The Most Common Love Problems To Look Out For

I often help many of my clients during a psychic reading, with their relationship problems. Being a “feeler” and a “knower” I have been very successful in helping many of my clients overcome their relationship problems and move past them, so that they could go on to have happier, and more fulfilling relationships with the person they want to be with.

What most people are surprised to find out during their psychic reading is that I can even tell them exactly what they need to do, in order to make things turn out the way you want them to! People have more power than they realize, and I teach people how to tap into that power and use it!

The Most Common Love Problems To Look Out For

There are times when we get lost in our relationships. Often we find ourselves wondering why we’re in the relationship. We often wonder “will it last? Will the fighting continue? Do they even love me? Why am I in this relationship if they don’t respect me?” We’ve all asked ourselves these questions at one time or another. They all boil down to this: What does it take to make love work?

During a psychic reading I often tell my clients that when you are in a relationship that is having problems, often times, you need to just back away, take a deep breath, and then ask yourself “What could I contribute at this very moment that will help to heal our love, and not add further injury to it?”

Often times the real relationship killer is when one partner tries to force something too soon. Often, one person may have a strong impulse to define certain aspects of the relationship, such as where it’s going, before the other person is ready to define it.

When one person tries to push or define something too soon, they risk having the other person back away. Not because that person doesn’t want the relationship, but because they haven’t mentally reached that stage of the process yet.

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The Importance Of Psychic Timing

It is important to know when to give your partner the space to grow with you. A lot of the time I tell my clients that relationships grow in phases, and if you start assuming the wrong things, you’re not allowing it to flow in its natural rhythm!

During the days of my grandmother, people would marry early, and then just go with the flow of their relationship as it developed. Now we all overanalyze everything.

I have a solution to avoid creating undue problems that come with over analysis in a newly developing relationship. That solution is to know and understand the natural phases of a relationship.

There are growth phases in all relationships, so you don’t necessarily go from point A to B just like that! If you try to rush the natural ebb and flow, unnecessary problems can pop up that you’ll need to deal with later.

What I Recommend

I recommend not rushing through the getting-to-know stage with your partner, because developing a new relationship is like studying for a test – you need to do all the required steps before you pass it.

With the approaching of the energies of 2018, as you grow more with your partner, the two of you will head towards a higher level of conscious awareness, if you follow the natural process of growing your relationship.

I Can Help You

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I hope you found this helpful for you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S. Try and keep your thoughts more positive, and not let your fear thoughts overtake you!

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