Telepathy Techniques That Keep You Safe From Psychic Attacks meditation

Psychic attack happens when people knowingly or unknowingly throw negative thoughts to a person.

Jealousy, anger, and fear. These are just a few potent ingredients of a psychic attack.

There is no escaping the negative thoughts other people might be throwing your way, so you need to know the right telepathy techniques to protect you from psychic harm.

While you might not notice that you’re being bombarded by negative emotions immediately, you will experience their bad effects afterward.

While there really is no sure way to avoid being attacked by negative psychic energy, I can tell you a number of helpful tips, which can protect you during a psychic attack.


What You Need To Know About A Psychic Attack


A psychic attack is more common than most people think. Sometimes, one piercing look or one misplaced thought is all it takes for you to be at the receiving end of a negative energy blast.

When a person sends an intention to bring harm to a person, their life, or their loved ones, it becomes a force of negative energy known as a psychic attack. The negative energy can be projected in the form of a thought or even harsh words.

If you are being psychically attacked, you can be harmed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The negative energy can also be manifested in all aspects of your life.

For example, if you are being attacked by a person who is jealous of your relationship, or who wants to steal your partner, your love life might suddenly hit a rocky patch.

Most psychic attackers aren’t aware that they’re sending out negative energy, but there are those who use malevolent energy to bring harm to other people. When negative energy is sent intentionally, the attack is usually stronger, and the damage can severely impact your life.


Why Do Psychic Attacks Happen?


Almost always, a psychic attack is done out of jealousy or envy.

The experience of a longtime client of mine from the East Coast, Jessie, is one of the best examples I’ve of a psychic attack which stemmed from an overly envious co-worker.

Jessie was in the running to become the next manager of her department. She worked hard to get the position, so even though there was another co-worker vying for the same position, everyone thought she had the promotion in the bag.

However, things suddenly took a bad turn for Jessie.

It all started with nightmares about not getting the promotion because she wasn’t good enough to be manager. After a few days, she started having painful migraines at work, which made her unable to keep up her excellent work record.

The weird thing about her migraines was she only got them while at work. So, that’s when she decided to talk to me about what she was experiencing.

I immediately sensed the negative energy in her aura and recognized a psychic attack at work.

It turns out that her co-worker, the other person being considered for the job, was sending terrible thoughts her way, and she wasn’t even doing it on purpose. But the negative energy behind the thoughts was enough to lodge itself onto Jessie’s aura and cause the nightmares, as well as the migraines.

A lot of people who are psychically attacked, are attacked for similar reasons.

I’ve had clients whose attackers were envious of their career, partners, and even their looks. Usually, the psychic attacker’s life is bleak and stagnant, while the victim’s life is dynamic and moving forward.

There are also times when the psychic attackers are simply going through a very trying phase in their lives and the negative energy from their experiences are so overwhelming that they transfer their negative energy to others.

While most psychic attackers aren’t aware that they’re causing harm, there are those who consciously wish others harm. There are individuals who psychically attack on purpose, for their own gain or to make other people miserable.

And these are the psychic attackers you should look out for because it’s hard to make them stop without knowing the right telepathy techniques!


How Do You Know If You Are Being Attacked Telepathically? fatigue

Unexplained feeling of always being tired or fatigue is one of the signs of a psychic attack.

Most people often mistake a psychic attack for an illness because the signs can be similar. However, a telepathic attack has no apparent medical cause.

In fact, the usual signs of a psychic attack start with almost unrecognizable things – little aches and discomforts that you wouldn’t readily notice.

But once these signs build up over time and there’s no other reason for you to be experiencing them, that’s the time you’ll start seeing the pieces fall together, revealing what is undoubtedly a psychic attack in progress.

I’ve put together some of the most common signs in people of psychic attack.

Watch out for these signs, especially if there’s no medical reason for you to be feeling any of the following:

  • Sensation of pain
  • Constant tiredness or fatigue, even after you’ve just woken up
  • Nightmares
  • Lethargy or you always feel sleepy
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Feeling doubtful about your actions or decisions
  • Loss of confidence
  • Feeling suicidal
  • Sense of being watched or followed


If you are experiencing any of these signs, you have to act quickly. While it’s usually not difficult to stop or prevent psychic attacks, you have to minimize the bad effects on your health and your life.

Negative energy from psychic attacks build up over time and can affect all aspects of your life, so if you have reason to believe that it’s happening to you, you have to find a way to stop the attack immediately!


How To Be Protected Against Psychic Attacks


There is no one singular way to prevent psychic attacks and be protected from malicious energy.

There are always a lot of factors at work around the unique circumstances surrounding both the psychic attacker and the victim that have to be considered.

But there are telepathy techniques you can use to ensure that you are ready if ever you are psychically attacked.

Technique #1

The first technique is that you have to be aware of your psychic health and environment. You have to be aware of your aura, the energy field or the life force which surrounds your entire body, so you’ll know if you’re being bombarded with negative energy.

Simply knowing that a psychic attack is happening will help you identify the signs sooner and ensures you can nip an attack in the bud before it gets worse.

