The Tarot Death Card – Does It Mean You Are Going To Die?

Understanding some basic tarot card meanings will help you relieve some of the fear associated with certain tarot cards – more specifically The Death Card!

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The Death Card

Tarot Reading uses a deck of 78 beautifully drawn cards that each display unique characters. During a tarot reading, you are asked to draw a certain number of cards, and then the tarot reader uses their intuition and knowledge to interpret the cards that you chose.

The cards do not actually tell your future; rather they put you in contact with your higher self, so that your higher self can better guide you in your current life.

Does The Death Card Mean I’m GOing TO Die?

One of the most misunderstood cards on the Tarot deck is the death card. When people see this card, most of them will immediately panic and think, “Oh no, will I die soon?” The answer is “no”.

The death card does not indicate physical death, but instead it indicates a time for change and transformation…a new life for you. It is a wake-up call for you to move in a different direction, and it reflects a need to make a change of direction.

The change that the death tarot card is pointing you towards, may not be easy. But to properly move on your intended life path, this card may be telling you that there is an aspect in your life that you have to completely let go of.

The Death card shows death in an armor that can’t be penetrated, meaning there is no way you can escape change. But there is also a glorious sun rising in the background, signaling hope and a bright future.

Different Interpretations of the Death Card

Here are some different interpretations for the death tarot card depending on what area of your life it is referring to:

Work and Finances

At work, you may not be passionate about your job, but you’ve stayed there because of the steady income. You may get terminated, or work conditions somehow get worse. Don’t worry; other opportunities will come your way that will lead you to what you really want to do with your career.

With finances, you may lose income, such as the value of your stocks or assets going down. It is best to deal with any type of money problems head on.

Personal Life

Regarding your love life, you may have been unhappy with your partner for a long time, but are scared to be alone. It indicates that your partner might break up with you, or you might become a victim of abuse or infidelity.

Now is the time to start loving yourself, and break free of this unhealthy relationship.


When it comes to your health, you will be facing a physical battle, or finally getting over one. Either way, this reminds us to always take care of our bodies. Eating, sleeping, and exercising properly are never bad habits for anyone.

You may have been questioning your spiritual beliefs lately. Something may have happened where you need to take a step back, and seek spiritual guidance.

Keep praying or meditating for the answers that you need. Spiritual growth is an ongoing endeavor, so do not be afraid of change.

What The Death Card Is Telling You To Do

The death tarot card urges you to break free of something that is stopping you from fulfilling your life’s potential. A door may have closed on you, and you have no choice but to be brave, and walk through another door.

The more you accept this change, and the less you try to control the situation, the easier this transformational period will be for you. Let go of any self-limiting beliefs or insecurities, and bravely face the new life that the death tarot card is pointing you towards.

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