How To Make Any Wish Come True!

Hi there,

I have been receiving a lot of emails from people lately asking me about wishes. People have been asking me if a psychic reading can help a person make their deepest wishes come true?

The answer is that a psychic reading can point out the steps that you need to take in order to make your deepest wishes come true, but it is up to the person to apply the advice that you receive during a reading.

The Reading Process

As you might already know, when I give a reading to a person, their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels physically manifest in front of me during the reading. They actually stand there and tell me about the past, present and future of the person I am reading for.

They also tell me what the person needs to do to make their deepest wishes and happiness come true!

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If you were in the room with me when I was giving someone a phone reading, you would see me staring into the air, and listening to the “invisible people” standing in front of me! Of course they are only invisible to people who cannot see them! I can see them as clearly as I can see anyone standing in front of me.

So during your reading with me, your angels and guides tell me what they see, and what you need to do, in order for you to achieve your deepest wishes. Many times they show me what I describe as looking like a complete map of the person’s life.

I look at that map, and then I can clearly see the path that you need to take to manifest your true happiness and wishes!

This map is also called your Akashic records and now I also read your Zonramian Records!

This is why i love what I do so much because I get to talk to angels and guides all day long! And all of my clients, in my eyes, are angels too. I am so lucky to have such nice people like you as my clients!

A Technique To Use Before A Psychic Reading 

Here is something you can do that will make the connection with your angels very strong during our next reading. You should do this 5-minutes before I call you for your reading:

1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

2. Silently repeat the following words: “I give permission to all of my guides and angels to come forward and join me during my reading today! I ask that they share any and all information with me that is for my highest good!”

3. Then sit there for a few minutes. Some people will be able to feel their presence, but not everyone.

4. Open your eyes after about 1 minute.

5. Wait for my call in silence.

Doing this will open the floodgates of information that comes through during your reading. I hope you will use this the next time before our reading.

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I hope this was helpful!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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8 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    I probably would’ve said Wish Granters but Tana did say that no past special reading will ever be repeated, so that’s a no to Wish Granters.

    Now, I said something a while ago about the possibility that spirit guides and angels are potentially tulpan conciousness, or just what people cal “Tulpas.” Unlike past comments, I’ve done, this is not a proposal of possibility of what ifs, more of an idea I came up with some time ago but was quickly disbanded, but still interesting all the same. SO essentially, I’m saying they are, just it’s an idea I had once. I did used to believe in the possibility that this was a valid occurrence but that went out the window by Vascarious’ recent presence.

    Tulpas are more-so a scientific theory than a spiritual entity but appears to have the same traits,

    To start from the beginning, a tulpa is a mental artificial figmentation of a separate consciousness created by one’s own mind.

    Wikipedia has a pretty blunt explanation:
    “Tulpa is a concept in mysticism of a being or object which is created through sheer spiritual or mental discipline alone. Indian Buddhist texts call it an unreal, illusory, or mind-created apparition. The term comes from Tibetian “to build” or “to construct”. Tulpa is sometimes used synonymously to “magical emanation”, “conjured thing”, “phantom”, and thoughtform. Some modern practitioners use the term to refer to a type of imaginary friend.”

    This suggests that it is heavily involved in deep spiritual ritual, but most people just see the nutshell version: “You can use the power of your mind to create your own entity of consciousness.”

    The reason I merged the idea of tulpan consciousness and beings such as guides and angels is because in most cases, in order to achieve a connection to the spiritual realm, you’d need to put a lot of focus and effort into doing so, such as in meditation and awareness and such. A similar rule applies with tulpas. You need to practice a degree of conciouss awareness of the tulpa you wish to create but in this regard requires it in a more refined manner. For creation of a tulpa, you’d need to focus on various specific details you wish to attribute to it, such as what he or she looks like, what personality they might have etc.

    In bother cases however, a core part of both connection to the spiritual realm and tulpa manifestation is awareness, belief and acknowledgement of their presence as a living entity.

    If you’re wondering, yes this is something you can be capable of doing, with enough focus and patience. I should also mention that one name people call it is “Tulpamancy” as a sidenote. However there is also a potential danger in doing this. psychologically, but otherwise, it’s relatively harmless which some have said is actually beneficial.

    Back to guides and angels. There was something I came across when I did a redux research on tulpa creation which stated:
    “There are also accounts of tulpas who emerged before their host knew what a tulpa was, whose hosts repressed them out of fear, ”

    This is something that can “possibly” relate to our spiritual friends. There may be a slight chance (whether the so called “host” being aware of what a tulpa is or not) that these entities could be confused with spirit guides and/or angels if the “host” has no knowledge of either one or the other. If a person is aware of tulpas but not spirit guides, there is potential that their guides may be misinterpreted as tulpas and visa versa. If said person is aware of guides and angels, they may also be misinterpreted but perhaps less so in this regard as they would not be actively attempting tulpa creation, so this kind of knowledge can easily cause confusion.

    If you ever want to attempt tulpa creation, I would at least suggest doing some research before doing so, otherwise it should be fine.

  2. Sam B says:

    “SO essentially, I’m NOT saying they are, ” Sorry 😛

  3. Sam B says:

    I should also mention –

    and I know I’m horrible at comment organisation by posting multiple comments rather than ordering them up into one single one. It’s a pet peeve of mine that I can’t always compress things into one comment because I always think of or remember relevant points too late after the fact.

    Can I suggest the ability to edit your own comments be a thing? That would greatly help.


    Everything I mentioned about tulpa creation and manifestation applies to manifesting what you want in life also – to some degree, but instead of focusing on tulpa manifestation can be applied to life goals and life wishes etc.

  4. Jasmine K says:


    This idea could be a great help to those who find it difficult to fully “see” or picture their future. The idea of the Tulpa brings a sort of musical element to the table, allowing those who may struggle with manifesting their goals, a different avenue to achieve them. Granted one would want to be in the best state of mind when attempting such a feat, since you mentioned the lines tend to blur very easily. But, by saying it’s more than just thinking it to be true one also has to believe in that future or outcome. It would make a person put more effort into their idea. Almost as if tulpa manisfesting is superior to a simple thought alone…since sheer mental focus and concentration is needed. In short, everything requires work and stamina—>an equal exchange of energy, so invest in yourself and your future by taking the time to believe in something for yourself –for your goals/wishes–and it too shall come to fruition.

  5. Candy says:

    Awesome advice!!
    I will definitely do this next time!
    You’re awesome and I love you! ?

  6. Irma says:

    Sam B. , you lost me. ?

    Tana, I wasn’t prepared the last 2 times before my reading. I wrote questions down but last minute asked different questions. I do it on my lunch but regret it later because I feel rushed. Oh well.

  7. Sam B says:

    I figured. Some things I say can end up being far less incoherent than I first thought, but which part?

  8. Sam B says:

    -I said “far less incoherent”… Now I see why.

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