In truth, the best thing you can do to waylay the negative effects of a psychic attack is to send loving thoughts out into your environment. Building a psychic shield made of love, light, and positive energy, is a strong defense against a psychic attacker. meditation

Daily meditation while focusing on good things in your life helps you create a psychic shield that can protect you from telepathy attacks.

Creating A Psychic Shield

Creating a psychic shield is easier than most people think. You have to meditate for about 10 minutes every day and focus on all the good things happening in your life.

Finding inner strength and bringing out a sense of renewed confidence in yourself will also reinforce your own psychic shield. You can also imagine a bright circle of light enveloping your entire body and feel peace the surrounding you.

Always remember that you shouldn’t reciprocate a psychic attack. Don’t mirror the actions of your psychic attacker because that person may not even be aware that they’re sending you negative energy.


Other Ways To Prevent Psychic Attack


Another excellent way to thwart a malicious attack is to seek guidance from a psychic. I have clients who are experiencing the effects of being bombarded by negative energy but aren’t ware they are being attacked physically.

Imagine the shock and the feeling of dread one feels upon learning they are being victimized by a psychic attacker!

Fortunately, there are many ways to combat, stop, and prevent psychic attacks from causing harm to you and your loved ones.

If you want to know more about the telepathic techniques you need against psychic attacks, I can provide the information and guidance you need.

You can schedule an appointment by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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  1. Tarah Howell says:

    Thank you!

  2. Sinead says:

    Hi I have every gift possible. Telepathy by thinking. People hearing songs through songs cuz that’s what I focus on to stop people from hearing my thoughts. I’m clairaudient. I have over 50 examples of psychic abilities. I need advice to stop the telepathy by thinking. I need to learn how to control it or turn it off.

  3. Bev says:

    I would like someone to give me information on how to stop being psychically manipulated sexually, by someone who means me harm,real harm, who has threatened my baby grandchildren if I do not continue to do as they want, I have asked to be let go, but this person says they are not ready to let me go yet, I know I can send the energy back, but I do not desire to do harm, I have tried sigils, white light, everything, even archangel micheal but cannot stop it, I have fought off a recent attack with white light and this was not sexual manipulation, it was putting things in my body to do harm, do you believe me, it is true and a nightmare to me, can someone help, thank you

  4. Donna Acquaviva says:

    Seriously need to remove when sleeping nightly attacks and dark energy or curse have been working on it but need help

  5. duane wirdel says:

    Entities next door have been sending death threats to my wife every day for the past year. They will let up, and when you think it has stopped or calmed down they ratchet it back up again and it causes my wife to get totally hysterical and irrational. Theynseem to be able to get into our house also and not be seen. I sleep with a gladius blessed by a wiccan priestess next to my bed. I am lucky, as they cant seem to do it to me. Neither do i see them, but my wife can. We’re both pretty scared. Its like what you hear about bad lsd trips or people on too much meth. Our lives are totally paranoid. Theyneven were able to do it when we were two states away at the beach. Any insight would be helpful.

  6. A.G. says:

    I have been under telepathic attack for over 3 years from people that use occultism. They also claim to do witchcraft. The attack goes on 24-7 non-stop, they wake me up at night several times throughout the night, so I’m always sleep deprived. They also do paresthesia (remote physical sensations) so they poke, pinch, and hit my head or other pars of my body. Sometimes they bite like a mosquito bite. About 2.5yrs ago, I started doing qi-gong and after a while, this allowed me to feel their energy, whey they attach/park on my body (usually head or face), and I’m able to shake them off by hitting myself on that part where they’re parked. But this shake off only gets them off temporarily, usually they reattach in a few seconds. I’ve tried all the suggested spiritual psychic shield and also resonant globe of golden energy visualizations. But nothing seems to help. BTW, the attack is not done by spiritual entities, but by actual people that can project their energetic body (as in an astral projection) and use that to communicate telepathically, read my thoughts (they like to repeat my thoughts and mock me, or criticise a lot), abuse me with paresthesia, etc. They also project smells–I think they do this mostly to synchornize or attach themselves to my brain/mind. VA doctors did not find anything wrong with me after a brain CT-Scan, so I do not have schizophrenia. Nothing I’ve tried so far has worked. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you for this article.

  7. Swei says:

    This article is spot on.. and hence healing..
    I and children have been attacked for real by a large group in my community akin to community stalking!
    As such when I started getting these hateful attack vibes, starting from my mother in law, I difnt believe them! After 14 years I have been able to confirm them repeatedly! I have forseen actual facts, events Id never have known, that have come true!
    I feel the hate , I dont care for these humans.. I meditate hence harbor no thought, so I can sende when its a vibe!

    Not all vibes are hate! Some are genuine concern, mortified expressions, sometimes even a chucklle! I just know these are vibes!

    I do want to block the negative vibes! They are very tiring or just annoying, given how bizarre and difficult life has been for me and my children due fo this harrassment( not talking about psychic vibes, but the real life community harrassment)

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