Vascarious’ Wisdom For Living A Happier, More Fulfilled Life (Make sure you Read This!)

A few days ago, I was meditating, and during my meditation, I was visited by the Ascended Master Vascarious. I have spoken about him before. He is the Ascended Master I met on the 299th dimension.

During my meditation, he shared some of his wisdom with me about daily living, and he said a person who does all the following things, will enjoy a very happy and more fulfilling life.

So I wanted to pass on His knowledge and share it with you…

Vascarious’ Wisdom For Living A Happier and More Fulfilled Life 

1. Realize that your mind will lie to you, especially during times of fear and uncertainty.

Your mind will make you believe certain things are true, by creating visions of projected outcomes about a future not yet unfolded.

To overcome this, learn to live in the present moment, and realize the false images created in your mind of a future outcome, is nothing but a lie.

2. Staying present in each moment eliminates all fear.

You must realize the only moment you have is the present one, and constantly remind yourself that in this very moment, you are ok.

Whenever your mind starts to create false visions of outcomes yet unfolded, you must make a conscious effort to bring your awareness back to the present moment. 

3. The universal frequency you have your emotions tuned into will determine the kind of life experiences you will have.

If you are always mentally tuned into the negative happenings in your life, your life experiences will reflect back to you a world of negative outcomes. And if you are always mentally tuned in to the positive happenings in your life, your life experiences will reflect back to you a world of positive outcomes.

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4. What you focus on in your life, grows in your life.

Not only does your mental frequency determine what you experience in life. But also, what you focus on grows in your life.

To grow more positive outcomes in your life, make a conscious and determined effort to only look for the positive daily experiences in your life. Deny the negative experiences as if they don’t even exist, and you will find they magically work themselves out, and then disappear altogether.

5. Your life experiences are made from the mental labels and stories created by your mind, from your past experiences.

What you think, feel, and believe, is a result of labels you have unconsciously placed on the things you’ve experienced in your past, and also from the labels you placed on those experiences. These stories and labels alone determines the sadness or happiness your experience in your life.

Become consciously aware of the false labels and stories your mind has created, and change them into more positive ones. 

6. You are more powerful than you have ever been told you are!

You are a powerful being created from the Divine Source, therefore you were born a powerful being, and you still are one.

Since the Divine lives within you, nothing is missing from you. You are complete and whole, exactly as you are. No matter what lies you have been told by others, or what you have been falsely programmed by society to believe.

Since the Divine is complete, and since you are part of the Divine, nothing could be missing from you. Only your mind tells you differently. Regardless, you are whole and complete!

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7. Make no apologies for who you are, and stop trying to change yourself to be different.

You were born as you are, and everything about you, the good and the “bad”, is a precious part of this Being called You!

Rather than constantly trying to change yourself to be different than who you are, learn to label all within you as good and divine! Even the things you perceive to be bad things about yourself.

Nothing about you is bad. Everything is but a small part of you expressing your Divine Self in different ways.

8. Remember that love is all there is. 

There is nothing but love.

Since the Divine Source is love, there is no opposing negative force in the universe. The Divine can never be divided against itself since everything in the universe comes from the Divine Source. And the Divine Source is only love.

There is no hate. There is only love. Everything else falls under fear. So there is only love or fear.

9. Change your thoughts, and you will change your life.

Since your world is created by your mind, the same as everyone else, weed out and eliminate the negative thoughts, and focus only on the positive. This is the key to changing your life into the happiest life possible.

When I heard these words, I couldn’t wait to share them with you! Some of what he explains is deeply profound and requires some reflection, but upon deep contemplation, you will discover that everything he says is true.

I hope this has touched your life and helped you in some divine way. May you be blessed and uplifted by the wisdom of Vascarious.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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