The Astral Plane: An Invisible Lovers' Lane! – by Tana Hoy

If you’ve ever been helplessly in love, then you know how difficult it is to be away from that person. The longing can be unbearable!

astral plane

Astral Traveling

But did you know that you can defy physical space, and be with your loved one every single day or night, as the case may be, no matter how far apart you are? It is possible if both of you learn how to travel in the astral plane.

What Is Astral Travel?

Before I talk about astral travel, let me briefly explain the astral body. Your astral body is a non-physical double of your physical body. It is also the means by which your vital energy flows into your physical body.

Now, your astral body can detach from your physical body, and travel to a non-physical “place” called the astral realm. This “astral travel” often takes place when you’re asleep. Jerking awake is a sign that your astral body is aligning itself back into your physical body after a night of traveling. Flying in your dreams is also one of the signs that you’re astrally traveling when you’re asleep.

Meeting Your Loved One In the Astral Realm

Now, to successfully astral project, you will both need to spend lots of time practicing. You and your partner need to learn how to do it individually at first, but once you’re both able to have an out-of-body experience, you can agree to meet in the astral realm.

If you find that one of you is more skilled at astral travel than the other, then you astrally travel to where they are, and help “pull them out”. By doing this, you can help your partner get their astral self out of their physical body, so that the two of you two can travel the astral world together.

The Experience Of Astral Travel With A Partner

Being able to meet your lover while in your astral bodies is quite an exciting experience. It offers more heightened sensations than when you’re in your physical bodies, and it offers a deeper sense of togetherness.

Many people, in fact, engage in astral love making, because even without using your physical bodies, you still possess the ability to sense and feel, aloowing you and your partner to experience deep satisfaction in your togetherness – even though you’re physically apart.

Meeting Others On Your Travels

You will also find that while you’re traveling as your astral self, you get to meet other people who are astrally traveling, too, and you may even develop an intriguing relationship with someone you meet there!

Just be careful when you roam around in the astral plane. You may come across some lower entities that may try to deceive you into giving in to their whims.

To be safe, always protect yourself with positive psychic energy before attempting to astral travel.

With practice, you and your loved one can meet whenever you want to in the cosmic lover’s lane, and take pleasure in each other’s company!

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