The Ups and Downs of Being an Empath empath

Empaths are people who not only understand what others are feeling but may often feel it as well.

Are you like a sponge that easily absorbs the feelings and emotions of people around you? For example, if someone around you is angry, you may start to feel this way without apparent reason.

Do you feel overwhelmed when you’re in a crowd? Therefore, you prefer not to attend social gatherings because of the different kinds of emotions that you tend to feel?

These are all signs that you may be an empath.


What Is An Empath?


An empath is a person who has the ability to sense other people feelings and emotions as their own, sometimes to a point where they cannot distinguish between their feelings, and the feelings they are picking up others.

An empath is so sensitive to the energies around them, that they can feel the emotions of others even if they are not verbally it or displaying it. They are easily influenced unconsciously by the moods, desires, intentions and motives of people around them – even those of strangers.

Empaths and highly sensitive person are not the same things.

An empath is someone who has clairsentient abilities (clear-feeling) whereas a highly sensitive individual has enhanced sensory awareness. Empaths pick up on energy, while highly sensitive person are reactive to the energy around them.

Here is an example, a friend loses a child.

An empath can literally feel what the friend is going through; their sadness, anxiety, and emotional pain, as if they are one who directly experienced the loss. If that friend has a headache because of too much crying, the empath may develop the headache, too.

On another hand, a highly sensitive person will cry and feel overwhelmed by the idea of losing a child and because of their sensitive nervous system, they take the friend’s loss and make it about them.


Characteristics of An Empath


If you think you are an empath, then here are some common traits of an empath:

  • Empaths are extremely sensitive to the emotions of others animal_lover

    One characteristic of an empath is that they are lovers of nature and animals.

  • They are deeply affected by violence and cruelty around them
  • They have the ability to see a person’s true colors and can tell if someone is faking it
  • They feel overwhelmed by large groups of people, busy locations, and crowds
  • They are like a magnet to the emotionally needy
  • People trust empaths easily and usually share their problems with them
  • They occasionally need some alone time
  • They love nature and animals
  • They have highly tuned senses

Empathy is a great psychic ability that one can have but it can also be a burden to have, too. If you think you’re an empath it might be challenging but it can be a truly rewarding gift also, when developed and honed.


Signs That You’re An Empath


There are a lot of people who are empaths without knowing it. Here are some signs that can help you affirm that you might be an empath:

– Do you always want to avoid public places and social encounters because you constantly feel overwhelmed with inexplicable emotions for which you can’t determine the reason?

– Are there times you suddenly feel lethargic, ill, sick, or nauseous, for no reason at all?

– Do you find it difficult to watch the news with distressing images or other horrible real life situations because you can feel the pain of other people, as if you are them?

– Can you hear the thoughts of others and know what they are thinking, even when they aren’t saying it?

– Do you easily know if a person is lying or not?

– Do you feel responsible for how other people feel and feel compelled to care for them – no matter who they are and what they’ve done to you?

-Do you often find yourself in a counselling role, feeling drained when people dump their emotions on you?

-Do you feel an affinity with nature and animals?

-Do you have an emotional over-identification with characters in films, plays, and novels? Always feeling how actors the felt?

-Do you have a general tendency to put your needs last, or serve others at your own expense?

These are all signs that you can sense the energy, emotions, and thoughts, of those around you. If you can relate to many of the above signs, then you should learn how you can control the emotions you feel to make your life a lot lighter.


What Are the Types of Empaths?


The power of an empath is great and if used wisely, can greatly benefit others. There are different types of empaths:

  1. Emotional

This is the most common type of empath. You can easily pick up the emotions of others. The emotions don’t have to be displayed by the other person because emotional empaths feel them inside. accidents

Physical empaths can feel other’s physical symptoms and ailments in your own body. It usually occurs when an empath is near the hospitals or accident scenes.

  1. Physical

This is the ability to feel other’s physical symptoms and ailments in your own body. This usually happens when you are in the vicinity of an injured person, such as scenes of accidents and hospitals.

  1. Nature

You have an affinity for feeling the needs and vibrational signatures of the natural world. You are drawn to plants, the outdoors, and animals. You can hear, understand, and interact, with animals.

You can feel when an animal is happy, sad, or anxious. Nature empaths can sense when changes are occurring within the environment and can often predict the onset of natural disasters or inclement weather.

  1. Knowing

You can easily understand the thoughts of others without them verbalizing it. A knowing empath has a combination of clear-knowing combined with the skills of an emotional empath. You can get a deep sense of understanding of someone just by hearing their voice or seeing their face.

  1. Spiritual Empath

You can feel the spiritual realm and feel the presence of angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones. You can sense things that are on a higher frequency that others are not attuned to.


How to Deal with Empathy


Empathy is a wonderful spiritual gift but is not an easy one to have because you can become easily overwhelmed by the sudden flood of information you receive. The feelings, and even the physical sensations you may pick up from another person, can be stronger than your own. Making it difficult for you to distinguish which emotions are yours and which ones belong to others.

Here are a few important practices to help you tune into the benefits of being an empath without having to deal with the struggle.

  • Visualize a shield of white light around you to separate yourself from ill-feelings and emotions when you are around unpleasant people or sensations.

Here is a simple technique for controlling empathic abilities thru visualization.

  1. Close your eyes. Visualize two volume switches in your mind’s eye. Mark one switch as “me” and one switch as “everyone else.”
  2. Turn your “me” volume switch all the way up. Turn the volume switch for “everyone else” all the way down.
  3. Reset this as often as you need. These switches will stay in their positions the more you practice this.
  4. You can do this when you are about to go into crowded places or if you feel overwhelmed by other’s emotions.


  • Eat well and have a diet full of nutrients to be as physically and mentally strong as possible.
  • Take a time out for yourself. Honor your need to recharge in solitude
  • Go outside into nature as often as possible. This way, you can absorb Mother Nature’s positive energy.
  • You can also clear your mind of your own stresses and the stresses of others’ by practicing yoga and meditation daily


With proper practice and by maintaining healthy boundaries as an empath, this gift can positively benefit your life and others.

If you believe you’re an empath and are having trouble coping, I can give you more information about how to develop and control this ability.

You can contact me by calling 614-444-6334, or clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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