Today’s Free Psychic Quiz for 7-17-16 – by Tana Hoy

I created my free Psychic Quiz because I am always curious what people think about when it comes to being able to possess certain psychic powers! So I started to wonder “If you could develop one psychic power, which of the following would you choose?”

Which Psychic Power Would You Choose? 

Free psychic quiz

Which Would You Choose?

Would you choose have the psychic power to:

A. The psychic power to turn mean people not nice people?


B. The psychic power to help people see their faults so they can work on changing them?

Something To Think About

BEFORE answering this question, think about each of them and then decide: which would you choose AND how would you use it to benefit yourself, and others?

Please comment below and share your thoughts with everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading my free psychic quiz!

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5 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    If only it were possible to rip out negativity from a soul and make them fully positive.

    This would be lightworker heaven. They have many challenges, some of them being difficult people.

    In general terms, ‘B’ would be more effective in helping them independently developing. However, those with enough wisdom and insight would not need this but might prefer to use ‘A’ as a bolster, using ‘A’ in conjunction with their own knowledge as an alternative to B but still as effective. A person with enough wisdom would already have the capability of ‘B’, making it redundant or inefficient.

    That being said. In the end ‘A’ is still mental manipulation, possibly breaching the rule of free will and would not serve much purpose long term since development as a person is internal. Externally forcing it might even prevent them.

    In an ideal situation, both would need to be utilized but not to their full extent. In the end, if it is meant to be for the benefit of the individual, they would have to see and know for themselves.

    In my case I’d probably go with ‘A’ as a bolster aid, not as a direct influence.

  2. Mary says:

    I’m going with A. Yesterday I kept wondering if eighth grade is a bullying ground. The world could REALLY do with more positive and happy people. Nobody should feed off of others negative feelings. Though I believe everyone at least has a spark of good in them.

  3. Lesli says:

    People know their faults and don’t want to change!

  4. Linda says:

    This question is a no-brainer. Of course it is “A.” Everyone I talk to, work with, read about, hear about, all say the same thing: People today are awful. What has happened, I don’t know. People are ruining this beautiful, awesome world.

  5. Candy says:

    I would love to choose A
    But I have to say “B”
    Because if they could see their own faults they would be even nicer what do we need to do in this world what’s happening to the generations.

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