Have you found your “true” soulmate and want to?

Soulmates are one of my favorite things to help people with because a soulmate relationship will be the most powerful love connection a person will ever experience in their life!

Your true soulmate will complete you! When you meet that special someone, you will experience extreme happiness, love, and sense of fulfillment that is beyond imagination!

The definition I use to describe your soulmate is this:

“Your soulmate is the man or woman of your dreams.When the two of you meet, your lives will flow together,naturally, harmoniously, and seemingly effortlessly.”

It is natural for your heart to feel empty when you are not with your soulmate because our heart was created to feel the type of love that a soulmate brings into your life! This is why your heart “calls out from inside” to have true love!

I received a few emails from clients who found their true soulmate, and I wanted to share them with you.

They really touched my heart because they show the true healing power a person experiences when they find their true soulmate.

Here are a just few of my favorite emails I’ve received:


Dear Tana,

I had a reading with you a few months ago, and I asked you how to find my soulmate.

I explained how lonely I felt,and how my heart ached from not being with someone who would love me as deeply as I love them!

During our reading, you could see the things I wasn’t doing that were necessary for meeting my special someone.

You told me what I needed to start doing, as you also described to me what he would look like!

You even told me his name!

Well, I did what you suggested, and guess what?

I meet him one month after our reading! He looked just like youdescribed him to me, and his name is John. Just like you said!

We are so happy, and even though it has only been a month, we both feel like we were brought together by destiny!

If I hadn’t had my reading with you, I would never have known I was blocking myself from meeting him, which was preventing me from meeting John, and I would still be alone today!

Thank you for enlightening me Tana! I owe this all to you!

Looking forward to our next reading,

Carla C. Columbus, OH


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I also received this email the other day too:


Dear Tana,

You are amazing! I called you because I wanted to know how to get back together with my ex. I knew when I called you, that the chance of us  ever reuniting again seemed impossible.

But I decided to call you anyway because I’ve heard so many good things about you!

To my surprise, when I spoke with you, you saw something different than I ever expected! You not only saw us back together but you even guided me on what I needed to do to make that happen!

So, I did what you advised me to do, and he came back to me!

We have been back together this time for 6 months, and he just asked me to marry him!

Tana, thank you for helping me reunite with the only person I have ever truly loved! You are amazing!

Looking forward to our next reading,

Amber N. Dallas, TX


As you can see, love does change peoples lives, and it is important to be with your true soulmate, because this is the type of love your heart truly desires for you to have!

If you are not with your true soulmate, or if you lost someone who you still love and want to be back  together again, then I can help you find the type of love your heart really wants to feel!

You can schedule a Soulmate Reading with me, where I can focus on helping you find your true love. You can click here to schedule a special Soulmate Reading with me, or call 614-444-6334.

I look forward to helping you find true love, too!


In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. The love energy around the planet will soon be at it’s strongest for meeting your soulmate between May and August 2022! Then after that, this energy will be gone for another 12 years! So the time to tap into it is coming soon!

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