The Importance Of Spirit Guides

Someone wrote me a few days ago asking about why it is important to know the names of your Spirit Guides? She wrote:

Dear Tana,   

I know you always tell people the names of their Spirit Guides during your readings. I do not know the names of my guides, and wanted to know why it is important to know their names? 

Tammy C. – Charleston, WV

I would like to be able to explain this to everyone, because this is a very important topic to understand! Spirit Guides are invisible helpers that are assigned to you at the moment of your birth!

Important Things To Know About Your Spirit Guides

They are assigned to you to guide you throughout your entire life! The sad thing is, many people do not even know they exist!

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So most people go through their entire life ignoring the “true friends” who will be with them forever, and who are able to help them more than anyone else they will ever know!

Since names have a vibrational energy attached to them, a name resonates and activates the power of your different Spirit Guides! So therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT to know their names!

This is why there are Psychic Mediums like myself here on the earth, because we are the ones who help others hear the voices of the Spirit World.

So if you didn’t know the names of your Spirit Guides, now is the time to learn their names and start talking to them out loud on a daily basis! 

How To Talk To Your Spirit Guides

  1. Talk out loud to them, just as if they are in the room! Then ask them to show you a sign to let you know they are around you.
  1. DO NOT ask for a particular sign, just ask them to show you a sign that you will know is from them.

I hope this was helpful!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. William says:

    Your amazing ! !

  2. Karen Lerman says:

    Thank you for sharing your tip. I want to share with you all. My husband who passed away last month ago. Few days ago at day time I could feel his hand pushed on my lower thigh TWICE in two days. I knew his signal tells me not doing what I was planning. He is still alive around here!

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