The Spiritual Realms: The Invisible Worlds Around You – Tana Hoy

Even if we were to ride a spaceship, and go up, way above the earth, it would be impossible for us, as humans, to fully take in the grandeur of the universe. But are you aware that it is possible to experience parts of such grandeur by simply tapping into the spiritual realms?

The spirit world, or more correctly, the spiritual realms, are around all of us, yet they are invisible to most people. In my years of dealing with the psychic world, I have come to realize that there is a cloak of unknowing between this plane of existence, and that of the spiritual realms.

The Spiritual realms

The Spiritual Realms

What is the Cloak of Unknowing?

The cloak of unknowing exists because if you were to see these realms as they are, you would become totally overwhelmed, and possibly lose control of your rational faculties.

“Why you may ask? What’s in these spiritual realms that would make me feel overwhelmed?” The answer lies in the life lessons and the life path of your soul.

The Mystical Choices of Your Soul

Your soul is a being of spiritual energy, and it is eternal. Yet, your soul got encased in a frail human body when you choose to be reincarnated, and with each rebirth, a lesson is to be learned by your soul.

Before you choose to be reborn, when you were still a soul, you were able to choose what you will experience this time around, and what you will go up against in this lifetime. You choose what life you will lead in your new human form, what kind of parents you will have, along with what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats you will face here.

The Choices You Make Before Being Reborn

Before you reincarnated, there was a myriad of life lessons to be learned, with an astronomical amount of life paths and life details for your soul to choose from. If you were suddenly enlightened about all of this in your present human form, then in all probability, your being would become overloaded from the depth and wealth of knowing all of this information. Only when you are in soul form do you have the capacity to handle such information.

The Spiritual realms

The Spiritual Realms

A simple analogy would be a computer. Even computers that are the most technologically advanced in terms of design and specifications, have there limits. Their memory has a definite capacity, when first installed. The same goes with the storage capacity of the hard disks, the speed, power of the motherboard, and the processing abilities of the internal hard drive.

Those are the sorts of limitations that we face as humans living on this earthly plane. Like a computer, we cannot overload ourselves with too many processing tasks if our specifications can’t handle what is required.

Your Soul Has No Limits

But your soul has no such limitations while in the spiritual realms. When your soul departs the body, it becomes liberated from the cloak of unknowing, but when it enters a body by reincarnating, all the information available to it is lost to non-awareness.

So, is it only when we die, and then enter the spiritual realms as souls, that we can gain this knowledge that is beyond our sensory awareness and understanding as human beings.

When you are ready for a much deeper understanding of your soul and your past lives, a psychic reading will give you that information and much more!

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    Thanks for that amazing information. I’m overwhelmed with the thought of being an immortal being.

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    This whole concept is totally mind boggling but thrilling at the same time!

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    Dear Tana,
    so interesting! What I wonder is this: when we are born, we don’t usually remember living in heaven, when we die…… do we remember everything?? It’s hard to understand. I keep trying to meditate, but I have trouble laying still! Lol
    Can’t wait for my appointment in march 🙂

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