Telekinesis: How To Move Objects With Your Mind! – by Psychic Tana Hoy

If you’re fond of sci-fi movies, then surely you’ve seen characters move objects with their minds. But is the ability to move an object with your mind really just fiction?

Moving physical objects without touching them is a psychic ability called telekinesis (or TK). It’s very real, and it’s a power that even you can learn to develop.



By learning how to do telekinesis, you can use your mind to do many things just as fascinating as the ones shown in movies!

What’s The Difference Between Telekinesis And Psychokinesis?

Telekinetic abilities allow you to move objects with the power of your mind. It lets you move objects, like making a pencil roll off the table, making a pair of dice turn over, or even levitate something off the ground!

Psychokinesis, on the other hand, encompasses more than that. With psychokinetic powers, you can manipulate or influence objects, and even change them. For example, healing wounds, shapeshifting, putting up a force field around you, and more!

But regardless of the term used, if you develop the power your mind, you can move or manipulate things, both at their at their molecular levels. You can stir water, heat objects (by speeding up the movement of molecules), and the like.

Developing The Ability To Move Objects With Your Mind

Developing your telekinetic powers is about learning to move objects without touching them, by knowing how to focus your mind’s energy in order to move those objects. In other words, to learn TK is to learn to control your mind.

Think of it this way: when you were a baby, you needed to develop your small muscles. and have the proper eye-hand coordination so that you could hold, move, and tinker with different things.

When developing telekinesis, you need to develop your mind in much the same way, so you can use it to manipulate different items.

Your TK Training Steps

The first step to learn telekinesis is to devote time to meditation, since you need to know how to calm your mind, and direct it at will.

Focusing Your Mind

Doing this requires you to be able to consciously detach yourself from worries, plans, memories, fears, doubts, etc. and with time and constant practice, you’ll be able to focus properly.

Focusing Energy

As soon as you’re able to calm your mind at will, you can begin practicing focusing its energy. You can do this in several ways, such as visualizing your mind’s energy as a tornado building up within you, seeing it as an energy ball that gets smaller, and becomes dense and powerful! I imagine it like a laser beam that’s charging up.

When you first focus your mind’s energy, you may feel your body becoming tired. This is normal, so make sure not to push your telekinetic training beyond your capability. So once you feel that the demand is too much, allow your energy tornado to fizzle out. Then go back into a restful state to regain your strength before moving on.

Directing Energy

When you reach the point where you’re able to gather your mind’s energy at will without draining your body, then you can practice directing that energy.

Start with small, light objects, such as a feather, or a piece of paper. Then look at the object and visualize your energy tornado moving it. When doing this, make sure to stay relaxed, because you do not want to flex or strain your physical muscles. So relax your body, and allow your mind to do the work.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Developing this ability will take time, so don’t get discouraged if nothing happens in your first few tries. Keep on practicing, and you will eventually see the results.

As soon as you’re able to move small things, you can try to learn how to do telekinesis on bigger objects. As you practice, it will become easier, and eventually you can practice moving larger, heavier objects using your newly developed psychokinetic skills.

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  1. phillip says:

    Hi read as much info as I can about this research into the unknown. I have a high vibration with energy so all now is the practicing of telekinesis

  2. John Lina Steven says:

    i want to try this.Start from today i was trying.But nothing happen but i saw the piece of paper was move.i will keep on trying this telekinesis

  3. Stu Dent says:

    I find I can move the psiwheel but it doesn’t go in the direction I want. I find if I don’t worry about which way it spins it’ll spin, or start to spin and stop then change direction. How or what mind state do I need to make it spin the way I want on command?

  4. Sky Fred says:

    Wow thanks very much i will as well follow the instructions until i see positive results

  5. How long do we have to meditate??

  6. Yoyo says:

    I don’t know why but nothing will move : ( Maybe I need a few more tries?

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