The Secret Afterlife Of Pets: All About Animal Reincarnation


Pets have a way of making your heart melt – just by staring at you with those wide, trusting eyes.

They’re experts in getting away with everything, and know what to do to make you laugh, and losing a pet is like losing an old friend who loved you unconditionally.

And did you know, just like humans, pets are reincarnated, too?


Centuries of Faithful Companionship animal_reincarnation2

Animal reincarnation dated as far as the ancient Egyptians. Animals like cats were also mummified because they believe that they will be reunited with them in the afterlife.

Pets have been revered by people for centuries…

…the practices of ancient Egyptians tell us how prized and loved animals were.

The Egyptians kept domesticated cats, dogs, fish, birds, monkeys, gazelles, and even lions. Some temples, such as the one consecrated to the Egyptian God Sobek, even kept crocodiles as sacred animals!

One known fact about ancient Egyptians is they believed cats were magical creatures. They didn’t think of cats as pets, and also out of respect, didn’t name the cats, which lived in their homes. Because cats were revered as guardians who watched over children and their houses.

When a dog or cat died, the entire human family would mourn by shaving their entire bodies, along with their eyebrows.

Dogs and cats were also mummified and placed in tombs because they would be reunited with their pets in the afterlife.

The tombs of famous pharaohs, like Tutankhamen and Ramses the Great, had paintings of these kings riding in chariots and accompanied by their hunting dogs. And an Egyptian farmer even discovered an ancient burial ground on his land, with 80,000 mummified cats and kittens!


A Pet’s Afterlife And Reincarnation


Because animals have souls, pets have an afterlife.

In fact, the indescribable bond a human feels for an animal on their first meeting, means they belong to the same soul group! In other words, the bond you feel when you first meet your pet means the two of you shared a past life together, and you’ve come together again in this life.

Aside from giving you lots of love and joy in this lifetime, your pets also have their own purpose for being reborn. And this is, they also help us to learn lessons in life.

One such lesson pets teach us is how to love unconditionally and to remind us to enjoy the simple things in life.



Animal Past Lives Revealed animal_reincarnation

Losing your beloved pet is also like losing a loyal friend.

There are many examples of animal past life told by their human companions, but this story is from one of my clients is my favorite.

The Dog Who Came Back 

Vivien, a chiropractor in Nevada, and her dachshund Chulu, were inseparable. From the moment she took Chulu from the shelter, she vowed to take care of him… 

…but little did she know Chulu was going to take care of her. 

At first, Vivien wanted a dog so that the house wouldn’t feel so empty. Her husband of 30 years passed away recently, and her son was currently working in another country. 

When Chulu came into her life, it was as if life had a meaning again. Chulu made her laugh again and she slept more soundly at night with her tiny bundle of love curled up beside her. 

The two had 14 wonderful years together until one-day Chulu couldn’t move… 

…a trip to the vet revealed he developed a spine problem, which was causing him a great amount of pain, and the only way to help him was to give him pills that would sedate him and keep him comfortable. 

The vet told her Chulu might pass away any day now, so Vivien took him home where he could be surrounded by the things he loved. She made sure he was very happy and showered him with love… 

… but only one week at home – Chulu didn’t wake up. 

The world stopped for Vivien again as she went about her days as if in a haze. 

She missed her Chulu terribly!


The Mysterious Puppy


One day, Vivien was out running errands when a little puppy suddenly rubbed up against her leg, and when she looked down, she couldn’t believe her eyes… 

…the puppy looked exactly like Chulu, and was even bending its right knee in the same manner as her beloved dog! 

The puppy’s owner came running soon after, profusely apologizing for the puppy ambush. He introduced himself as “Bill” and after talking awhile, he asked if she could join him and his puppy, Miller, for coffee. 

It was totally unlike Vivien to say “yes” to a stranger’s invitation, but she wanted to spend more time with the little puppy, so she accepted the invite. 

The one coffee lead to a dinner, a dinner led to brunch, and soon Vivien and Bill became a couple. 

Vivien firmly believes that little Miller is the reincarnation of Chulu. Not only because the two dogs were of the same breed and appearance but there were other things, too, like having the same favorite toy, the same favorite food, and wanting to be scratched in the same spot behind the ear. All of these similarities made Vivian sure Miller was Chulu reincarnated. 

She also believes that Chulu brought her and Bill together… 

…after all, their first meeting was all because of a little puppy that looked just like Chulu.   

During one of my readings with Vivien, I glimpsed into the energy bond between her and Miller. The energy cord which linked them together was very thick and the color was a vibrant shade of purple. It was an old energy bond that takes several lifetimes to form. animal_reincarnation3

Pets are being reborn because they also have a purpose in learning your life’s lessons.

Miller is truly a reincarnation of Chulu, because this energy cord showed he had been an animal companion of Vivien’s for several lifetimes.

What’s even more amazing is when I gazed into Bill’s energy link with Vivien, it was also an old bond. They were also part of the same soul group, brought together again.

Vivien and Bill ended up getting married, and now she and Chulu (now Miller) cuddle up in bed again, between her and Bill.


Discover Your Own Past Life Story


The Universe has ways of taking us by surprise.

So it’s always astonishing when the hand of fate is revealed to us and we begin to see how we are all spiritually intertwined. This is the real magic of life weaving around us, reminding us that even our pets are part of a grand design.

If you wish to know more about your own past life story and the bonds of reincarnation you share with your pets, a past life reading will reveal to you these answers and more!

You can contact me by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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  1. Irma says:

    Tana, reading this makes my heart ❤️ happy. You predicted our puppy ?, it was love at first sight at the shelter where we got him. Pets are definitely a blessing.

  2. Catherine room says:

    This past June 5 2019 my cat who lived 14 years. Partly because he was wild. A awesome soulful kind orange and white cat. Named Toby Dig gins. He would not allow anyone to touch him. He would never come inside. He would reject anything man made. He had a whole family of his brother and sisters. He looked just like his f arrow mamma. Who I resumed as a kitten in 2002. I could not catch her to get her spayed. She had a few litters that I loyally fed all of them for years. I worked long hours. A in home care nurse. House cleaner. Not making a whole lot. But I did my best. Agency’s helped out. At last they disappeared one by one. Till only Toby was left. I had a problem with my property managers a few years earlier. They insisted I get rid of Toby. I arranged with the neighbor to please let him live out his last years in her beautiful garden. I came over twice a day to feed him and sit on the grass so he could see me. I think he was lonely and resented being alone. As he aged and his time to pass on came near. He cried to me from over the neighbors fence. It was so powerful and ergant. I came ruining I scooped him up and he allowed me to bring him in my home. I pet him, gave him salmon, water, bathed him. Gave him gabapentin for his seizures. He fought tooth and nail to live. He died. I was broke but I got him cremated. Pretty good for a fa arrow cat. But while his cremation was in processes. A strange thing occurred. I was crying, my boy friend who’s a navy seal balled like a child. Toby was so wise and gentle. Birds would hop around him and he never went for them. I adored him and often I would run home to take care of him. To no longer have that to do was devastating. But soon after his death. I heard his exact voice ring out, from my backyard where he was born and lived for so long. He did not meow like house cats. He made a owe sound. I know that cry he would do. I full heartily know that was my baby Toby saying I love you too. This cat’s spirit and tenacity was so much like mine. Out of all the cats, He has always belonged to me. Finally in his last days he came in my home. He was fussy and patient as I bathed him. I said what took you so long. I’d like to believe his last utterance from beyond was to say next time he would not take so long, I know I will see Toby Dig gins again.

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