How Your Akashic Records Reveal Your True Life Path life path

Where are you on your life path? Is the direction you are taking to your liking? Or would you prefer a change?

Are you satisfied with your life right now?

Are you wondering if areas of your life are going to improve some more, but you don’t know where to start or how to start letting change happen?

Have you ever wondered if your current life path is your inescapable destiny?


Youthful Dreams of Your Future: Did They Come True?


When you were much younger, I’m sure you had dreams about whom you’d turn out to be in the future.

Maybe your dreams were about having a job or career you absolutely liked.

Maybe you dreamed about being in a relationship that was not only fulfilling, but meaningful as well. Maybe you dreamed about getting rich someday and becoming financially secure. daydreaming child

Have any of childhood daydreams come true?

On the other hand, maybe your dreams were more outward oriented. Did you dream about discovering a cure for cancer? Did you dream about leading others in the quest for world peace?

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of what your future could be, or what you want to be.

However, it can’t be denied that it hurts when you realize your dreams didn’t come true… and you start fearing they will never come true, no matter what you do.

Of course, you may settle for “what fate has given you” and leave it at that, accepting that you will simply continue livinga sad and disappointed life.

But, have you ever tried to ask yourself if the life you are leading is truly where your destiny lies? Or ifyour current life will remain satisfactory to you several years into the future?

Or is something nagging you in the back of your mind, telling you to not resign yourself to your fate, because you CAN still do something about your life path. But the trouble is, you don’t know if those thoughts are possible to achieve, or simply wishful thinking?


Why Your Free Will Matters


During my psychic reading sessions, I’ve heard several of my clients say that they “don’t have a choice.”

For example, I asked a client once why she was staying in an abusive relationship, when it was clear to me (as a psychic) that her partner was exploiting her and even hurting her physically.

My Third Eye was telling me that my client would be in danger if she continued in on in the abusive relationship she was in.

To my dismay, she said “Leave? How can I? I have no choice!”

I asked her why she felt that way, and she gave me a number of reasons, which all pointed out to one thing – she was afraid of change.

I explained that her fear of leaving, and stepping in a direction that was unknown to her, was crippling her self-esteem, and destroying what chances she had for having a happy relationship in the future.

And she said she wasn’t sure she could ever find someone else to love her, because she felt  she was very unlovable. I told her, “Of course you are loveable!” And I also explained she was loveable because she is a divine child of the universe!”

Her reply startled me. She told me if she was lovable, then she wouldn’t be abused. She would be loved, instead of being humiliated by her partner’s cheating, and she wouldn’t be criticized, blamed, and shouted at all the time!

Do you see how circular her thinking had become?

In effect, her reasoning was: “I am being abused, because I have no choice but to remain abused, because I deserve to be abused, and the proof of this is that I am being abused.”

It was clear to me that her spirit was bathing in negative energy. She had a polluted soul, and it was affecting her ability to exercise her free will.

The harsh negativity of her partner had really done a number on her. In other words, she was like a child lost at sea and drowning, hoping against hope for someone to save her.


When You are on a Self-Destructive Path overcome fear of change

Many people do not arrive at their true destination because they are afraid of change.

It would have been easy to put all the blame on her partner. But if I did that, then she would never have turned away from her abusive relationship.

Why? Because as previously mentioned, she thought she deserved being in one.

So, it was important to not only help her see and understand how she was being self-destructive, but also why she was in such a situation.

I suggested an Akashic Records Reading for her.


Understanding Your Akashic Records Akashic Records

Your Akashic Records are ethereal records that exist in the higher realms, and they contain very detailed information about anything you need to know. They contain every one of your thoughts, actions, and deeds, in this life, and all of your past lives!

The Akashic Records are a “library in the sky” with plenty of information on various topics.

Your Akashic Records have recorded in them, all the lives you have previously lived before, as well as your current life.

All of your thoughts, words, and actions,are recordedin your Akashic Records.

However, it is not only your past lives that your Akashic Records contain information about.

The result or outcome of each of your thoughts, words, and actions, in this live, and all of your past lives, is also found there.

Does that mean, then, that your destiny is set in stone? No.

Your free will can change the outcome of your situations. This is why using your free will is extremely important.


Getting Rid of the Mind Conditioning You Have Been Exposed to


Some people believe their destiny is set in stone. This is not true. You can change your life path at any time, but, you need to know when’s the best time for you to do so.

And of course, you also need to understand that you must use your free will against all the mind conditioning to which you have exposed, and continue to be exposed.

