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The crown chakra is a divine and sacred center on the top of your head. It holds the key to enriching your mind, heart, spirit, and life. Learning to balance your crown chakra will allow positive energy to constantly flow through your body, which will then manifest into every aspect of your life.

The Crown Chakra

The Seven Chakras

What Is The Crown Chakra

This chakra, also known as the divine chakra, connects you to the love, energy, and spirit of the Universe, and the universal sources of energy. Your Crown Chakra becomes fully active when you are between the ages of 43 to 49 years old, and it is often depicted as a lotus with a thousand petals. The petals signifiy your limitless interaction with the Universe.

Is Your Crown Chakra is Balanced Or Unbalanced

Your Crown Chakra needs to be balanced. If it is balanced, the energy will run smoothly through it. But often due to stress, poor eating habits, and everyday living, it can become unbalanced. When your Crown Chakra is unbalanced it can create imbalances in your life, and the affects can manifest themselves in several ways.

During a psychic reading, you can be told if your crown chakra is balanced or not, and you can also learn what you specifically need to do to balance it, because by balancing and unblocking this chakra, it allows you to tap into the source of spiritual understanding and wisdom, and enhance your psychic awareness. Keeping this chakra balanced and open also helps you achieve higher levels of consciousness, and keep your mind clear, calm, and energised with positive thoughts.

How To Know If Your Crown Chakra Is Balanced Or Unbalanced

Signs Of A Balanced Crown Chakra

• Having a sense of satisfaction and inner peace.
• Feeling selfless and empathetic towards other people’s feelings.
• Feeling a connection with your psychic awareness.
• Having clarity of mind and clear thoughts.

Signs Of An Unbalanced Chakra

• Often feeling confused, and not having mental clarity.
• Feeling a lack of any kind of spiritual connection.
• Feeling a lack purpose in life, loss of identity, and generally accepting defeat easily.
• Always feeling mentally drained, depressed, and pessimistic.
• Having a superiority complex.

How To Balance Your Crown Chakra

To become more spiritually aware, it is important for this chakra to be balanced. As I mentioned earlier, this chakra becomes

The seven chakras

The Chakras

blocked due to stress, fatigue, indecision,etc. Here are some things you can do to balance this chakra, and create more harmony and peace within your life.

A Chakra Balancing Mediation

Since this chakra is your connection to your higher self and the higher powers of the Universe, it responds well to meditation. Here is a cleansing meditation technique you can use to rebalance it if it is unbalanced:

• Find a quiet room, where you can sit and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes, and relax your mind. Try to keep all mental activity at bay.
• While sitting, place your hands in your lap. Interlock your fingers with your left thumb underneath the right.
• Take three deep breaths, inhaling through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth.
• Chant the sound “NUNG”. Keep doing this untill you reach a state where you are completely relaxed. As you are chanting, concentrate on the location of your crown chakra.
• Imagine this chakra in your mind’s eye, and focus on it. Think about what that chakra represents, how important it is to cleanse and unblock it, and what changes you would want it to bring about in your life.
• Now visualise a luminescent golden light illuminating the crown of your head, much like a halo. Feel this golden light enlighten, and recharge, your physical body
• Feel it slowly creating a connection between you and your spiritual self.
• Keep doing this for about 5 minutes, and then gently bring your awareness back into the room.
• When you are ready, you can open your eyes.

By balancing Crown Chakra balanced you will start being aboe to hone into into your psychic capabilities and intuitive powers. By enhacning your spiritual awareness and enlightenment, you also awaken and connect more to your spiritual self, establishing a deeper connection with a Higher Power.

A psychic reading can also show you if your Crown Chakra is balanced or not, and you can also get it balanced during your session!

The crown chakra is a powerful connection between your spiritual body and this Higher Source. Keeping your crown chakra balanced will help create balance in your life, and make you a spiritual beacon for others as well.

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    Great article. After the meditation I felt like some of my worries just went away and I really wish you could teach us the ways to balance the reat of our chakras, thank you Tana.

  8. Mary Bruhn says:

    I have a question, Tana. Can your Crown Chakra be negatively affected if you’ve accidentally hit your head very hard?

  9. Mary Bruhn says:

    Can your Crown Chakra be negatively affected if you’ve accidentally hit your head very hard?

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