How The Law Of Attraction Can Make Your Dreams Come True!! – By Tana Hoy

One of the most widely talked about universal laws is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction involves using your thoughts to attract into your life what you really want.

The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction

Like a magnet, your thoughts attract the opportunities and blessings into your life that can make any dream come true.

Understanding The Power Of Your Thoughts

All dreams start with a thought, and it is that thought that ignites the law of attraction. It is important to understand that the universe will help you with your dreams, but you also need to take action to make them happen.

For example, let’s say your dream is to become a great pianist. If you take action every day, by practiing to become the best pianist you can be, the universe will be able to send to you the opportunities to become known. For example, an opportunity could come along where you end up playing with an orchestra because as a result of your practice, you are ready to take on such an accomplishment.

How Long Will It Take For A Dream To Come True?

Dreams also take time. Just like an acorn takes time to become a mighty oak tree, your dreams need time to manifest. Meaningful dreams don’t happen over night, and as many successful people often say, the journey is the most rewarding in any achievement.
Now that you understand the importance of thoughts, taking actions taking action, and being patieint, I am going to talk about 5 very effective ways to use the law of attraction to fulfill your dreams.

5 Ways You Can Use The Law Of Attraction T0 Fulfill Your Dreams

1. Become Happy and Grateful

As the saying goes, “Every day is a gift”. Regardless of your circumstances, there is always something that you can be thankful for. Positive attitudes attracts more positive energy.

2. Be Clear About What You Truly Want
What’s deep in your heart is what you’re really passionate about. For example, many of us have been conditioned to strive to live in mansions, but if you just want to live in a simple countryside home, then you should strive for that. Don’t waste time living other people’s aspirations. Focus your own dreams. Remember, your thoughts are your instructions that tell the Universe what you want. The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it will be for the Universe to help manifest it for you!

3. Release Any Doubt

Believe. Believe. Believe. Whatever you think you are capable of, then that is what you’re capable of. Believe in you, if you want the rest of the world to believe in you. Confidence attracts good things! Doubt blocks opportunity!

4. The Power Of Daydreaming

Spend 10-30 minutes a day daydreaming, meditating, or visualizing what you want. Make the dream a reality in your mind, as if it has already happened.

Dreams are your personal stamp on what you truly desire, and they let the universe know exactly what you want, and how you want it to manifest!

5. Live Your Life To The Fullest

Look for the beauty in your current life. Be thankful for what you have. Let your life play itself out. Enjoy every moment, regardless of your circumstances. What your heart tells you that you truly want is a premonition of your future, so let things happen the way they are meant to happen.

Using these steps will “fertilize” the seed of your dreams. For a dream to fully bloom, you need to take action every day, be patients, and allow time for it to grow. This is how the Law Of Attraction works.

And always rememer to be happy, let go of doubt, daydream away, and just live your life the best way you know how, and your dreams will become a reality before you know it!

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