Understanding Karma to Manifest Financial Abundance


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Karma is not more than a reward or punishment, it comes as the result of one’s thoughts, actions and behaviors.

Karma is concept that all living things must adhere to. If you know about your own karma, then you can use this concept to help improve your own life.  You can even apply the knowledge to manifest financial abundance!

But first, we must know about what karma is in the first place. So…


So What Exactly Is Karma?


Karma is a concept that is prevalent in many religions, especially in Hinduism. It is the law of cause and effect. The law that binds all of our actions and deeds.

Karma states: what we do will come back to us in the future.


How Is Karma Created


Karma literally means “action” or “deed” in Sanskrit. Karma is created through one’s actions. But not all actions create Karma. For Karma to be created, one must intentionally act on something.

For example, if you accidentally do a bad or evil deed, then you are safe from bad karma. You must have intentionally done a bad deed for karma to be created. Thoughtless action will not create good or bad karma.

Good And Bad Karma

Good begets good and evil begets evil. Karma is like a storehouse, it stores all the negative and positive things that you’ve done. Think of this storehouse as your very own karma wealth storage.

Good karma is a record of all the good things that you have done in your life up to this point. The same can be said of bad karma.


How Karma Works


Karma is an absolute law that governs the universe. Just as gravity is a law that affects us, so is karma.

Karma works as a balancing force in the universe and it’s a force that helps people reap what they sow.


Karma And Reincarnation


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Karma and reincarnation cannot be separated from each other.

Karma and reincarnation are inseparable from one another. Reincarnation plays a major role in reaping the seeds of karma. And all of this has to do with your karma storage or karma wealth.

Karmic wealth is the accumulation of both your good and bad karma because in the end, our good and bad karma is weighed against one another.

If you’ve accumulated more good karma than bad karma, then you will be reincarnated as a higher being or be reincarnated with a better start in life.

Sadly, the opposite is also true. If your bad karma is greater than the good, then expect to be reincarnated as a lower being, or be reincarnated with bad start in your new life.


What Karma Is Not


Karma is not about vengeance, retribution, or revenge. Karma is a way for us to reach enlightenment.  The Law of Karma does not hand out rewards or punishments. It is not a strict teacher who scolds us when we do wrong things.

Karma is simply a way for us to ascend to higher planes. Think of Karma as a pathway or stairway that we can use.


Things People Get Wrong About Karma


Here are some false ideas people often have about karma.

1) People with good karma are born beautiful, wealthy, and surrounded by good people.

Although it is true that wealth, health, and good looks, can be the result of good karma; it does not necessarily mean that it is true for all cases.

2) It’s okay to take advantage of others since I’m wealthy and in a position of power.

That my friend is how you end being reincarnated a lower level. Just because you are in a position of power, does not necessarily mean that you are safe. This attitude would accumulate a lot of bad karma since you’d be affecting many lives.

3)  You cannot have good karma if you’ve done a lot of bad and questionable things in your life.

There is always a chance for changing your ways. You could be a thief, a swindler, or even a murderer; but you can still make up for it by changing your ways and choosing to live a better life.


Applying Karma For Financial Abundance


You can use the concept of karma to improve your finances and live a life of financial abundance.

All you have to do is make good financial decisions for yourself and help other people get their finances straight, too.

Before you can live in financial abundance, and before you can improve your karmic wealth; you first have to get rid of your karmic debt.


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There would be people who will always be better off than you. You have to accept that fact in order to avoid bad karma.

Getting Rid of Karmic Debt In Your Finances

Karmic debt is holding you back. In case you didn’t know, karmic debt is anything that hinders your financial growth, as well as any bad thoughts and emotions regarding your financial situation.

If you still don’t know what these are then I’m going to give you some examples and ways to get rid of them.


1)  Debt – Everyone knows that debt is a bad thing. Paying your debt as soon as possible will make it easier for you to make more money in the future. But we’re only talking about the material side of things.

By paying off your debts as soon as possible, you are freeing yourself from the worry and stress that debt brings.  Worrying and stressing about debt creates bad karma.

2) Jealousy – Some people will always be richer and better off than you. You just have to accept that.  Accepting this hard truth will prevent bad karma from accumulating.

3) Being selfish with your money – Being selfish and greedy is a good way to sabotage your success with money. These negative emotions and thoughts generate bad karma that will come back to bite you in the future.

Do you remember the “Parable of Talents”? If you don’t give out and circulate your money, then you’ll end up with the same amount, or none at all.


Steps You Can Take To Create Good Karma In Your Finances

Now that you’ve stopped yourself from generating bad karma, it’s time to start creating good karma. Good financial karma will come to reward you in the near future.

Here are steps you can take to create good financial karma:

1) Be grateful – It all starts with a positive mental attitude. Being upset because you’re not swimming in money is a good way to create bad karma. Being grateful that you’re not starving on the streets will not only help you realize how well-off you are, but it will also help generate good financial karma.

2) Be charitable – Giving away money for the benefit of others will create good karma for you. It will also help other people in the process. And who knows, the person you helped out today might help you out tomorrow.

3) Accept that you’ll be wealthy someday – You already know deep inside that money will come to you someday. All you have to do is keep working toward financial abundance. Thinking otherwise will only create bad karma in the process.


In Conclusion


Financial abundance can be attained by increasing your karmic wealth. Do good things about your finances, think good things about your finances, and be good with your finances. That’s all there is to it.

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