Use This Spirit Animal List To Find Your Inner Animal Power


Do you know what your Spirit Animal is?

This Spirit Animal list will help you find everything you need to know about the inner, uninhibited power of your animal affinity.

Admittedly, not a lot of people are aware that they have another source of spiritual strength and support in the form of Power Spirit Animals.

You might have had an inexplicable awareness of your animal affinity before, but as you know more about Spirit Animals, you will suddenly realize that your Power Spirit Animal has been working mysteriously in your life from the very start!

There’s no better time to discover what you Spirit Animal is, and in the process, uncover its mystic power working within you.


What Are Spirit Animals? animals

You may have noticed that you have certain affinity to a particular animal. This is because that certain animal could be your spirit animal which is similar to a spirit guide.

A Spirit Animal is similar to a Spirit Guide.

It is also called as an animal totem or a power animal. These Animal Spirit Guides provides protection and guidance throughout your life.

Spirit animals are a representation of archetypal energies – they are the embodiment of traits unique to their kind.

Your Power Spirit Animal is a protector, a guide, a teacher, and an ally. It seeks to remind you of the things tucked away in your subconscious and helps bring your inner wisdom to light.

Your Spirit Animal also enables you to share its power when you need it the most.

It will share with you its strength when you are facing a difficult problem in life, and give you a confidence boost when applying for a job or going out on a date.

Whatever energy you need and whenever you need it, your Spirit Animal will share their power with you.

But, how do you know which Spirit Animal is for you?

Ponder on these questions for a bit:

Have you ever felt an affinity to a certain animal?

Have you ever had a deep and profound feeling of connection that goes beyond just liking an animal or thinking that it’s cute?

Your Spirit Animal is often an animal which resonates with you or an animal you have an affinity with.

You will be drawn not only to the traits of a Power Spirit Animal, but to its energy. Its energy will resonate with you and you will have a sense of strong familiarity with your Spirit Animal.

That is what affinity means – a deep and profound connection.


The List Of Spirit Animal Meanings


Now that you know what it feels like to have an affinity with a Spirit Animal, it will be much easier for you to find your own Spirit Animal.

Use this Spirit Animal List and the meanings behind the symbology of each animal to understand how these mystical guides are working in your life. fox

The fox animal’s main characteristics is its cunning and swift action. It can help you be more discerning in your various decisions in life.

Bear Power Spirit Animal

The Bear is the perfect symbolism of strength and confidence. This Spirit Animal has a strong grounding force, which can help you be an excellent leader, to take action, or to take a stand against adversity.

Your Power Bear Animal can show itself physically, or manifest in your dreams, if you need guidance in focusing your energy and inner strength. The Bear might also be urging you to find quiet time to recharge and heal.

Fox Power Spirit Animal

With its sleek physique and crafty eyes, the fox best symbolizes cunning and swift action. It is the power animal of physical and mental responsiveness.

The Fox Power Spirit Animal will come to you when you need to be more discerning in your decisions and relationships – both at work and at home. Don’t worry, the fox will be there to help you find the smartest solution to your challenges.

Owl Power Spirit Animal

As the owl sees without restraint in the dark, so this Power Spirit Animal enables you to see through illusion and deception. You will be able to distinguish the real meaning behind other people’s actions.

Once your Owl Spirit Animal shows itself to you, it may mean you need help in carefully assessing a situation, or is cautioning you to become more observant of your surroundings, and of other people. It can also signify that a big change or transition in life is about to happen.

Deer Power Spirit Animal

The Deer exudes so much grace and gentleness, which makes it a wonderful example of innocence. This Spirit Animal shows an ability to live life with tenderness, and to become in touch with your inner child.

This Spirit Animal’s gentleness is tempered with its determination and strength. It can help you to become vigilant, and to change directions quickly when tackling a difficult situation.

Hawk Power Spirit Animal

The Hawk can reach lofty heights, making it the perfect Spirit Animal for bringing messages back and forth from the Spirit World. This Power Spirit Animal embodies the power of focus, giving you the power of avoiding distractions and finishing the task at hand.

Once the Hawk makes itself known to you, you will need to work on paying more attention to you intuition so that you can recognize the messages it carries.

As the Hawk is deeply connected to the Spiritual realms, it is the perfect Spirit Animal if you are honing your psychic abilities or developing your spirituality. hawk

The hawk power animal is the spirit animal for developing your psychic abilities.

Wolf Power Spirit Animal

When you have the wolf as your Spirit Animal, it’s all about sharp instincts, keen intelligence, and unbridled freedom. Your Wolf Spirit Animal can show you how to perceive and understand how the world works around you.

If the Wolf shows itself in a dream, meditation, or in physical form, your Spirit Animal may be urging you to use your intuition or instincts to improve a situation or to overcome a challenge.

Dragonfly Power Spirit Animal

Transformation is the symbolism of the Dragonfly Power Spirit Animal. The Dragonfly can herald changes and evolution, often serving as an inspiration to embrace the transformation that will enable you to reach your full potential.

When the Dragonfly manifests itself, it may be telling you to appreciate lightness in thoughts and feelings. It urges you to naturally let your personal and spiritual journey unfold.

These are just a few of Spirit Animal Guides that lend their abilities and energies to people. There are more Power Spirit Animals out there, and I will discuss them further in the future.

Isn’t it exhilarating to know that we have these beautiful and powerful Spirit Animals to accompany us throughout our life’s journey? By now you must be excited to discover your own Spirit Animal.


Discovering Your Own Spirit Animal


There are various ways for discovering your Power Spirit Animal.

You can find your Spirit Animal through your date of birth, or match your Spirit Animal with your personality.

Some individuals go in nature and observe the signs and symbols left by their Spirit Animals. You can even camp out in your backyard, or relax in your garden and call out to your Power Spirit Animal.

A psychic reading can also help you discover the true nature of your Power Spirit Animal.

Whichever way you choose, keep in mind that your Power Spirit Animal is already with you and you just need to strengthen your connection.

The main thing, the most important thing I want you to remember is that your Spirit Animal is a reflection of YOU.

Your Spirit Animal represents your energy – your primal force. It shows you what you already are, as well as your potential.

I hope you found this Spirit Animal list very helpful in finding and connecting with your Power Animal.

If you need clarity or help in harnessing the power and energy of your Spirit Animal, you can click here to schedule an appointment with me to fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page and someone will contact you soon.

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