The Aura and Finding Your Soulmate human_aura

The human aura can help you find compatibility with another person.

You may have heard that you have to meet a lot of wrong people before you can finally find the right one. And no one wants to spend their life with the wrong person.

The good news is you shouldn’t have to go through the process of meeting the wrong person when there is a way to know if your compatible with the other person!

And this information can be found in their aura.


What Is The Aura?


The aura is described as an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds every person. It’s an egg-shaped ball of energy that surrounds your body.

The human aura consists of seven layers, and each layer corresponds to each of the energy centers of the body, which are called chakras. Each layer governs the different aspects of your life and overall health. Each of these layers affect a person’s feelings, emotions, thought patterns, and behaviors.

Generally, you cannot see the human aura but some people have to see naturally see auras, so they can also read them. However, reading the aura can be learned and it is available for all to see.


Why Is It Good To See Auras?


The ability to see and interpret aura colors will help you in many ways. For example:

1) You will have better relationships

If you are able to see auras, it is like seeing another person’s thoughts – before they even speak. By being able to see the aura of another person, it is easy to understand the areas of incompatibility between you.

It also makes it easy to find people with compatible chemistry to yours, allowing you to nurture only those that would be enriching relationships.

2) You will be able to know a person’s intentions.

Auras reveal a person’s innermost nature and intentions. A bright aura depicts a person who is good and spiritually advanced, while a gray or dark aura reveals a doubtful person, who has low self-esteem and is insecure.

3) You can sense health issues

Aura colors usually change according to the physical symptoms manifested in the body. Seeing auras allows you to detect malfunctions and imbalances in your physical body, thus helping you prevent illness and subsequent suffering.

4) You can see mental conditions

Destructive conditions such as anxiety, depression and anger can be controlled through aura diagnosis and healing.


How You Can See Auras


Your auric field radiates outward for about 6 to 18 inches around your physical body. For you to see auras, you want to be aware of how energy feels in your body. Relax, and then close your eyes while aligning your breath, and then ask the colors to show themselves to you.

Here’s a simple technique that you can practice to read the human aura. solid_background

In practicing to read the human aura, have the person stand in front of a solid-colored background.

  1. You need stand 5-7 feet away from the person you are reading.
  2. Have the person stand in front of a solid-colored background. Darker colors or white are the only ones you should use. It’s also advisable that the subject avoid wearing busily patterned clothing.
  3. Focus on the subject with a relaxed gaze. Pay specific attention to what you see in your peripheral vision, too.
  4. You may begin to see a half-inch or so of radiance surrounding the person, as the aura begins to appear in your focused gaze. Initially, it may appear as a single color (commonly, white, blue, gray, or clear), filmy, or cloudy. With practice, you will see multiple colors.
  5. Record what you see in a notepad, so you can decipher it later. Pay attention to any particularly strong colors that you see near or surrounding the head.


The ability to see the aura takes time, so be patient and make sure to practice. Remember that everything can be learned by practicing. So, relax and allow this ability to come to you naturally.


How To Use The Human Aura To Find Your Soulmate


Your aura colors reveal important information about you. Here are some mini descriptions of the many different aura color personalities. These descriptions will also show you what to expect if you are looking for a relationship with someone who has these colors in their aura.

Crystal whites

These types are loving, kind and serene. They are mostly quiet and prefer to be alone most of the time. These colors indicate someone who is a homebody and loves to sit in meditation.

The partner they need is someone intelligent, happy, respectful, and considerate, because crystals tend to absorb the emotions, feelings and struggles, of their partner.

They feel happy and alive with partners who are supportive and send them energy.


Reds in the aura indicate someone who is healthy and in great physical shape because reds love strenuous, physical activities. Their partners should be highly physical, independent, trustworthy, and self-sufficient.


They are intelligent and ambitious with a strong, commanding presence. They want a well-respected and quality lifestyle. Often workaholics, they want partners who are independent and self-reliant.

Greens are risk takers and gamblers, so they need a mate who will support and encourage them. green_color

People with green color auras are compatible with partners who are independent and self-reliant.


These are fun-loving individuals who love to make people happy. They enjoy partners who are playful, happy, spontaneous, curious, optimistic, physically active, healthy, and content with the simple things in life.


They are the most nurturing and devoted partners. They are loving, committed, and enjoy monogamous relationships. They need someone who is also monogamous, loyal, faithful, and looking for a long-term commitment.


They are the risk-takers who love the adrenaline rush of thrilling physical adventures. They need a partner who is brave enough to accompany them in their adventures. They are highly intelligent, unconventional, and adventurous.


They have strong, dynamic personalities and are the natural visionary leaders who often use their passion and vision to inspire others. They need companions who are their equals; inspirational partners who share their visions.


They are intelligent, sensitive, spiritual, and extremely intuitive, and most of them are actually very psychic. What they need is a partner who understands this and who is authentic, caring, wise, honest, and supportive. Their partner needs to be able to understand, accept, and live, at that same level.


You can use these tips in order to help you find someone compatible with you.

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