The email you sent me! (It meant a lot!)

Hey there,

What an incredible past few days it has been! I have been bombarded with emails and phone calls from people telling me that they really need to have their 3rd Eye Chakra realigned.

It seems that literally hundreds of my clients are really feeling the effects of this!

It really baffles me how human beings are willing to suffer from so much struggle in their lives, refusing to get help!

I sincerely hope more people will start making the time to take better care of themselves, especially when a Third Eye Realignment will instantly end their suffering in 30 minutes or less!

The emails below are prime examples of what I am referring to about people being willing to suffer rather than take care of themselves.

Look at some of these emails I am still receiving:


You were right. My life is a mess from all the negative energy you warned us about! Please tell me what I need to do!! I haven’t read all your emails. So I need to know how to make this better! Please help me!


Dear Tana, 

My life in one word since March 1st- CRAZY!!! My dog got sick and passed, I just got diagnosed with diabetes, and I need a root canal! You were right when you told us in your emails that people will be affected by this negative energy! 

I need a Third Eye Realignment, but I am too busy to call and schedule one! I will try to do that in the next month or so!


Dear Tana, 

HELP! I am too busy to call and set up a Third Eye Realignment that I know will help me! But I am just too busy at work! What else will help me? Can I wash the negative energy off of me while I am swimming in our pool?


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Wild, huh?

Here are the people who emailed me after their realignment:

Dear Tana, 

All my problems cleared up after our reading when you realigned my 3rd Eye! Thank you so much! After our session, the bully at work quit that same day – with no reason! She just quit! Yeah!!!


Dear Tana, 

After our session, I went out two nights later and met the most amazing man! He walked up to me and told me he was attracted to my glowing personality! I think I was seeing my aura shining bright after my alignment! We are hitting it off fantastic! Three weeks strong now!



You are an amazing child! Let me tell you honey, you are the best psychic I ever met before! You are better than Miss Cleo and Sylvia Brown combined!

Honey, you rocked my world after our session! I not only feel 20 years younger, but the men are even noticing again like they used to do all the time! You keep doing what you do and keep being your bad self! Hugs darling!


I feel very blessed to have all of you who are part of my email list, and I am sending prayers of light and love to all of you during these hard energy times!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S. Click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page if you need your Third Eye Realigned!

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    As always, thank you for your kind and loving wisdom!
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