Psychic Cords: The Key To Ending Toxic Relationships – By Tana Hoy

Relationships are a part of being human. Even if you try to isolate yourself from society, you still interact with family, friends, associates, lovers, and even those you casually meet.

toxic relationships

Toxic Love

While relationships are meant to be positive, there are instances when your interactions can turn into a toxic relationship, and begin to have a negative impact on your life.

Negative relationships are those that are not mutually beneficial, and you often find that you’re on the losing end. They happen when your link to another person causes pain, distress, sadness, despair, rejection, guilt, and so on.

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The relationship with that person gives you nothing but negative thoughts and emotions. It saps you of your positive energy, and prevents you from growing, or being the best that you can be. The thing is, negative relationships can happen consciously or subconsciously.

While the bully at school may have deliberately caused you distress, your parents may not. Your mother may have bombarded you with negative energy without meaning to, all because she thought that her anger or constant nagging would make things better for the family. Nevertheless, the link between the two of you is there.

And due to the link that is created from this, even if you don’t see these people for a long time, you’re still getting doses of negative energy from them via psychic cords.

What Are Psychic Cords?

Energy linking between people happens because in the higher planes, you get psychically tied to everyone that you get into a relationship with. Especially when you make promises to each other that are conscious or subconscious, verbal or non-verbal, one sided or mutual.

Some energy links are more “solid” than others, depending on how much mental or emotional impact you’ve had on each other. And the solid relationships are the ones that can affect you the most.

I won’t go into detail about the kinds of cords that link you with other people (e.g. spiritual cord, cord of attachment, karmic ties), but know that when you meet a person, you get psychically attached to him through a psychic cord.

You can imagine it as a wire that conducts electricity between you, so while you’re plugged into that individual, he continues to feed you with energy. In cases of negative relationships, the energy that you’re receiving will cause you emotional harm.

The psychic connections between humans are very complex, like a very intricate collection of spiders’ webs. You’re linked to your parents, grandparents, relatives, teachers, classmates, bosses, officemates, lovers, flings, and just about everyone else you’ve come across. And as you continue to meet more people, your own web of relationships becomes more and more complex.

And aside from the people you meet in this lifetime, you also have karmic ties or connections with those you’ve met in your past lives. Some of those ties even continue on into this lifetime.

What Is Cord Cutting?

The only way to free yourself of this negative energy from other people is to sever the psychic cords that attach them to you. Let me just clarify, cutting psychic ties doesn’t mean completely forgetting the other person, nor does it mean that you won’t, or can’t, mingle with them ever again. What it means is, you cut the cord so you’ll stop being on the receiving end of their negative energy.

In fact, when you get these cords cut, you can have a better relationship with that person who’s giving you a hard time.

For example, you may have had a traumatic relationship with your aunt, and you’re still receiving a lot of negative energy from her. You seethe with resentment whenever you see her, so you try to avoid family reunions altogether. But when you cut your psychic cords with her, you can be totally unaffected by her presence, and even hold a decent conversation with her without flinching.

With regards to psychic cords from your past lives, those are written in your Akashic records, the spiritual documents that contains every detail about you, including your past, present, and future.

As a psychic medium, I often read these records during a psychic phone reading to see if there are karmic ties that are holding the person back.

You don’t have to suffer from toxic relationships. You can free yourself from them, so you can continue growing and enjoying your life.

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