The Leo Zodiac Sign – Things You Didn’t Know leo_zodiac_sign

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign and the second fire element in the zodiac.

Those born under the Leo zodiac sign are almost impossible to miss.

Leo is the King.

Just like the lion, this zodiac proudly shows its vibrant nature and displays its ferocious power for all to see.

If you are a Leo, read on and discover what makes your zodiac sign unique and learn how to use the traits and characteristics of this zodiac sign to your advantage.


Who Is Leo?


Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and is a fire sign. It is the second fire element in the zodiac, along with Aries and Sagittarius.

Leo takes its name and characteristics from the constellation found in the northern hemisphere. This constellation tells the story of Hercules and the Nemean lion.

Hercules was the strongest demigod in Greek mythology and was given 12 tasks to accomplish – the first of these labors being to kill the powerful lion that was terrorizing Nemea in Greece. Hercules had to resort to using his own raw strength, as the lion was impervious to wood, stone, and metal.

Hercule’s fighting and winning against the Nemean lion symbolizes the creative process that goes into a Leo’s pursuit for perfecting the art of self-expression.

Here are some quick facts about Leo:

  • The date period for the Leo zodiac ranges from July 23 to August 21.
  • Fire is the zodiac element of Leo.
  • Sunday is the lucky day for Leo, as this day is ruled by the Sun.
  • Gold is the most suitable metal for Leo.
  • Yellow, orange, and gold, are Leo’s lucky colors.
  • Body parts attributed to Leo are the upper back, spine, heart, aorta, and spleen.
  • Lucky numbers for Leo are 1, 3, 10 and 19.
  • The season best for a Leo is summer.
  • Ruby for July and Peridot for August are the birthstones for Leo, but this sign also responds well to onyx, diamonds, sardonyx, and carnelian.
  • Leo’s flowers are marigolds and sunflowers.
  • Greatest overall compatibility signs are Aquarius and Gemini.


The Traits And Characteristics of Leo


Ruled over by the Sun, Leo is the fieriest of all the signs.

It is a masculine sign and also a fixed sign, therefore, Leos generally have fixed ideas and goals, so they don’t give in to pressure if they believe what they’re doing is right.

Unbounded enthusiasm best describes the Leo.

Those born under this sign take little notice of the time and the minor inconveniences that stand in the way of achieving their goals.

Due to being highly creative, Leos are more than capable of thinking on their toes and can create new ideas very quickly. They are also quick to give these new ideas a deeper purpose and meaning, all the while swiftly gaining excellent mastery over the discussion. socialize

Leos love to socialize with others and be surrounded by people.

The lion loves to be surrounded by the beauty of nature and has a strong appreciation of art.

While Leo is highly creative, those under these zodiac sign can also view things from a practical standpoint. This can make them critical of small, minor actions preferring decisions, which can make a big difference.

Leos enjoy going out with friends and being surrounded by people. They like to be in the middle of everything and also to be admired. They’re certainly not shy!

Taking long holidays, going to the theater, and buying expensive things, tops their list.

When it comes to dislikes, there’s nothing a Leo hates more than being ignored and not receiving the royal treatment they feel they deserve is very frustrating for these lions.

The strength of those born under the sign of Leo is their creative streak, as well as their warm-heartedness, passion, and generosity. The can be very humorous and cheerful, too.

Arrogance and self-centeredness are often the major weaknesses of a Leo. Those born under this sign often have to battle with laziness, inflexibility, and stubbornness.


Leo In Love

Those born under the Leo zodiac sign are generally known to have a pleasant character and bright disposition. Malice and envy don’t run well with the Lion and they are very generous and sympathetic.

They are vivacious and very friendly, although Leos are known to have their characteristic flashes of a hot temper.

In relationships, Leos tend to have high expectations because they are very emotional in nature and have very idealistic beliefs about relationships.

Because of this, Leos might credit the person they love with attributes that are not really there. They tend to be blinded by the fierce love they feel for the person, which in turn, can lead to disappointment when their oversight is finally realized.

Leos are very forgiving and tolerant, so they can easily adapt to a relationship and let go of petty concerns.


Leo Wealth And Career Characteristics

Leos are very confident and absolutely love being in the center of all the action. This kind of proud attitude puts them in the perfect spot to be leaders in their respective fields.

The busier Leos are, the happier they are. Those born under this sign are highly energetic and very ambitious. Once they set their eyes on their goal, they will strive to do everything right with the utmost dedication to do the job perfectly. leader

Leos prefer positions where they can be their own boss.

Being in a leadership position comes naturally to a Leo, so it’s not a surprise that some choose to be in a profession where they can be their own boss. This makes professions that allow them to express their artistic talents and also have control over their own time very attractive to Leos.

Here are some of the ideal jobs for the Leos I’ve come across:

  • Leaders in all kinds of fields, especially presidents
  • Architects
  • Artists
  • Athletes
  • Business
  • Entertainers
  • Fashion Designer
  • Inventors
  • Managers
  • Lawyers,
  • Photographer
  • Politics or governmental offices
  • Teachers

While money comes easily to Leos, they often spend more than they need because they love modern and trendy things. Generous Leos are also known to be more than willing to provide financial help to friends and family, especially in trying times.


Leo’s Guardian Angels 

Leo’s Guardian Angels are the powerful Seratiel and Sagham.

Just like the zodiac sign they govern, these angels are very loyal and generous. They are very quick to heed the requests of those who call upon them for help.

Seratiel and Sagham are also known for infusing joyous energy and positivity into the lives of the people they touch, especially during tough situations. They are very close to Leos because they love individuals who are generous and charitable.

These Angels bring divine energies from the celestial realms down to humans to bring balance and harmony to their lives.


Psychic Reading For The Leo Zodiac


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