Today’s Free Psychic Quiz for 5–29-16 – by Tana Hoy

I created my free Psychic Quiz because I am always curious what people think about when it comes to being able to possess certain psychic powers! So I started to wonder “If you could develop one psychic power, which of the following would you choose?”

Free psychic quiz

Which Would You Choose?

Which Psychic Power Would You Choose?

Would you choose have the psychic power to:

A. The ability to leave the earth and work as a Spirit Guide for people still living on earth?


B. The ability to stay on earth, possess the same powers as a Spirit Guides,  and help people in your physical form?

Something To Think About

BEFORE answering this question, think about each of them and then decide: which would you choose AND how would you use it to benefit yourself, and others?

Please comment below and share your thoughts with everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading my free psychic quiz!

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2 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    This one is tricky. Same powers, different phase of existence.

    Now, I’m not sure what a spirit guide’s abilities are, however I don’t think they are quite advanced as some other beings I know.

    Upon looking this up, a few examples I found that they could do is enter your physical body, stop time, provide messages in the dream world, create situations of “convenience” and other things mostly related to giving hints and messages. Some say their abilities are on par with angels.

    I often get confused about where my thoughts actually come from. Sometimes I come up with a brilliant or amazing idea or concept but I’m unsure if its from my mind or my guides.

    To be a spirit guide, you’d first need a subject of focus – a topic in which you are good at or a primary area or skill.

    [As I was writing this, that last paragraph came to me just now. This was something I was just able to consider. This is a perfect example that I mean. Was it me or my guides telling me this? I was consciously aware of writing it and comprehending it but it just came out of nowhere. Anyone who’s seen my posts before may know I tend to go on a long thought train. Most of the time I plan it before hand on my phones notepad. However during writing, I have had occasions where I am able to comprehend a new angle, concept or idea. I am unsure if my thought train lead me there or it was my guides. This was all still written on the notepad but the suddenness was still the same.]

    Continuing on:
    What I’ve learned about guides is as just said, they have a primary area of insight be it logic, creativity, spiritual development etc. If I was to become a guide in either realm of existence, I’d probably want to be a guide of knowledge, passing on what I know.

    The physical realm gives you the ability to be heard better. Guides in the spiritual realm may not be recognized as clearly without a psychic amplifier like clairvoyance or Clairaudience, therefore allowing the physical being to reach and help more people and be heard better but are bound by the physical plain until death. The spiritual plain gives freedom of movement within all astral worlds.

    [Both these paragraphs were me. The one before still could have been but it was a sudden topic of consideration, be it accurate or not. This is why I’m confused where the origin of this information really came from. Note I didn’t yet call for their assistance, however I did plan to ask them about their abilities. The sudden information I wrote earlier was strangely related though. It did not mention the types of abilities but mentioned the difference in guide area of expertise. I believe the difference in guides may also reference different abilities (different guides have different abilities) which is why it came up.]

    For me, it’s a very tough choice to consider. I feel that my physical limitations may hamper my ability of clear judgement, physical practicality (movement) whereas from a spiritual realm of existence, I’d have a greater understanding and see the bigger picture clearly.

    A psychic medium is the closest thing in the physical world to a spirit guide. They “guide” you towards a desired outcome, pass messages and act as conduits for the actual spirit guides, however may not have the same abilities to create situations of convenience in a persons reality aside from creating the situation to pass on what they know to the receiver. In other words,,a reading may be an event of significance within a persons life that may have been an action if the spirit guides.

    For example, a person wants their dream job or dream lifestyle and ask their guides for help. A course of action they may choose is planting events of convenience or significance for the person to recognise, giving them hints to advise a course of action to result in the desired outcome. They may pop up specific adverts on TV for them to notice or may even draw their attention to someone such as a psychic to tell them directly what they need to do in order to communicate to them properly a
    In depth as psychics are far more efficient than vague hints that may not be recognized.

    To finally answer, I’d go with B. Despite its limitations, I’d be able to reach more people effectively and be properly heard in the physical world.

    Talking of thought trains, that went on far longer than I anticipated.

  2. Candy says:

    Because it sounds awesome and amazing to have a higher knowing of what would be in my highest and bestest good. Also, for other reasons, like.. I don’t know why? Lol I’m not ready to leave!? lol
    ?☀️?????? ?
    ???????????? ?
    —> I have much to learn ??

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