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The human aura is not only used to get information about a person’s health but also how to find compatibility with another person.

The human aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds a human being.

It can be described as a colorful oval-shaped rainbow that surrounds a person, and this oval-shaped rainbow is composed of different energies.

Each energy is represented through different colors that are enclosed in layers or levels. There are 3 layers that make up the human aura: the physical layer, the emotional layer, and the spiritual layer.

These layers vibrate with their own unique frequencies and each layer affects every aspect of human life – from their thoughts and behaviors, to their feelings, emotions, and overall health.

As these layers are connected with each other, an imbalance in one layer inevitably affects the state of all other layers.


Who Can See Human Auras and What It’s Used For


The human aura can be seen by those who are sensitive to the vibrational energies that radiate from a person.

Psychics are mostly those who can see or sense the human aura and they are able to see or sense this because of their natural psychic abilities.

The ability to sense or visualize human auras isn’t confined to psychics, though. Anyone can learn to see these vibrational energies when they channel their own energy flow.

Most psychics use the human aura to get information about a person’s state of health. The level of health of a person (not only in the physical sense, but also in the mental, emotional, and spiritual sense, too) depends on how dull or vibrant the colors of their aura appear.


Can The Human Aura Be Used For Other Purposes?


Other than health, the human aura can also be read to know about a person’s past, present, and future lives.

Psychics also read the human aura to be better connected with the universe. This allows them to achieve higher awareness or enlightenment.


Using The Human Aura To Find Dating Compatibility


What most people don’t know is that they can use the human aura to find better relationships.

When you can see or sense the vibrational energies from a person, it will be much easier to know and understand if they are compatible with your own energies.

This allows you to find someone who has the chemistry that is most compatible with you.

When you are able to find someone who has the same “vibe,” you will get to enjoy and nurture an enriching relationship together.


So How Do You Know If You Are Capable of Sensing The Aura? couple

Observe how you feel certain people to know if you are capable of sensing aura.

Your heightened sensitivity can help you read or see auras. Some people find this hard because they aren’t able to themselves up to the idea of reading the energy of the people they meet.

It is very simple once you make yourself aware of how to do this.

To do this, you just have to observe how you feel when you are around certain people.

For instance:

Do you feel instant calm and peace when you are around this person?

Do you feel anxious or restless when in their presence?

Do you feel drained when you are around certain people?

Do you get a sense of how they are feeling even when their words say otherwise?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are definitely learning to tune into the energy of other people’s auras.

And eventually, you may even be able to see or visualize the colors of someone’s aura.


How You Are Compatible With Someone


The energy that a person vibrates lets you know if they have an aura that is compatible with yours.

You will know that the person’s aura is compatible with yours if both of you vibrate the same aura colors.

This means your individual aura colors are able to blend with one another to create a compatible union.

How then, do you tune into an aura to find your right match?

Apart from being more sensitive to how you are feeling around certain people, there are other ways to help you see human auras, too.

  1. Meditation: This can help you fine-tune your ability to sense or visualize auras
  2. Peripheral vision: Using your periphery allows you to see objects and colors that are outside your direct sight
  3. Using colors to expand your sight: Gazing at brightly colored objects in a neutral room increases your ability to see colors more vividly in other people’s auras.


Since color plays a big role in seeing one’s aura, it is important to understand the meaning behind the different colors the human aura emits.


How You Can Use The Meanings of The Colors of The Aura To Find Your Best Match athletic

People who emits human aura are usually athletic.

The vibrational energies that a person emits can be seen through the colors that are found in their aura.


When you see mostly red, this means a person has strong emotions or values passion and personal strength. When this color fades into pink, this indicates a weakened body and spirit, mostly showing fear about something, like losing their career.


When yellow is mostly present, it means a person values cognitive learning and discipline. The appearance of a brilliant gold aura means there are concerns about life, or the meaning of their existence in the universe.


Orange is associated with people who are athletic.


Blue indicates that a person is a calm yet strong individual.

When you see indigo around a person, this means they possess untapped psychic abilities.


Brown is associated with people who are logical in their approach in life.


Magenta is attached to people who are eccentric or somewhat rebellious, but they can possess artistic abilities as well.


Green symbolizes healing, which may mean the person is transitioning to a healthier state.


Violet is seen in people who are highly spiritual, or from people who are extremely sensual.


When you see white, this means the person has a strong spiritual awareness. This is very rare, and mostly found only in spiritual leaders.


When you see black, this should not be mistaken for the presence of an evil spirit. This may mean that the person has an illness or is going through some negative emotions like fear or worry.

I hope you found this helpful for enhancing your sensitivity to these color, so you will be able to properly read the human aura to find your potential partner.

The answer to having the best relationship just lies in the energies we emit.

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