Can Telepathy Be Used To Send Love Signals


Telepathy, or mind-to-mind communication, has been used for thousands of years to share all kinds of messages, especially when people didn’t have communication available. telepathy_to_send_love_signals_1

Telepathy not only allows you to read other people’s mind but also send love signals.

Through telepathy, you can send thoughts and feelings to another person even without communicating personally. You can even send love signals to a person living in another part of the world!

The receiver of your love signal doesn’t have to know you’re connecting with him or her telepathically.

The receiver of these love signals might start thinking of the sender more frequently, or start to become responsive to the sender’s feelings, without knowing why.

Everyone has the ability send love signals through the power of their mind alone. Sending love through telepathy is a technique that can be learned and developed.


Love Signals Are Sent Everyday


It is no wonder telepathy is being used to send the greatest message of all – love!

Almost everyone has used telepathy to send love signals, in one way or another, although most people are unaware they’re even doing it.

A teenage boy who daydreams about his crush is sending telepathic love signals.

A wife fervently wishing for her estranged husband to come back home is sending telepathic love signals.

A couple gazing into each other’s eyes and thinking about a future together are sending telepathic love signals.

Individuals sending these love signal never realize they are actually sending these love signals successfully!

In a moment, you’ll learn how your feelings, such as love and affection, can be sent through telepathy.


Why Do People Send Love Telepathically?


The reasons why people send love telepathically are as numerous as the reasons why people fall in love because each situation is unique.

The reasons below are just a few common examples of why people send love messages with their minds

  1. They are thinking about finding their soulmate
  2. They have an unrequited love
  3. They want to get back together with their ex
  4. They want to heal a relationship with a loved one
  5. They want to strengthen a relationship


One of the most common causes of people sending love signals telepathically is due to the distance, emotional or which physically, which separates them from their loved ones.

There are also some who send love signals to heal a relationship or to make a relationship stronger.


How It Works telepathy_to_send_love_signals_2

By simply thinking fervently about a person you love on the other side of the world, you’re already sending love signals.

Sending love through telepathy bypasses the conscious mind of the receiver and works on a subconscious level. Also, sending telepathic love to another person is more effective when the receiver is unaware you are doing it.

Distance is not a barrier when sending telepathic love, and you don’t have to know where the receiver is, or any other logistical information about him or her.

Your receiver can be sitting right across from you, or sailing on a boat in another part of the world. Your telepathic message will be sent wherever and whenever you chose to send it.

Sending telepathic love may be difficult at first, but you will find that after a couple of sessions, the connection becomes easier to establish and you will feel your bond becoming stronger. The reason for this is because the receiver subconsciously gets used to the love you are sending, and gradually learns to trust the feelings being received.

Telepathic Love is most effective when it is sent consistently, so you may want to have a regular schedule for sending it, such as a 15-minute session each night before you sleep.

Your schedule and how much time you want to invest in your love therapy is totally up to you.


Barriers To Sending Telepathic Love


There may also be times when you will feel as if the connection isn’t as strong as it was, or the love you are sending isn’t flowing well. This is because the receiver may be subconsciously pulling away due to:

  • The receiver needs a break or some space
  • The receiver is being smothered by intense feelings
  • The receiver needs a different kind of love than what you’re sending

 It’s important to be sensitive and intuitive to the needs of the person you are sending love to. There may be a time when you notice they need another kind of love, other than the feeling you are sending.

Always keep in mind a person needs different kinds of love, such as:

  • Nurturing
  • Caring
  • Supportive
  • Calming
  • Soothing
  • Comforting
  • Accepting
  • Understanding
  • Sweet
  • Gentle
  • Reassuring
  • Encouraging
  • Forgiving

Whenever you feel there’s something “off” with your connection, try to use you intuition to gain insight into how your recipient is feeling. Meditation is a great tool to use for tuning into your intuition.


Healing Through Telepathic Love telepathy_to_send_love_signals_3

You can also use telepathy to send love to another person to provide healing and well being.

Aside from communicating your love to another person through telepathy, you can also send your love to increase the receiver’s wellbeing.

Telepathic Love Therapy is telepathically sending your love in order to provide healing. This therapy is often used to help heal a loved one, heal a relationship, or heal yourself.

Heal a loved one

Someone going through a healing process due to a crisis or sickness can benefit from the love and support sent through Telepathic Love Therapy.

There are actually studies about how sending love can promote physical healing.

Published in 2008, Dean Radin’s Love Study demonstrated how directing attention towards a loved one can activate the recipient’s nervous system.

Thirty-six couples were tested and the results were surprising!

The study showed that directing attention to a distant person activates the person’s autonomic nervous system.

The activation of a person’s autonomic nervous system is a sign that the body is responding to thoughts, which are being directed to it.

The response of the nervous system, boosted by sending compassionate thoughts, along with a strong motivation to heal, makes telepathic love therapy a very promising way to restore a loved one’s wellbeing.

Heal a relationship

Aside from harmonizing and enhancing your bond with your romantic partner, love therapy can also help mend relationships. Sending telepathic love can positively affect people who are experiencing communication problems, trust issues, and other difficulties in their relationships.

Heal yourself

You will also notice changes within yourself when you use love therapy.

Sending love to others improves your capacity to love and stimulates your heart chakra, one of the main energy centers of your body. The love you send others will fill your body, too, and will do wonders for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.


Love Signals And Telepathic Love Healing


Learning how to send love signals through telepathy takes a lot of time and dedication. While it may come faster to naturally intuitive persons, such as psychics, telepathy often takes years to learn.

If you want to learn how to send love telepathically, I can help, since there are many ways your loved one can receive a love signal from you, so I’m looking forward to discussing this with you. Or you may want to learn more about telepathic love healing.

Whether you want to send distant healing to a loved one or you want to heal a broken relationship, I can show you how distant love healing is done, or I can facilitate this telepathic healing for you.

To get more information about Telepathic Love Healing sessions, you can contact me by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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