The Heart Chakra: A Guide To Love And Romance heart chakra

Psychic Medium Tana Hoy discusses the heart chakra, the symptoms that it is blocked and what needs to be done to clear a blocked heart chakra.

Your chakras are wheels of spinning energy inside your body and your life force flows through them. These energy centers are integral to human existence and your heart chakra is home to the most natural of all human emotions: love.

Love inspires, guides, and gives us purpose. As the poet Robert Browning once said, “Love is the energy of life.” It is the height of human existence, which is why everyone is in pursuit of love, in its many different forms, one way or another.

Your heart chakra, located in the middle of your chest and is focused on relationships and the love, romance, compassion, and forgiveness, and it helps breath life into your relationships. Being in tune with your heart chakra is an essential step in creating and attracting love into your life.


Romantic Love And The Heart Chakra


To be clear, romance is not exclusive to the heart chakra because all of your other six chakras are significant in the cultivation of love, too. For example, your sacral chakra also affects romance and the sexual aspects of your relationships.

However, since the heart chakra is the control center of all human connections and the loving emotions associated with it, it is particularly important in the pursuit of romantic love.

When your heart chakra is open and balanced, you give and receive love easily and effortlessly. In this state, you extend compassion and forgiveness to other people and you listen to family, friends, and partners, with no judgment. When open, self-love is also important to you and you learn not to beat yourself up over your mistakes, shortcomings, and failures in the past.

As you seek romance in your life, you will not be afraid of vulnerability and the commitment that comes along with it. Instead, you will embrace all of these things and look forward to having a partner who can give these things to you, as well.

Is your heart chakra open? Then, you are ready to love and be loved in return.

It’s difficult to nurture a relationship that’s healthy and honest without a balanced heart chakra since people whose heart chakras are imbalanced tend to be either co-dependent and clingy, or extremely closed off and resentful towards other people.

Even when you are actually lonely and crave company, a blocked heart chakra will usually make you unable to empathize or forgive others, which makes it even more difficult to build lasting relationships.

If you are looking for your soulmate, you first want to make sure that your chakras are in good condition.


The Symptoms Of A Blocked Chakra


First, recognize the symptoms of a blocked chakra that’s in need of some TLC. The negative emotions that arise from a blockage are already warning signs: shyness, dwelling on past pain and experiences, inability to forgive, commitment issues, anxiety, and stress.

Pining over someone in your past is also a common symptom of a blocked heart chakra since you are nurturing the negative feelings associated with the end of an old relationship.

While it’s important to learn from the past, holding on to all your feelings and baggage is only keeping you trapped in a state of perpetual heartbreak.

Another sign that your heart chakra is getting off balance is becoming anti-social. Since your “relationship” chakra is out of sorts, you will find yourself pulling away from other people and isolating yourself even from people who care about you.

There is also a multitude of physical manifestations of a blockage, most of them focused on the heart and chest area. If you are suddenly experiencing pain in these areas, this could be a symptom of a blocked heart chakra, resulting in illness, such as heart and cardiovascular diseases, asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, arrhythmia, and other diseases.

Chakra blockages stem from negative experiences with love and relationships, such as a partner leaving you, parents getting divorced, rejection, and even the loss of a loved one. Some people inherit a negative mindset towards relationships from their parents, while others have extremely painful experiences associated with love, such as physical or sexual abuse, violence, danger, and authoritarianism.

If your heart chakra is blocked and you find it difficult to love and empathize with other people, do not be ashamed. There’s nothing inherently wrong with you. Rather, you just have to learn to unblock the blockages caused by bad experiences and open up your heart chakra to love.


Opening Up The Heart Chakra


Since a blocked heart chakra is the result of past experiences, it’s important to move on from past relationships, so you can open it and let the energy flow.

Although this may be easier said than done, you can start by acknowledging a relationship is truly over. Sometimes, you hold on because you’re not ready to accept the end of a relationship, so begin moving on by recognizing that it is over.

Then, open yourself up to feeling and expressing your emotions about this relationship and its demise. Whether you choose to express these emotions in a  journal or to a close friend, it’s important that you acknowledge and let yourself feel all these positive and negative feelings. Being more open to the people around you also allows you to cultivate stronger relationships with family and friends.

Another thing you can do is to cultivate more gratitude into your life by focusing your attention on the lessons you learned from past experiences. Perhaps you’ve become smarter because an ex-boyfriend influenced you to read more. Or maybe you’ve turned out to be a stronger person because of all you had to endure.

Be thankful for all of it, because at the very least, everything you’ve experienced will help you build happier and more loving future relationships.

Gratitude for the knowledge and growth these negative experiences brought you also makes forgiving yourself and other people easier, since you recognize the good things that arose from the pain.

Meditation, prayer, and yoga, are good practices for focusing and opening up the heart chakra.

Keeping crystals close to you as you engage in these activities, since crystals help boost the energy that you’re putting out. Since green and pink are the colors of the heart chakra, reach for crystals like Rose Quartz, Green Tourmaline, and Jade.

Romance may not be in the air for you yet, but once you open up your heart chakra, love will be flowing from everywhere in no time.

If you suspect you have a blocked heart chakra, you can click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to get more information about the options you have to fix it and open yourself up to love, once again.


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