Top Reasons Why Words Of Affirmation Don’t Always Work ancient_Egyptians

Affirmations were used way back during the ancient times to attract wealth and abundance,

Using words of affirmation to get what people want in life has been a practice that dates back to the ancient kingdoms of mankind.

What most people aren’t aware of is that powerful affirmations have been used for centuries to bring them everything from good luck to lasting relationships.

The ancient Assyrians, Babylonians, and Egyptians, all utilized mystical affirmations to open the cosmic floodgates of untold wealth and abundance.

Some affirmations are long and beautifully written, while others are short, and are meant to be chanted over and over again, to align them with the powers of the Universe and other supreme beings.

Here is a translated affirmation excerpt from an ancient tome:

May the rhythm of my heart stir music that enslaves darkness.
May my heart witness what my hands create, the words I utter, the worlds I think.
May my flesh be a sail propelled by the breath of dream.
May I ride in calm waters toward destiny.

Today, there are still many individuals who use potent affirmations. Most people who use affirmations do so in the privacy of their own homes.

But, there are instances that no matter how wholeheartedly and confidently affirmations are used, they just won’t work. Even if they’ve done everything right, what they want isn’t manifesting in their life.

Perhaps I can tell you why.


What Is An Affirmation?


Affirmations bring about a positive state of mind through the use of words and phrases.  A positive state of mind increases the flow of positive energy, which in turn stimulates the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is one of the Universal Laws, which bring cosmic order and balance to each and every person. Under the Law of Attraction, you attract what you mentally send out. Put more simply, “like attracts like”.

There are no rules in making affirmations, but the more specific and personal you make them, the more powerful they can be. For example, here are some specific affirmations:

“My marriage is built on love and respect and is becoming stronger with each passing day.” Or “My business is thriving, expanding, and luck is overflowing.”

Affirmations are typically used to manifest into reality what you want or to create.

Now that you’re familiar with the inner workings of an affirmation, I’ll tell you all about the other elements of bringing good luck into your life.


The Mystical Elements Of Good Luck


Aside from affirmations for manifestation, there are also other elements you can use to attract good luck. I’ve listed the most important elements below so that you can start applying and using them. positivity

When you are always optimistic and thinking positively, you send out high frequency of energetic vibrations thus attracting good luck to your life.

Energetic alignments        

When you have achieved energetic alignment, luck flows easier and swifter into your life.

An energetic alignment is being aware of your purpose in life and working directly towards achieving that goal. When you recognize the true meaning of your existence, you can channel your spiritual energy into becoming one, and in harmony with the Universe.

This alignment with the Universal energy enables you to raise your own spiritual energy, lifting your vibrations so that positivity flows to you. This will stimulate the Law of Attraction, the Universal Law that brings into your life whatever you are focused on.



Experiencing synchronicity firsthand is one the best feelings in life.

Have you ever walked out of the door, not expecting anything, and life suddenly hands you a great surprise? It might be as grand as winning a brand-new car from a raffle or as simple as coming across some cash on the sidewalk.

When these events happen during the time you need them the most, this is called synchronicity. Synchronicity is when everything seemingly comes into perfect order to give you what you need. It may seem as if the Universe is conspiring to give you good luck!



It might sound simple, but a little positivity can go a long way in attracting good luck.

When you have an optimistic approach to life, you are actually building up positive energy in your body and soul. This positive energy sends out a higher frequency of energetic vibrations, which in turn attracts good luck to you.


3 Reasons Why Affirmations Don’t Always Work


While there can be various reasons why affirmation don’t, there are three major reasons that should be carefully looked into.

These three reasons are the ones I usually encounter when my clients come to me for help when they are experiencing a particularly difficult phase in their lives and all their attempts to bring in good luck end up failing. mindset_blocks

Blocks from your mindset hinders your affirmations from working. In order for them to happen, you must believe in them completely.

Blocks From Your Own Mindset 

Most people don’t realize that they are actually the ones who are preventing their affirmations from working. They forget the most important thing is belief, when it comes to making and using affirmations work for them.

Even if you have the most potent affirmation words or phrases in existence, they won’t work unless you believe in them completely. You have to believe that your affirmation is working even before you feel any of its effects.


Blocks From Past Lives 

Another hidden block to making affirmations work are events from your past lives.

All of us have reincarnated, over and over again, in order to have different kinds of human experiences to reach our individual spiritual goals. Some of these experiences are unpleasant, and can be manifested negatively in your future life.

These unpleasant manifestations may include negative emotions about money, probably due to a traumatic experience, like loss of wealth in a past life. Some people who suffered greatly during events like the Great Depression or famine, also carry negative emotions about abundance, which can block good luck in their present life.


Blocks From Negative Energy 

Negative energy is one of the biggest blocks to getting the luck you deserve. It can come from a number of sources, such as other people, places, or entities.

A person who is feeling particularly envious or jealous of you may be sending you negative energy. This negative energy sticks to you and can cause you to feel down, or change your good perspective about luck.

Certain places also give off negative energy, such as locations where violence or misery was experienced by other people.

Lastly, some dark entities can transfer negative energy to you. These entities can be spirits of people you’ve known before, or beings who have become attached to you for one reason or another.


How To Have The Golden Touch


Do you know someone who seems to have everything they need in the world?

I can tell you the secret to why some people who seem to get everything they want in life without lifting a finger.

Like King Midas who could turn anything into gold with a single touch, you too, can make all aspects of your life full of abundance – even when affirmations don’t seem to work.

There are several ways you can channel your own energy to stimulate the Law of Attraction and to use manifestation to make your wishes a reality. You can have all the wealth you rightfully deserve, the love of your life, and the career of your dreams – all with the help of good luck!

I have been not only a psychic, but also an Abundance coach to literally hundreds of people, helping them to be able to manifest all their dreams.

If you’d like guidance on how to manifest your dreams, too, you can schedule an Abundance and Manifestation Action Session by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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