Today’s Free Psychic Quiz for 1-10-16 – by Tana Hoy

I created my free Psychic Quiz because I am always curious what people think about when it comes to being able to possess certain psychic powers! So I started to wonder “If you could develop one psychic power, which of the following would you choose?”

Free psychic quiz

Which Would You Choose?

Which Psychic Power Would You Choose?

Would you choose have the psychic power to:

A. The psychic power to communicate with aliens and become their voice on earth for the entire world?


B. The psychic power to bring three historical people from the past,back to life for one month, and you could talk to them about anything?

Something To Think About

BEFORE answering this question, think about each of them and then decide: which would you choose AND how would you use it to benefit yourself, and others?

Please comment below and share your thoughts with everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading my free psychic quiz!

3 Responses

  1. Irma says:

    I would like to communicate with aliens. Find our their plans, fears, hopes, etc. Also, keep them safe from government trying to cut them open to experiment. Why can’t we all learn to share the world? And love unconditionally.

  2. diane says:

    I think you could choose either ideas but i would choose the aliens because you could learn so much and if they would share information we could save lives and possibly our world for future gener ations.Technology and medical could be used now including information about other worlds.

  3. Candy says:

    I would choose to bring back 3 people so I could talk to them in person!!

    1. God/Jesus to ask all the questions about life/death/eternity! ???
    2. Saint Germain! So I could ask him if I could help and assist him in transmuting all of everything into love ? with the violet flame! EVERYTHING!!
    Archangel Micheal to be my best friend and I would ask him if I could be his #1 assistant in protecting others!! ?
    I really loved this question, thanks for letting me dream/ponder about it ?

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