to occultists, communicating with those who have shed their mortal coil is actually an exciting, yet fulfilling experience.

Communicating with the Other Side is a natural way to reconnect with loved ones and other important individuals who have moved on to the spiritual realm and there are many reasons why connecting with loved ones is important.

Most people want to communicate with their loved ones to they are faring in the afterlife, or if there’s anything that can be done to make their passing easier, especially if their cause of passing was a sudden or tragic death.

There are also family members and friends who have pressing matters to communicate, such as estate or inheritance questions.

But, how does one delve into the unknown and begin to have active communication with their loved ones in the Spirit World?


What Is Spirit Communication?


Spirit communication is the conscious and willful act of connecting and talking with the souls of people who have passed away.

Connecting with loved ones is not confined to the realm of the supernatural. It has been verified through scientific studies that Spirit communication can occur when the mind is in a state of deep relaxation.

In fact, communicating with those in the Spirit World often occurs at the moment right before we fall asleep. In this moment, where you transition from wakefulness to sleep, you enter a deeply relaxed state called the hypnagogic state.

During this hypnagogic state, you become more aware of the things that are not of this world. It is said that during this state, you can start receiving faint impressions from people on the Other Side and sometimes these messages will come to you in a visual form or images.

It might take a while to master receiving messages during the hypnagogic state because when many people try it, especially beginners, they end up falling asleep before their spirit conversation even begins!

You can also try other methods of conversing with the Spirit World if working with the hypnagogic state is not yielding results, such as:



Mediumship is the gift of Spirit Communication between the living and those departed. Gifted individuals, called mediums, can deliver messages between the living and the dead.

Mediums use their supernatural gifts to relay information, both verbally and visually. automatic_writing

Automatic writing is one of the method of spirit communication wherein a person writes unconsciously words or images from a spirit source.

Automatic Writing 

Also known as Spirit Writing, automatic writing has been one of the most widely used methods to communicate with spirits for decades. Typically using a pen and paper, a person unconsciously writes words, or draws images, coming from a spiritual source.



A séance is a French word that literally translates to a “session”, “seat”, or “sitting”. It describes a group of people who come together to communicate with those who have passed away.

Usually, there is a Medium who serves as the link to the Spirit World. Séance-like gatherings have been recorded as early as the Third century AD.


Basic Steps For Communicating With Spirits On The Other Side


  1. Relaxation

The first step is always to relax. You have to quiet your mind so that you’ll be able to be aware of your environment and hear the messages from Spirits, loud and clear.

  1. Grounding

Immersing yourself in nature is one of the easiest ways to do grounding. During grounding, you align yourself with the energy of nature and bring in positive energy from your surroundings and the cosmos.

The positive energy you immerse yourself in can be used to raise the vibration of your own energy, and in turn, will enable you to connect with Spirits easier than before. Communication with spirits will also be made clearer this way, as you are on the same energy wavelength as they are, after a good grounding session. nature

Grounding is wherein you immerse yourself with nature thereby aligning yourself with its energy and raising your vibrational energy, thus makes it easier for you to communicate with Spirits.

  1. Setting Boundaries

When communicating with Spirits you always need to have protection in place. Setting up protection can be as simple as meditating for a few minutes beforehand and imagining a white protective shield enfolding your entire body.

  1. Naming the Spirit You Want To Speak With

If you’ve just started talking to Spirits, then it’s best to connect with the spirits of loved ones or those you’ve personally known when they were still alive. You can call out their name and concentrate on their appearance to make the connection strong.

  1. Asking Questions

The best way to get the answers you’re looking for is to ask concise questions, which are straight to the point.

  1. Listening

Listening to Spirits doesn’t just mean listening to actual spoken words. Sometimes they may provide answers through other ways, such as symbols, songs, and other significant things.

  1. Writing

It’s best to have a journal where you can write down your encounters with your loved ones, so that you won’t miss out on any of their messages.


Guided Spirit Communication


Of course, one of the most basic things to know is when spirits are trying to communicate with you. You also have to be aware of how to spot signs when a spirit is trying to contact you.

Here are a few tips on how to recognize signs that you’re being contacted by a Spirit.

  • Spirits also give off energy – in fact, they are pure energy in their current state! Their spiritual energy is what alerts us to their presence.
  • We can feel this Spirit energy in many ways:

You might experience feeling hot or cold flashes in an area of your body, or the temperature in the room might suddenly dip and then return to normal after a few seconds.

  • The vibrations of their pure spiritual energy can also affect electricity, or the mechanisms of objects. The most common disturbances are lights flickering, a television suddenly generating white noise, or the radio suddenly changing stations.
  • Recently, spirits have also been also making their presence known through mobile phones and other gadgets. Some of my clients have told me stories about late night calls from the other side, or seeing glowing orbs or blurred movements when taking photos or videos using their phones.

If you’ve been experiencing any of these things, then a loved one may be trying to communicate with you. Aside from the techniques I’ve shown you in this article, I can also help you connect with your loved ones safely and confidentially during a private session together.

Talking to spirits doesn’t need to be an intimidating and worrisome experience because I can help you every step of the way.

You can schedule an appointment to contact your loved one by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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