Today’s Free Psychic Quiz for 12-13-15 – by Tana Hoy

I created my free Psychic Quiz because I am always curious what people think about when it comes to being able to possess certain psychic powers! So I started to wonder “If you could develop one psychic power, which of the following would you choose?”

Free psychic quiz

Which Would You Choose?

Which Psychic Power Would You Choose?

Would you choose have the psychic power to:

A. The psychic ability to transform into any world leader for one week, and have all of their decision making during that week?


B. The psychic ability to have your voice heard all over the world when you speak. Like a psychic radio coming from the sky, where all people in he world can hear it?

Something To Think About

BEFORE answering this question, think about each of them and then decide: which would you choose AND how would you use it to benefit yourself, and others?

Please comment below and share your thoughts with everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading my free psychic quiz!

3 Responses

  1. Terry says:

    Maybe a world leader for a week I might be able to save some animals and flora if I make the right decisions

  2. Candy says:

    Yes!!! Lol
    I hardly have to even think about that one!
    For my voice to be heard!!!
    All over the world because guess what? I talk to all the children in the whole wide world and I tell them that they have a voice that they’re beautiful and strong and so brave and so talented and such a good artist, and I tell them that they have a voice to remember to use their voice! That they have a beautiful voice! don’t ever be afraid to use your voice, because your answer is probably right! Just like you thought it was! It’s OK to have the wrong answer everybody gets the wrong answer sometimes! that I think they’re wonderful, and a precious gift to this world! Then I ask Archangel Sandalvon to please deliver my message to every child in the whole wide world that’s being abused because I know that Archangel Sandoval carries our prayers to God and I’ve asked God if he’ll please let Archangel Sandoval deliver my prayers to the children and I love doing this, each time I say something a little different and I hope the children can hear me. Thank you for this question because it reminded me how much I love to do this 🙂

  3. Candy says:

    I meant archangel Sandalvon ??

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