The Dangers Of Not Being Prepared

I received a tragic call from a woman the other day. She was just told she is terminal, and her husband had left her just three days before she received the bad news. Alone and afraid, she was

in a real emotional mess!

She told me she had wanted to get a reading from me for years, but she said “I kept putting it off. I would get busy and forget. But now I really need to know my future!”

I was sad and frustrated – all in one! Because as I was reading for her, I realized if she had called me when she originally wanted to and hadn’t put it off, I could have saved her life!

During a psychic reading, I could have told her about her cancer BEFORE it ever became cancer, and she would have lived. I could have told her about her husband’s six-year affair with her sister, 6 years ago! I was frustrated because I knew I could have saved her life if she had called me instead of putting it off.

I Felt So Helpless…

Her angels were trying to tell her to call me a long time ago, but instead, she didn’t listen and when she finally did call me – it was too late…

All I could do now was tell her how to prepare for her death, and assure her she would be greeted by her angels when she died!

I never felt so many mixed emotions after a reading, in my whole life!

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Sadly, this is a common thing I deal with all the time. Not people dying, but people putting off calling me, and then calling me when it is too late!

What Does It Mean To Be Prepared For Your Future?

Being prepared for your future. What does that mean? When you think about being prepared for your future, if you are like most people, you think about finding your true love, making sure you have money in the bank, buying a home, having health insurance, a solid 401K, a safe place to live, and the training or education you need to get a good job, etc.

We are taught to prepare for things that are “impermanent”. Impermanence is what Buddhism calls the things we try to prepare for but are not guaranteed to last. Because they can change or vanish in an instant!

An example would be, your partner comes home one day and announces he/she is leaving you for someone else.

You feel great, and then all of the sudden you develop a lump on your chest and you freak out!

You walk into work and your boss lays you off.

The stock market crashes, and your 401K plummets – you suddenly lost everything!!

Your loan is not approved and you have to unexpectedly quit your schooling or training!

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These are examples of impermanence. Nothing external can be counted on in life. The only thing we can do is work towards developing a solid inner self that is not swayed by our external environment.

But how can you do this, you might ask?

Developing An Unshakeable Sense Of Inner Peace

Previous knowledge is the key. When you are prepared for something before it happens, you can avoid it, or prepare for it, so as not to be affected.

For example, if you know ahead that your spouse is going to leave you, you can prepare.

If you know ahead of time that the stock market is going to plummet, you can take out your money before it does!

If you know ahead that you are going to develop a lump, you can change your diet, talk to your doctor, and prevent it from spreading into something that cannot later be stopped!

If you know ahead of time you will be laid off, you can look for another job before you get laid off.

I tell my clients all the time that it is best to get a reading BEFORE things get out of control. That way you can avoid them! Unfortunately, most people don’t listen, so they call me AFTER it all happens, and at that point, it is sometimes too late.

When I see things before they happen, I can tell you how to avoid them so that you come out on top. When you call me in the middle of a crisis, I can only tell you what the end result will be – leaving you to “make the best of it” until it finally reaches completion!

I hope we talk soon because it is always better to be prepared!

The Difference Between Being Prepared Or Not

The difference between being prepared, or calling me when you are in the middle of a mess, is that I can tell you how to change anything before it happens. Once it has already happened, I can only tell you what to be prepared for, and you can only hope at that point that what I see is a good outcome!

Be prepared – don’t wait until tragedy strikes!. My clients who have readings on a consistent basis are the ones whose lives are the happiest! Why? Because they always know ahead of time! They are always prepared!

I hope you’ll take my advice, and if it has been a while, or if we have never talked at all, I hope we get to talk very soon!

Click here and set up a reading.

In light, peace, and love,

Tana Hoy

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