Try This To Make Any Wish Come True

I have been receiving a lot of emails from people lately asking me about wishes. People have been asking me if a psychic reading can help a person make their deepest wishes come true.

The answer is that a psychic reading can point out the steps that you need to take in order to make your deepest wishes come true, but it is up to you to apply the advice that you receive during a reading.

The Reading Process

As you might already know, when I give a reading to a person, their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels physically manifest in front of me during the reading. They actually stand there and tell me about the past, present, and future of the person I am reading for.

They also tell me what the person needs to do to make their deepest wishes and happiness come true!

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If you were in the room with me when I was giving someone a phone reading, you would see me staring into the air, and listening to the “invisible people” standing in front of me! Of course, they are only invisible to people who cannot see them! I can see them as clearly as I can see anyone standing in front of me.

So during your reading with me, your angels and guides tell me what they see, and what you need to do, in order for you to achieve your deepest wishes. Many times they show me what I describe as looking like a complete map of the person’s life.

I look at that map, and then I can clearly see the path that you need to take to manifest your true happiness and wishes!

This map is also called your Akashic records.

This is why I love what I do so much because I get to talk to angels and guides all day long! And all of my clients, in my eyes, are angels too. I am so lucky to have such nice people like you as my clients!

A Technique To Use Before A Psychic Reading

Here is something you can do that will make the connection with your angels very strong during our next reading. You should do this 5-minutes before I call you for your reading:

1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

2. Silently repeat the following words: “I give permission to all of my guides and angels to come forward and join me during my reading today! I ask that they share any and all information with me that is for my highest good!”

3. Then sit there for a few minutes. Some people will be able to feel their presence, but not everyone.

4. Open your eyes after about 1 minute.

5. Wait for my call in silence.

Doing this will open the floodgates of information that comes through during your reading. I hope you will use this the next time before our reading.

I hope this was helpful!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Beth Rannebarger says:

    When I ask God for help, he gererally gives me ‘yeses’.

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