What are examples of mind conditioning? There are plenty, but here are some of the more familiar or commonly encountered ones:

  • Gender conditioning
    • “Boys don’t cry.”
    • “Nice girls obey their boyfriend or husband.”
    • “People with alternative lifestyles should be avoided.”
  • Age conditioning
    • “You’re already too old to think about doing that.”
    • “Young people like you are so reckless, all the time.”
  • Behavior conditioning
    • “Don’t complain,unless you want people to think you’re rude!”
    • “It’s okay for a man to play around, but when a woman does it, she’s dirty.”
  • Religious conditioning
    • “If you don’t share our beliefs, you are condemned to hell.”

These are just a few samples. There are many more instances of mind conditioning, and it happens every day, to all kinds of people.

Other people, including the media, say these things to you. Churches even use mind conditioning to get their followers to follow their particular beliefs So it’s not that easy to take yourfocus away from such mind conditioning.

But, you need to do it.

You must break free of accepting anything that is meant to control the way you think about yourself, and how to live your life.

If not, then you will be stuck on a life path you may not necessarily appreciate, or find comfort in, which is more than sad. It’s depressing.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what your age is right now – you can change your life path if you put your mind to it. If you think it will be too hard to do so, then know youcan manifest a miracle!

If you would like to change your life path, and start living a happier, freer life, a good first step would be to have your Akashic Records read during a psychic reading with me. I invite you to know what your past lives were like, and what possible outcomes await you in the future.

That way, you can exercise your free will, and change your life path for the better.


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2 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    This mind conditioning thing keeps reminding me back to the anunnaki and reptilian agenda. It doesn’t sound relevant here though. However the unfortunate fact is that this conditioning and stereotypes are self enforced by individuals and society.

    Religion though, does tie back to the anunnaki and the Sumerians. This is likely where this self perpetuated conditioning started. For anyone interested in this kind of conspiricial history, the Sumerians worshipped the anunnaki as gods because of their advanced knowledge and technology. They enforced the ideal of themselves as greater beings among humans and they/we just accepted it, thus the first mythical pantheon religion was born. After came the Greeks, Egyptians etc with other races. Bastet the Egyptian cat goddess – Lyran ( I think), Ra the sun god? Carian.

    Skip years later and the rule of one religion is born (that’s just a fancy name for the one god religions we see today), which formed during the reign of the Roman Empire. Not before, not after, during. Though during that period, humanity still upheld certain barbaric ideals.

    The point is humanity always held a certain belief of subservience to something. Higher beings, other humans, the list goes on.

    Over time these religions splintered into Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Seekism? and Islam.

    Its not just religion that was effected but religion creates beliefs, beliefs create ideals. Ideals are part of our core being in the material world. The ego feeds on it. And these ideals spread to our lives, how we live, how we think, how we act. The ideals of today derive from our ancestral roots in religion that over time may have seeped into our normal lives.

    The poor woman who was abused, she at some level may have had a religious background, even if she herself isn’t. In some way she was right. She is a victim of fate but not hers. There’s a difference. She didn’t deserve what she went through but she experienced some of an aftershock of a dominating ideal that goes back through time. She believed she deserved it partly because of the human nature of subservience in some way.

    Her fear was also partly imprinted by the ways of old. Although the anunnaki ruled by fear, they provided a sense of order to civilisation. People knew what to expect. In more recent and affiliatable periods, the Romans did also, even way up to the last century or two. Order was guaranteed but at the cost of fear of sometimes lethal punishment for crimes. People only feared death because they feared the unknown. In the material world, they knew the rules and the ways and became accustomed to them since they knew the circumstances and situations. The woman’s experience was in some way similar but on an individual scale. This does not belittle her experience, only her situation was parallel to the mindset of familiarity.

    Her situation may differ though but the fundamentals may be there. Not for me to say ultimately. I’m saying everything is a result of something else which also relates back to something I said some time ago. (A reason for the reason).

    Whoever this woman is, may she find happiness.

  2. Sam B says:

    An excerpt from an In5D article for those interested. This was written over a year ago:

    “Is it possible that the bible was written by the Anunnaki and designed to control man through fear?  After all, religion = subservience, control and conformity, which is the same template as EVERY government.

    For the record, the King James version of the Bible was edited by Sir Francis Bacon, who was a 33rd degree Freemason.  At this level of freemasonry, there is a motto of “ordo ab chao” which means “order out of chaos”.  The bible ends in chaos with the chapter called Revelation.

    Gold Slaves

    In the Sumerian tale, Enki disobeyed his father, Anu, and loved the human creations.  Enki and Anu have been at war ever since this betrayal.  Anu was one of the “creator gods” who manipulated our DNA to make us slave workers who would mine the gold on this planet for the Anunnaki. This is most likely the reason why the Roman Catholic Church is in possession of so much gold.  According to one source, it is estimated that the RCC owns 60,350 metric tonnes of gold.”

    I looked this up to see if I was accurate. In5D is known to be somewhat controversial but it seems to fit. The Romans, religion, human mentality. Its all connected.

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