A Telephone Psychic Reading – How Is It Possible?

People often ask me how a telephone psychic reading is possible. When a person doesn’t understand how a telephone psychic reading works, it probably seems like something that would be impossible to do. But once you understand psychic energy and how psychic energy works, then a phone physic reading makes a lot more sense.

telephone psychic reading

When I’m giving a psychic reading over the telephone, the first thing that I do is tune into the energy vibration of the person I’m reading for. Since I’m reading the energy of the person, I don’t need to use tarot cards, a crystal ball, rune stones, or any other “psychic crutches” like this, because I am simply tuning into, and connecting with, the psychic vibrations of the person I am reading for.

I call them crutches because I’ve had psychics tell me they fear if they don’t use tarot cards, crystal balls, etc, to lean on, they fear they will not be able to pick up anything while giving a reading to their client. This is because they have never learned how to read someone without using a tool to tune into when giving a psychic reading.

Because I was born with the ability to see Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels since I was little boy, I guess that tuning into energy has just come naturally to me. Since I was always able to see them, talk to them, and get information from them, I never had the need to use tarot cards, crystal balls, or other things like this to get psychic information.

Since Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are also made of energy, they are not separated by distance, time, or space. So they often materialize in front of me when I’m giving a reading to a client. Then they talk to me during the reading, and give me information to pass along to the person I’m reading for.

So when I’m giving a telephone psychic reading to a client, I am tuning into the vibrations of their voice, looking at, and telepathically talking with, my Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, and relaying all of this information to the person I am reading for on the other end of the phone. As you can see, many things are going on in my brain when I am giving a reading.

So as you can see, a phone psychic reading is just as accurate as an in-person reading. Again, the key is understanding that energy is not separated by time, distance, or space. Since your voice vibrations are made of energy, and also since Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are made of energy, the telephone becomes the tool that connects me to your energy vibrations, and also makes it possible for me to relay the messages from your guides and angels back to you.

I hope this has helped you to more clearly understand psychic energy, and how it works during a telephone psychic reading.

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  1. janice says:

    Make sure to say its from god Tana Iv’e had some flack from the church that anything not from god like people who read the passages about sooth sayers and psychics aren’t as much as gay people destroy the family sanctification of God .I disagree with both strongly and I feel if all are christian they should actually act so and treat everyone the same.The best reading I had from you is the first one in my opinion. That’s our fault we talk about other things because it had not only become business but like two friends talking.I have yet to materialize what we spoke about last time and have repeatedly been watching your healing vid. I think this morning I am pissed off at life not working out or dying of heartbreak.With Trevor I got mad because he likes watching bimbos on 18t YouTube an older woman it makes me feel like i am nothing ,jealous ,hurt ,yes i thought he was more spiritual than that .I haven’t heard from him in a week .He says I need to focus on the now ,relationship at hand not the past and have heard nothing more.If my finances were better.Id call you.For now ,please send healing.I just wanted to share. I’ve been feeling very much alone lately and that no one cares.

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