The Secret Law Of Attraction

The secret law of attraction has made a positive impact on many facets of my life, and I am going to share this secret with you! When you too uncover the secret law of attraction, you will find yourself in great health, never wanting for money, lucky in love, excelling at work, and virtually achieving any goal you set your sights on.


Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts Are Things

What Is The Secret Law Of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction refers to a spirutal law that states if you focus on positive thoughts, you will receive positive results. Similarly, focussing on the negative, will bring about negative results in your life. In other words, you thoughts are create your own reality. If your beliefs are restricted by logic and pessimism, the results you attract into your life will be limited. When you believe that the sky is the limit, even the impossible will become possible.

How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

In physics class you are taught that magnetic fields attract their polar opposites. While this is accurate, the same cannot be said about your thoughts. Your thoughts are comprised of energy vibrations. These vibrations attract their polar equivalents, not their opposites. Therefore, when you think and focus on good things, the Universe will do everything in its power to make those things possible for you.


The Main Principles Of The Law Of Attraction

1.     Your thoughts are responsible for attracting good or bad experiences.

If you keep constantly thinking about getting sick during flu season, chances are you will catch a cold within the next couple of days. Don’t obsess about the negative, but instead, transfer that obsession to the positive. Focus on that amazing vacation you’ve been wanting to take, and before you know it, you’ll be manifesting that special vacation!

2.     When you think incessantly about something, you are subconsciously inviting it in.

If you keep thinking of how your lover is going to break up with you, despite them showing no signs of doing so, soon your relationship will start to suffer because of your negative thoughts, and lead to your worst fears being realised. The Universe listens to you more than you know. When you keep thinking about something, the Universe automatically assumes that you want it, and it will try its best to achieve it for you, even if it is something negative.

3.     The gravity nature of a situation depends on how much you focus on it.

A little concerned about that meeting with your boss? If you keep thinking that your boss has called the meeting to fire you,

The Keys Of The Future

The Keys Of The Future

chances are you’ll be walking out with a cardboard box of your things before you can say ‘Donald Trump’. If you automatically assume a situation to be grave, it will be! Be positive, and watch how the outcome changes course.

4.     Trust your gut feeling rather than logical thinking.

Try relying on your intuition to make decisions. Your gut feeling will always guide you towards making the correct choices.

5.     Be the king or queen of wishful thinking.

To make a change, you must learn to visualise how things should be, rather than how things are at the current moment. I once read that every might, Michael Phelps used to picture himself winning before he went to bed. Try to disregard the way things are at the time, and focus on the positive ways they can be. You will be pleasantly surprised at results!

6.     Everyone can have success, but you need to really want it.

There is enough success in the world to go around. Just because your colleague made employee of the month, doesn’t mean you can’t. Focus on the success you want to achieve and it will come to you.

7.     Don’t wallow in disappointment.

If you fail, pick yourself up and move on. Failure happens to the best of us! It doesn’t mean you weren’t good enough, it just means it wasn’t your time to win. Dwelling on disappointed attracts more disappointment into your life.


How the Law of Attraction Can Benefit Your Life

The secret law of attraction can improve the quality of your life in several ways.

  • To attract good things into your life, think about them often.
  • Merely thinking about your goals and dreams can turn them into a reality.
  • This law changes the way you deal with your relationships.
  • This secret law also helps you use your dreams, as a guide to achieving success.
The Secret Law Of Attraction

The Secret Law Of Attraction

How To Attract What You Want In 4 Steps      

There is a 4-step process to turning your positive thoughts into a reality.

                  Step 1 – Ask

You need to be clear about what you want. Unless you have clarity, the Universe will not know what it is that you want it to manifest into your life.

Step 2 – Affirm

Affirmations are short, powerful declarations, that will turn your thoughts into reality. Say things like, ‘I am attracting positive developments in my marriage’ or ‘I am taking good care of my health with exercise, relaxation, and good diet.’

                  Step 3 – Believe

Push your doubts away. You need to believe from deep inside your core, that you will receive what you are asking for, and also believe that you deserve it. Don’t think, even for a moment, that you won’t.

                  Step 4 – Receive

Become receptive to the opportunities the Universe is trying to present to you. If you don’t recognise these opportunities, they may slip away.


The secret law of attraction is simple enough, but it can be difficult to put into practise, because as human beings, we find it hard to ignore the inherent negative thoughts buried inside of us. But once the secret law of attraction reveals itself to you, you will find your energy shifting, your vibrations being fine-tuned, and your world changing for the better.

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