How To Benefit From The Law of Attraction In Your Life – by Tana Hoy

The Law of Attraction simply means “like attracts like.” This law is based on the belief that your thoughts have energy, and that similar energies vibrate on the same frequency. Therefore, certain energetic frequencies attract similar energetic vibrations.

the law of attraction

Tapping Into The Law

The law of attraction can be summed up as, `If you think good thoughts, good things happen to you. If you think bad thoughts, bad things happen to you.’

The History Of The Law Of Attraction

The phrase “Law of Attraction” was first used by author William Walker Atkinson in his book Thought Vibration, or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World.

In 1915, the same phrase was also used in the work of Theosophical author William Quan Judge. After three years, the phrase “Law of Attraction” was also used by writer Annie Besant, when she compared it with the concept of `gravitation.’ She also believed that the ‘Law of Attraction’ was similar to karma.

How To Practice The Law Of Attraction

You can practice the laws of attraction every morning, the instant you wake up.
Start the day by saying `Thank you.’ Be grateful for your bed, your blanket, the roof over your head, the mattress, the carpet, the alarm clock, the water in your faucet, the shampoo, your toothbrush, or any little thing at all! Feel free to practice the law of attraction as you go about your day.

Expressing appreciation for the little things in life can help you attract more things that you can be thankful for – big or small.

Feel free to practice the law of attraction as you go about your day by being in the present moment, and staying with whatever feeling you have. Observe the feeling, and allow it to move inside you. When you become aware of your emotions, these feelings will dissipate. Eventually, a sense of calm and peace will envelope you.

If you stay present with your feelings, and if you’re aware where they’re coming from, you will increase your vibrational frequency by not becoming attached to your emotions.

When you’re not attached to your emotions, you decrease the likelihood of negative situations, or people, attaching to your energy. In situations where unfavorable circumstances do arrive, these will eventually start to have little hold on you, and you will be able to deal with them easily, and effortlessly.

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

Remember that the law of attraction responds to what you feel, and not what you say. Even if you keep repeating, “I feel great!” but you don’t really mean it, your words mean nothing.

If you authentically feel great, you will likely find yourself in situations, or with people that will make you feel the same emotions you’re feeling.

Another example would be if you aren’t worried about having to hail a taxi, you might find a cab waiting for you, the instant you step out of a building. Your worry-free feeling helped attract the cab to your energy.

If you have no fear about going out with no raincoat, you might coincidentally notice that the rain or drizzle stops every time you go out.

If you don’t feel anxious about losing money, law of attraction money will bring you events and people that will give you more opportunities to receive money.

In the law of attraction, the universe is simply following your energy. It is merely giving the same frequency you are emitting out.

What You Need To Remember

You don’t need to experience a dramatic event to know if the law of attraction is working for you. Simply follow these law of attraction tips, appreciate the small things in your life, and you will be in for a positively big surprise.

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