The Two Strongest Months For Manifesting

Hi there,

Now that we are in the middle of the two strongest months for manifestation, have you thought about what kind of things you would like to manifest?

If you haven’t already had your Akashic Records read, you need to make sure to do that right away, because the information for how to manifest whatever you desire is only contained in your Akashic Records. And remember, this type of manifestation energy will not come around for another 150 years.

Love is an especially powerful thing that you will be able to manifest over these next three months! If you’re having problems in your current relationship, or if you are looking to find your true soulmate, this can be accomplished by knowing how to tap into this manifestation energy – but it all ends on June 15!

How to manifest love, well, health, or anything you desire – that information is contained in your Akashic Records! And from now until June 15th, is the strongest time that energy will be available for manifesting these things. Remember, this energy will not be available like this again for another 150 years!

When you’re ready to make all of your dreams start to come true and manifest all of your desires, contact me right away to have me read your records!

Since the last email I sent out, I now have very few spaces left for an Akashic Record reading!

So, you need to contact me now if you want to have your records read so that you can take advantage of this very powerful manifestation energy!

You are going to be blown away by what you will be able to manifest, once you find out the information that is contained in your records!

Looking forward to talking soon,

Tana Hoy


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