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Hi there,

I was going to send you some helpful information about how to calm and control your mind, but my sprint guides told me to write an email about the future, and how it can change, which in turn affects the outcomes of our lives.

As living beings, we place a lot of hope in the future. This hope that we place on the future comes from promises others make us such as “I want to be with you as soon as my situation changes” or “I will call you about the job in a few days”, along with many other “promises we are given by others.

Sometimes they pan out, and often times they don’t! How can you know what to believe?

We also place hope in the future based on our own desires, hopes, or wishes, such as “Will I ever find someone to love me?” or “Will I ever get a better job?” or “What is my true life purpose?” along with many other questions we want to know, but do not have the answers to.

Living a life of uncertainty, or living with worry, stress, or fear, because we do not know the answers to something, is not the way we were created to live life.

If you are like most people, worry, fear, and not knowing the answer to an important question, can keep you up at night, causing sleepless nights, and knots in your stomach!

Your future does not need to be a mystery! People like yourself who are open to the help of a psychic, and know that there are people like myself out there to help answer those questions, are, in my opinion, truly blessed.

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Why You Are Blessed

Most of the time, something that could have become a tragedy, can be turned around by knowing about it BEFORE it happens!! It’s always the things that are coming towards us that we cannot see that create the disasters!

So a psychic reading allows you to see a major catastrophe before it hits your life because knowing about something before it happens, allows you to be able to avoid it altogether.

I Feel Sad For Skeptics

But the thing I often think about is this? What about the skeptics out there that are not open to psychic readings? I often wonder what they do to get answers to the problems that cause knots in their stomachs, sleepless nights, and unnecessary worry.

I often wonder what people like that do for comfort to avoid unnecessary problems and make their lives more peaceful.

Isn’t it a nice feeling knowing that because we are open to the psychic world we don’t have to live that way?

I feel very blessed to have been born with psychic powers and I also feel blessed that you are one of my friends.

I wanted to offer something to think to reflect on today, and to remind all of us how lucky we are to be open and aware of the psychic world and the many blessings it offers to our lives!

When you have a problem that needs an answer, you know you don’t have to suffer in pain over it, because you know you can pick up the phone, call me, and I can give you the answer.

And once you have the answer, you know that you are then able to make a more informed decision!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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