Using Telepathy To Get Someone To Notice You – by Tana Hoy

If you’re like most people, then you’ve probably experienced being ignored by someone who you want to notice you. It could a family member, your boss, or someone you have a crush on. I am going to teach you how you can send psychic thoughts to get the attention that you desire.


Sending Out Thought Energy

How To Send Thoughts To Another Person

You can send thoughts to other people by means of telepathy. With the use of your mind, you can communicate information to other people, and because you’re sending your messages directly to their mind, they won’t be able to ignore you, or your message for very long.

There are many different ways that you can use the power of your mind, and thought transference comes in two major forms:

• Telepathic Transmission or Telepathic Communication is the ability to send your thoughts to someone’s mind.
• Telepathic Reception or Telepathic Perception is the ability to receive information from another person’s mind.

If you can develop both telepathic abilities, you can have active psychic “conversations” with someone from across the room. You can even act as a kind of “relay station”, allowing you and several of your friends can have a mental “conference” even when you’re not seated together.

Developing Your Ability To Send Out Your Thoughts

People’s minds have the natural defense of being psychically closed off for many good reasons. Two of the most important ones are:

• To keep people’s minds from being flooded with other individuals’ thoughts. Imagine if you received thoughts from everyone in the subway all at once!
• And to keep your thoughts private. Think of how embarrassing it would be if everyone on the subway received your thoughts!

Now, once you open your mind to send your thoughts to someone, you’re technically “breaking open a locked door” and weakening your mind’s natural defense. Therefore, before you try to develop your telepathic transmission abilities, you need to know how important it is to take extra measures to fortify your mind’s defenses, because you don’t want to let your thoughts leak out.

Steps To Develop Telepathic Transmission

When you’re starting to send out your thoughts, the first thing you need is to focus and control your mind. Here are the basic steps that you need to follow:

• Spend time daily meditating. Learn to empty your mind from worries and other concerns.
• Focus on a single thought. For example, visualize a dripping faucet, or a single leaf swaying in the breeze.
• Hold this thought for as long you can.
• After a few minutes, relax your mind try it again.
• Do this for 5 minutes each day.

The more you do this exercise, the longer you will be able to hold the thought, and the better you will become at controlling your mind.

When you’re confident that you can hold a thought for a few minutes without drifting off, you can ask a friend to practice with you. Choose someone who’s open to the idea of telepathy. Then try the following exercise together:

• Find a quiet room where the two of you won’t get distracted or disturbed.
• Sit opposite each other and relax. Both of you need to be comfortable and at ease.
• For starters, you can bring out two pictures, such as a photo of a green leaf and a red balloon, and place them between you and your friend.
• Without giving your friend any signal or indication, select one of the pictures in your mind.
• Now, focus on the image and allow it to be vividly imprinted inside your head. You may close your eyes as you stare at the picture in your mind.
• Deliberately send out the thought to your friend. Visualize yourself telling him or her which picture you’ve chosen. You can also imagine yourself taking the picture and showing it to him or her.
• Your friend can tell you which picture they believe you’ve chosen.
• Do this up to five times per sessions. More tha that will cause your your mind to become very tired.
• Keep a journal of your progress, describing the exercise.

As you become better, you can increase the number of pictures to three, then four, then five.
You can then stop using pictures altogether, and think of numbers, or suits in a deck of cards (without the cards), or the objects in the room that you’re in. You can then move on to sending the images of family members or mutual friends.

Once you’re comfortable with this stage of the exercise, and your friend is able to receive a good number of images, you can move on to sending simple messages to your friend such as, “What color is your shirt?”

I do need to emphasize that after each exercise, you have to spend a few minutes closing your mind. You can do this by imaging yourself switching off a radio or turning off the TV. Remember that you don’t want to transmit your thoughts at random.

You will need to invest a lot of time and effort in developing this psychic ability, but it’s fun and it’s worth it. In no time at all, you will be able to send your thoughts deliberately to anyone, and they won’t be able to help but take notice of you.

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  1. Irma says:

    I received a memory of this certain person in particular he’s someone that in my head is out-of-my-league. He’s a sheriff he’s dealt with my case for a while( years) now but I’m feeling these feelings that I feel like I have a crush on him… But this is my fantasy world…or not??? Anyways the way he looked at me was so preciously innocent. It pierced my heart- in abesutiful warm way-loved it! I remember about 4 years ago he told me “put your shoes on” …and last year I encountered him again. Secret not so secret cause here-I’ll let it out here where people “don’t know me”. I have a crush on him. He works with my sister and my story is unique. I ll. give up my almost ex-abusive now complicated relationship just to have him.. sheriff department and judge adviced me to get someone new years ago. I didn’t think I was worthy enough so I decided not to. yes I admit it ; I settled for less…my addict side of me settled for less but now that I’m not an addict – I realize I deserve better. I caught that gaze , look and now I want him my sober self of 2years wants HIM. Sometimes I wonder am I thinking of him because he’s thinking if me first???? And he doesn’t know. Nobody knows. People do NOT make relationship choices while being an addict you’ll regret it. When you see your horizon of potential professional mates you’ll regret you settled for less.

