Understanding The Spirit World – by Tana Hoy

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During a psychic reading, I serve as the channel for the important messages these spirits have for my clients who are asking for help to resolve their problems about finances, lawsuits, inheritance, and other things that are bothering them, such as their relationships and their love life.

Whenever I do a psychic reading, I always ask for the help of the Spirit World so that I can do my work better. Being a psychic medium, I directly communicate with spirits.

While skeptics deny the reality of the Spirit World, heaven, or otherworldly realms (which are also known as the different planes of existence), they still have not proven that the belief in spirits and the Spirit World is just a concoction or invention of the human mind.

Four years ago, the famous National Geographic Magazine published an article about one of the oldest temples built in the ancient world, the GöbekliTepe, located in Turkey. It’s 7,000 years older than Stonehenge, which is found in Averbury, United Kingdom.

Stonehenge, just like theGöbekliTepe, is considered as a spiritual site. It was used as a temple to worship ancient deities or spirits.

In the past, scientists and historians believed that it was agriculture or plant cultivation, and the domestication of animals for food and for work that gave way to the development of human civilization.

However, due to the discovery of the GöbekliTepe,archaeologists who have studied the site have said it was the belief in deities and spirits that gave birth to human civilization.

This attests to the fact that my work as a psychic medium is one of the oldest jobs in the world.

It gives me a sense of pride that psychic mediums have played a very important part in the development of human civilization, especially in the establishment of belief systems, and the development of the art of healing.


Healers and Counselors


The work of psychic mediums is not limited to a psychic reading. This has been proven in  the case of the natural healers of our American Indian tribes, and in the Shamanic communities of Asia and Africa.

Psychic mediums are also healers, counselors, and protectors of the community to which they belong.

In the course of healing, counseling, and protecting, communicating with the Spirit World is an ordinary thing.


Do You Need to Fear Spirits?


Many people become uneasy when they talk about spirits and the Spirit World. This is mostly because of the way that media has propagated some negative ideas about the supernatural or the paranormal. As as result, many people are now scared of spirit entities.

They are even more scared by the idea of communicating with beings from the Spirit World.

It is not only media, however, that has contributed to such a situation. Other shapers of opinion, such as some schools and religious leaders, have also given out highly biased information over the centuries against Spirit World contact.

But there’s no need to be fearful about the Spirit World. That’s because not all spirits are bad or deceptive.


Inhabitants of the Spirit World


Most spirits are helpful and friendly.

Fairies, dwarves, and other nature spirits exist to help make nature beautiful.

Angels, especially the Archangels, are there to guide us and protect us from harm.

Meanwhile, ghosts are not as harmful as you may think. Unlike in horror movies, ghosts cannot harm you. They are just souls that are trapped here on earth, and what you need to do is to pray for them, so that they can crossover to the Spirit World, which is their rightful home, as spirits.

Of course, there are spirits that are evil and harmful, but they cannot harm you unless you allow them to harm you.

If you have strong faith in the Divine, then no evil spirit can harm you. I assure you of that.


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It is not craziness to believe in the existence of spirits and the Spirit World.  In fact, believing in them is simply a recognition of who you really are: You are a living Soul and your soul is the one that urges you to believe.

You are NOT Crazy


It is not craziness to believe in the existence of spirits and the Spirit World.

In fact, believing in them is simply a recognition of who you really are: You are a living Soul and your soul is the one that urges you to believe.

As a psychic medium, I personally tell my clients during a psychic reading, to take advantage of the moment to connect with these wonderful beings from other dimensions.

Channeled messages usually contain important and useful information that they can use to improve areas of their lives like finances, love life, and even their health and well-being.

That’s why there’s nothing to fear about spirits and about the Spirit World. Remember, your Spirit Guides want to help you to grow spiritually. But they can only perform their designated duty in your life, if you allow them to do so.

Get deeper knowledge about the Spirit World, so that you can use the wisdom of your helping spirits to make your life happier and more abundant. You can get this deeper knowledge through having a psychic reading. Schedule your psychic reading now.


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