The Different Types Of Fairies In Your Refrigerator!

“Fairy” comes from the Old French word `faerie’, which means `land’ or `realm”.

Fairies are spirits who inhabit trees, nature, and even everyday objects. Some people have even seen fairy images appear in human form, because fairies used to be humans, who wished to be fairies. Some fairies could even be spirits of deceased humans  who chose to live within nature.

What Are The Different Types Of Fairies?

different types of fairies

There are many different types of fairies. Fairies number in the hundreds, and even thousands, and every country has their own types of fairies. Below are a few of my favorite ones.

The Fire Fairy

Fire fairies are responsible for the world’s fire and heat. They help cook food and warm your home. However, they may also be the cause of any burns you get.

The Moon Fairy

Moon fairies are responsible for the darkness during the night. However, they may also be the cause of tornadoes, tsunamis, and hurricanes, because moon fairies want to make the moon appear during the day.

The Sun Fairy

Meanwhile, Sun Fairies want to make the day longer, they are more popular and present during the summer. Sun Fairies may also be responsible for your sunburn.

The Ice Fairy

Ice fairies only come out during the winter. They are mostly responsible for freezing lakes, trees, and rivers. Ice Fairies may be the ones responsible for the heavy snow on your front porch.

The Fruit Fairy

Fruit fairies are the reason why crops grow, and why trees bear fruits. They may even be the reason why apples turn red.

Fruit fairies are also called nature fairies, and garden fairies, because they are kind to animals. They also place the colors on trees, flowers, fruits, and all of nature’s creations.

Fairies May Be In Your Refrigerator Right Now!

While fairies are known to live in forests and amidst nature, it is highly likely that fairies may be in your home right now.

Fruit fairies don’t just live in forests, but they could also be inside your refrigerator, especially if your fridge is filled with organic fruits and vegetables.

How The Fruit Fairy Can Help You Lose Weight

Since fruit fairies reside in nature, you might happen to bring a fairy home if you picked a fresh basket of apples from a tree, or purchased any organic vegetables in your neighborhood grocery.

If you open the door of your fridge, and discover that slice of decadent chocolate cake you bought has disappeared, the Fruit Fairy may be responsible. The Fruit Fairy might also be responsible for making that can of Coke spill, or that tub of ice cream to suddenly expire.

Relax, the Fruit Fairy is just trying to stop you from eating junk food, and get you to start eating healthy.Welcome the fruit fairy in, as they may even give you helpful tips and strategies for losing weight.

Don’t Lose Heart

Don’t lose heart, because the Fruit Fairy has your best interest in mind. The Fruit Fairy is helping you lessen your sugar intake, and control your carbs, and they will also help you lose a few pounds, and bring back the natural slim beauty in you.

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  1. Holly says:


  2. Heather says:

    you said during a reading that I had fairies around me, I’m wondering if one is a fruit fairy?! I sure do hope so bc that’s all I try to buy is organic fruits and veggies, and we’ve been eating a lot of them lately. Any help from them would be greatly appreciated!!

  3. Martha says:

    Awe!! This is do sweet! I definitely need to lose tons of weight! I will talk to the fruit fairies!
    Thank you Tana!

  4. Heather says:

    This was a fun article! I didn’t know this about fairies. I will definately keep this in mind and talk to the fruit fairies. I need all of the help I can get 🙂 Thank you Tana

  5. Yen Kie Ong says:

    Love this article. I always avoid walking on grasses whenever possible. And I say sorry to the nature fairies if I must.
    Didn’t know about fairies hanging in our fridge. Will definitely talk to them.
    Though I notice how increasingly turned off I get by the junk food and sugary foods in the market. So I have less of those in the pantry/ fridge.
    And now that I think about it, they may be responsible to get me off dairy, that leads me to avoid more sugary drinks and desserts that have dairy in it.
    Thanks Fairies. Keep up the great job. Just a few more kilos to get rid of please.

  6. karen williams says:


  7. Stephanie Cass says:

    huh… maybe I did have ice cream in the freezer, but the faeries got rid of it for me. I must be receiving more in my CSA box than organic fruits and vegies from farms nearby. Neat.

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