Can People Teleport and Travel to Other Dimensions? teleportation

Both teleportation and traveling to other dimensions have been repeatedly presented in works of fiction. But can they happen in real life? Have they already happened?

Many of you who have been reading my blog, often tell me which articles or posts you liked the best, and why. Recently, my post about the mysterious city in the sky seen over China, received encouraging feedback on my social media, as well as on my blog.

I just love it when you discuss things like that with me!

It got me thinking. Since a lot of you are truly interested in multiverses and alternative dimensions, you’ll probably like this post. I am going to talk about interdimensional travel, as well as teleportation cases presented in different sources online.

Let’s start with an oldie but goodie, about an eerie, documented case of teleportation that took place during the 16th century.


Gil Perez: the Teleporting Spanish Soldier guardia civil

“Guardia Civil” during the Spanish Occupation of the Philippines, were soldiers who were responsible for police duties, including keeping watch over the buildings and government leaders.

According to Historic Mysteries, Gil Perez worked as one of the Guardia Civil (a member of the Spanish military forces who were responsible for police duties) at a palace in Manila, Philippines, during the Spanish Occupation.

His posting at the palace of the Governor General at the time meant that he, like the others soldiers, was guarding no one. The Governor had earlier been assassinated, and everyone was waiting for his replacement.

As such, it would have been an ordinary day on October 24, 1593 for Gil Perez, if only he hadn’t leaned on a nearby wall, shortly closed his eyes, only to open them, and find himself in Mexico!

The distance between Mexico City and Manila is 8,830.306 miles. There were no high-speed means of transportation then, and even today, there is no possible way to instantly move from point-to-point across the world.

When he teleported to Mexico, Gil did his best to explain to the Mexicans who he was and what happened. Some of the Mexicans me talked to thought he was crazy, some thought he was a deserter, a spy, or someone who was a disciple of the devil!

How then, did Gil Perez suddenly materialize at the Plaza Mayor in Mexico City? How was he able to teleport? Or maybe, a more intriguing question would be – who or what teleported the poor soldier from one Spanish colony to another in the year 1563?

Next, something more modern: the case of a woman who barely avoided being stuck forever in something like Rod Serling’sThe Twilight Zone in March, 2006.


Carol Chase McElheney: Not a Case of California Dreaming


Mysterious Universe reported how Carol McElheney was on her way to watch a sheepdog trial. She was driving through San Bernardino, California, when she noticed a sign that said “Riverside,” which was incidentally, where her family had roots.

Carol felt nostalgic, so she decided to visit the graves of her grandparents after the show. On the way to her hotel, she suddenly smelled cigar smoke, which strongly reminded her of her grandfather. It was spooky, to say the least, because she was alone in her car.

Just the same, she pushed on to Riverside the next day… only to become more and more mystified, as she drove further in towards the city. alternate reality

Do alternate realities or alternative worlds and universes actually exist? [image credit: shattered.art66 via Flickr]

The whole area looked strange to her, which was upsetting, to say the least, because as she said, she had been “going to Riverside since I was a baby.”

But there was no sign that the same Riverside she remembered still existed, aside from the Riverside City College and Central Middle School, which looked the same as she remembered. The college and the school were the only signs of proof that Carol was actually in the right city… or was she?

She wasn’t. She noticed the decay that was prominent in the environment, and “scary looking people” had replaced the friendly people that she remembered.

Fortunately, Carol decided to leave that strange version of her family’s hometown.

But there’s more to this story! A year later, when her father died, she returned to Riverside cemetery for his burial. When she arrived in Riverside, she was relieved that everything she saw looked familiar to her once again…

So where did the “other Riverside” go?

Carol believes she traveled to an alternative dimension, one that wasn’t as pleasant as the one she knew. She was incredibly thankful for having been able to exit from the other, scary dimension safely, without being harmed.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case in this next example of interdimensional travel, as told by a doctor about one of his female patients. The woman partially entered another dimension of both time and space, using a portal in the Markawasi Stone Forest in Lima, Peru.


Dr. Raul Rios Centeno: Science Colliding with the Unknown


Majority of scientific-minded people stay clear of anything that goes against logic and what is observable by the senses. However, in recent years, there have been reports from medical practitioners about strange and hard to explain events.

Among those men of science is Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, who gave another account of interdimensional travel that involved not only space, but also time. His account was given to Labyrnthina, a website.

According to Dr. Centeno, he had a patient whom he found to have a case of hemiplegia; a medical term used to describe a condition where the body has completely lost half of its motor function.

Hemiplegia is a neurological condition. This means that, like epilepsy, this condition occurs when there is damage to the brain. The common causes of hemiplegia in adults are:

You’ll notice that it doesn’t say anything about interdimensional travel as a reason for brain damage that could lead to the body becoming completely paralyzed only on one side.

But that’s exactly what happened to Dr. Centeno’s patient.

The doctor ran a medical test (Computerized Axial Tomography or CAT) on his patient, but found no physical evidence of brain damage.

While interviewing the patient, the doctor found out that on a night that the patient had been exploring in the area of the Markawasi Stone Forest (also known as “Marcahuasi”) with her friends, she had seen a cabin lit by a torch.

She also heard music coming from the cabin and saw through a window some people dancing, so she peeked in to see more. Markawasi

The shape of a human head can be clearly seen on this stone in the Markawasi (aka Marcahuasi) Stone Forest. [image credit: Arístides Herrera Cuntti via CC BY-SA 3.0]

She was startled to see that the people in the cabin were dressed in 17th century clothing. Curious, she started to walk inside the cabin, but one of her friends pulled her back out.

It was at that very moment that she became partially paralyzed.

The Markawasi Stone Forest, which is 4,000 meters (2.485485 miles) above sea level, has a reputation for harboring and emitting an unusual kind of energy.

That’s why the Stone Forest, with its huge rocks on which there are strange shapes that look like human faces, animals, and religious symbols, may have actually been the host of an interdimensional portal.


What Albert Einstein Said


Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one

To date, the most credible and globally respected scientific genius is the physicist Albert Einstein (Stephen Hawking is in the running, but that’s another story).

Einstein gave the world the Theory of Relativity, along with many scientific achievements that propelled humanity’s progress.

Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

With a genius like Einstein stating that reality is only an illusion, it makes it difficult to argue that travelling to other dimensions is impossible.

There ARE other dimensions out there, and maybe someday, you will get to travel or even experience one or more of the multiverses and alternative dimensions that surround human existence.

Was this post an enjoyable read for you? Let me know what you think and feel about this topic!

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