  2. cap_ten says:

    Imma, you should concentrate on him Daily. Make time to try and send him a message in your mind. It is important that you not let anything come between you and your twinflame. Mediate at least 1-2 hrs. a day on him, concentrate on your feelings and emotions about him. You are a being of light and so is he, you can shape your future with thought. Someday he may receive it and you and him can be together. Love and Light fellow being.

  3. Samuel says:

    after all the exercise will i be able to send it any one i choose

  4. Tejasvini says:

    Thanku it’s very useful..I will definitely try this for my brother.

  5. Maliha Ahsan says:

    Will it be effective if I try it all by myself and try to summon a person without telling him?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      You can try it and see. Although I am not sure what you mean by “summon a person”. – Tana –

  6. Chicago Girl says:

    I have been trying to reach out with an apology telepathically to a friend that I have had a falling out with. I know everyone has free will and I can send a message and maybe they accept it or maybe they don’t. How will I know when this person has received my message? I would like to patch things up or at the very least sit down face to face and talk things through. We were best friends at one time and it would be a shame to not have resolution. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  7. RadioBrain says:

    Hi people.Really nice to find this place. Let me share you my story. i Hope you’ll find it funny. I think i somehow unlocked my ability to transmit thoughts without being able to control it and it gets worst when i’m tired. Really weird. Long story short. A lot of people can hear my thoughts and i’m convinced in this. Also i don’t know how to stop this and it is embarrassing . Sorry it won’t be really short story but keep reading. you will like this. So i’m 32 ,Male and i’m from eastern europe and i live in UK. I had a girlfriend before. Really smart girl. she believed in subconscious state of mind and all kind of brain special powers and stuff. I usually don’t but i’m a good listener. so she brought me to a special demo course with a guy who teach us how to go in subconscious mode and to meditate and i did a few exercises and we went home. This was 3 years ago. Since a year or so i start sensing that people can hear my thoughts without me saying anything to them verbally. most commonly my boss. I think i did something right on this course 🙂 I work in construction by the way. So, when i think of something he comes and start talking to me like i spoke to him directly. It’s really strong when i got angry and start thinking of smashing somebody stupid face. even when i don’t show it or say anything.I think he realises that that i only speak to him in my mind ,but he thinks i’m speaking loudly or yell. does it make sense? When i got angry to him he knows what i’m thinking exactly. i mean in details. it works when he is on a different floor of the working site too. For example i think that he pays me a lot less than i earn and he comes and says how much do wan’t to give you then. Without me saying anything to him at all. This is insane. You can’t imagine whats in the bus some time. Now you think this guy is way out of his mind. 😀 i thought it’s in my head and i only fantasise about it, until i started experimenting with people in the bus when i travel to work and back. I’t works on a lot of people and they think i speak to them directly 😀 it’s funny to me but i can see that i can scare people too. When i’m tired after work the effect is a lot stronger. So to control some how this weird function of my “unlocked” brain i start reading them articles from the news paper or from face book but without saying anything. To the other people in the bus i mean. Are you with me! And i listen and follow their reactions. Their reactions are crazy. It is bad when i’m angry. I can scare somebody really bad with my thoughts too. I don’t know if anybody else can do this. I don’t think i’m kind of gone crazy but i’m not gonna go to a doctor because all they do is give you some kind of mental illness because this is what they do for living. If you go for a headache they will give a painkiller. If you go to psychiatrist, he will give a diagnosis. if you know what i mean.
    I have so many examples. my boss once told me how do you do this and of course told me to go to a doctor 😀 i don’t blame him. it would be weird to hear somebody’s personal thought on a daily basis. my question is how can i stop transmitting my thoughts to anybody intelligent enough to hear them. and also i have so many questions. if some body else have the same kind of ability , let me know. I hope i’m not crazy and this is some kind of next level communication. thank you for your time and excuse my English 🙂

  8. Yen Ly says:

    For recent years, I suddenly keep bursting in tears whenever I think of someone whom I lost touch long ago. I miss him so much that I look for him whenever I go even in dreams. Is this some kind of telepathic connection or what?

  9. Mark says:

    I’ve had this ability most of my life. In fact at school, I used it to show off to friends. In a recreation area, wherby someone could suggest a random person, some distance away, on the other side of a large hall, and I would ‘speak’ to that person with my mind, with my back turned towards them.

    Like ‘RadioBrain’ stated, these people would then come across to me, tap me on the shoulder, and continue the conversation verbally, as if I had been previously talking to them out loud.

    For a brief period of time, when I was much younger (I’m male, now 56) another ‘party trick’ to show off to people, was turning (any) lights off and on, instantly, with 100% success. However, although at the time, people seemed exited with this ability, afterwards they would avoid me through apparent fear – so I stopped doing that.

    These days, I tend to use telepathy just to get served in a busy pub or other busy place.

    On a ‘quantum reality’ level, this kind of thing is not only possible, but inevitable, and a reality.

    I have also been able to remotely read people’s feelings, thoughts and intentions, (without looking at them) which has saved me in some very challenging situations when I was in the security sector.

    I’m currently experimenting with communicating to myself, across time, from the future to the present/past.

  10. tiffany says:

    I tried telepathically communicating with my crush by telling him I love him and I didn’t give my name but I think it connected cause I heard a small 5 second ringing in my left ear after.

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