Tips For Using Your Makeup To Create A Powerful Aura


When people talk about the aura, they’re often talking about how a person’s physical appearance is more lit up than usual, or how much happier a person seems than normal.

But people who can see the human aura can see whether you have a positive or negative state of mind at that moment, just by observing the colors around you.

The colors of your aura reveal your mood, emotions, health condition and even your state of well-being at that exact moment in time.


Your Aura And What It Says About You Makeup Aura 2

Aura is a colorful, multilayered energy field surrounding all living things.


Knowing your aura helps bring balance to your mind, body, and soul, more people have been seeking aura readings to discover more their aura.

You may have looked at someone before, and seen a rainbow halo around their head. That’s the human aura — an energy field that reflects a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual, well-being.

Since color is seen by energy vibrating at different wavelengths, the color we see around us is an illusion created by vibrating energies. This happens when light strikes the surface of whatever object you are looking at.

The colors in a person’s aura are also the reason why you like being around certain people because their aura colors radiate a “vibrant” personality energy. You will also find yourself feeling repelled by someone who has a “gloomy” personality energy irradiating from their aura.


Facts About The Human Aura


Here are some practical facts about your aura:

  • Your aura defines you at a specific, given moment. Even if you’re smiling, a person who can see auras will be able to tell that you are hurting deep inside.
  • Since your aura is a snapshot of your emotional, physical, and spiritual health, and well-being, it affects your mood, performance, the state of mind, and how you react to your environment.
  • The human aura is also defined by its size. The larger a person’s aura, the larger the force field surrounding this person is. Happy, positive, well-mannered people, have extensive auras.

So when we refer to a genuinely happy person as having an “infectious” laughter, there is certainly truth in that.

Jesus was said to have an aura that extends so broadly that one cannot see from end-to-end.

  • When you interact with others, your aura energies interact as well. The mood of another person affects your mood and vice versa.

That’s the reason why you may have gone into a meeting with happy thoughts, and feel agitated just minutes afterward, due to the hot-headed people dominating the meeting

  • There are ways to help improve your aura.


Your Aura And Your Makeup Makeup Aura 1

Color affects people’s moods so the color of your makeup will have an influence on your aura.

Most women and even some men use makeup regularly.

Beyoncé totally gets what it means to wear makeup when she said, “Thats one of the things I love about makeup. You can change your whole attitude by just doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently”.

For Emma Watson, makeup can be a quick pick-me-up. She once said, “If Im feeling tired, I just say, ‘Im going to paint my nails purple and put some lipstick on!’”


How You Can Influence Your Aura With The Makeup You Wear


Other than practicing mindfulness and positive thinking, wearing makeup that promotes a healthy aura can lift up your spirits when you’re feeling down.

Many people are aware of how the color of their dress affects their moods, and also the way people react to them. For example, a red dress is said to be a power dress, while a yellow top can evoke a sunny personality.

What is less widely known is that auras are most prominently seen around the head. So wearing the right color of makeup can certainly affect your aura.


Top 10 Aura Color Makeup Tips To Project The Right Attitude


You can make your makeup work for you.

Beyond your daily makeup routine, make it your objective to try influence your aura every time you put on your lipstick or apply color to your face and eyes.

Here is my Makeup Guide you can use to influence the feeling you project to others:

Makeup Tip No. 1:

Choose bright red lipstick over a deep burgundy. Red evokes independence, a strong personality, and attention to detail. Dark red, however, drives anger, and ironically, fear.

Makeup Tip No. 2:

Reach for a brownish red lipstick to attain stability. Brown is a nurturing color to have in your aura. However, light brown tends to fade easily, causing people to lose energy.

A hint of red will help sustain your energy if brown is the prominent shade in your aura.

Makeup Tip No. 3:

Incorporate blue shades on your eyelids when you’re angry. Blue signifies peacefulness and calmness.

Will be able to restrain yourself from jumping into heated discussions simply by carrying this shade on your face. Makeup Aura 3

A blue shade on your eyelids can help you maintain your cool and calm throughout the day.

Makeup Tip No. 4:

Feeling like you can hardly make ends meet lately?

Add silver to attract financial fulfillment because metallic silvers help you feel materialistically satisfied, but also attract more money into your life.

You can easily wear silver on or around the eyelids. Or even use it as nail polish.

Makeup Tip No. 5:

When you feel afraid or nervous, gold can be used to shield you from harm so that you can feel protected and secure. Use gold makeup or nail lacquer.

Makeup Tip No. 6:

When you need to get creative, use purple. Shades of violet enhance inventiveness and imagination.

Makeup Tip No. 7:

Add green for health, or put on green eyeliner to balance feelings of illness or fatigue.

Makeup Tip No. 8:

Use yellow to evoke more energy.  Yellow also makes you feel more optimistic. You can use it to line your eyelids, or as nail polish.

Makeup Tip No. 9:

Orange gives off a vibrant energy that draws people to you. You can use orange lipstick, or even frosted orange when you’re headed to a social gathering.

Makeup Tip No. 10:

Never use black.  You may have been loving those cat eye lines, but what you probably didn’t know until now is that black drains your energy.

If you’re not willing to give it up, what you can do is create a subtle gradient of a smoky-eye, with blues and greens, to cancel out its negative energy.


You Can Make Your Positive Aura Happen


Anybody can see auras.

In fact, there are studies that show how blind people can tell the colors of things around them by feeling them on their skin.

The colors of your makeup, dress, and environment, along with adjustments to your inner self, such as what you do, say and think — is a holistic strategy necessary for you to radiate a positive energy that will affect your health and well-being, as well as the welfare of people around you.


If you’d like to know more about the human aura and understand your own aura better, you can schedule an Aura Reading with me by clicking here.


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