The Importance Of Your Guardian Angels (Make sure to read!!)

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Today, I am going to talk about the importance of your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. Every person is assigned a group of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides when they are born, and the average person is assigned 20 to 30 spirit friends at birth.

Your Spirit Friends are assigned to you to guide you throughout your life, and they can help you with anything because they were assigned to you for that purpose!

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They can guide you when you have a problem, they can give you answers to questions, they can protect you and your loved ones from danger, and they can even keep you company whenever you feel alone!

But first, you need to know their names, because their name holds the vibrational energy link that connects you to them. Knowing their names is the most powerful way to summon the help of your guides and angels.

I have been told by the many different Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels of the people I have read that they want people to know their names. They tell me that when the person they have been assigned to learns their names, at that moment, it creates a bond between them and that person. They also tell me that this bond that is created between them lasts throughout that person’s entire lifetime on earth.

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The difference between a Spirit Guide and a Guardian Angel is a Spirit Guide has lived on the earth, perfected all of the lessons they could learn here, and so they have no reason to be reborn. So they stay on the other side to help and guide those of us on earth who they assigned to. A Guardian Angel is from the heavenly realms and has never had human form.

They are both helpers and will help you with many of the same things, but like people on earth, different guides have different skills, talents, and abilities, so each one will be able to help you with different things. Knowing their names allows you to be able to distinguish which guide or angel to call on for what you need, depending on that guide or angel’s talents, skills, or expertise.

During a reading, the people I am reading for often tell me that they can feel the bond being created when I tell them the names of their different spirit friends! With the upcoming energy changes, and the planetary changes taking place around the Universe, it is more important than ever to know their names and start communicating with them.

Your guides and angels are patiently waiting to connect with you, now it’s up to you to take the first step and reach out to them.

I hope you have found this helpful!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy


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