Want to improve your love life pretty quickly?

Great news! I am so happy to be able to tell you what I am about to tell you!  As a matter of fact, I’m ecstatic!

When I was meditating last week, everything I’m about to share with you was revealed to me by my Guides and Angels!


…what the opportunity I am about to share with you will not happen again for another 2,000 years!

So, if you miss it – your chance to benefit from it will be gone forever! At least in this lifetime!

So what’s this big, exciting news????

Special Energy Is Approaching The Earth

Energy is approaching that is going to do one of three amazing things for you!

* It will make all of your loneliness go away!

* It will make the one thing you have been looking for finally happen!

* It will make your current situation improve or get better almost instantly!

There is a planetary glitch that is coming in the month of October, which is going to be caused by Venus and Pluto overshadowing each other!

And here is how this glitch will work to your benefit:

  1. This overshadowing is going to cause a very strong magnetic Soul Mate energy sweep the earth, and when you are magnetized, it will instantly draw your soulmate into your life within 6 months! Guaranteed!
  1. This energy is so powerful that if you are already in a relationship where there are difficulties, it will clear up any and all problems instantly! Vanished – as if they never existed!
  1. If you are still heartbroken over an ex you still miss and love, and you want to get your ex back, it will bring him or her back into your life within 6 months – guaranteed!!!


This upcoming energy is going to be STRONG and POWERFUL!!!!

Click here to schedule this space and let me help you find your true soulmate!

Loneliness, sadness, crying yourself to sleep at night, not having anyone to hold you, no one to talk to when you have problems, no one to hold hands with walking down the street, no one to kiss you in the morning, no one to make you the happiest you can be, no one to hold you at night, no one to complete you…


A Cosmic Event Has Been Angelically Created

The Angels Of The Universe have created this cosmic event to happen so that people can experience the greatest emotion known to mankind – a deep, fulfilling, satisfying love!


…and this is important…

YOU MUST be aurically magnetized for this to benefit from this cosmic glitch!

This glitch WILL NOT help a person in any way whatsoever unless they have a properly magnetized aura!

If you are like 99.9% of the people out there, then your aura probably looks dead! Gray, shut down, colorless, and depleted!

And even if you’ve had your aura cleaned and strengthened within the last 6 months, in order to receive the benefits from this cosmic glitch, the secret is having your aura specially magnetized, using secret, ancient magnetization techniques that were revealed to me. A technique once taught over 2000 years ago!

I Spent Over 30 Hours Of Training With Ascended Masters 

Over this past week, I trained with the Archangel Michael, Saint Germain, Krishna, Vishnu, Quan Yin, and several others, all to learn how to magnetize your aura for this once-in-a-lifetime energy that is coming very soon!

I spent over 30 hours working and training with over 40 powerful Ascended Masters over this past week to learn how to magnetize auras, so that you can end the loneliness in your heart, and finally have the type of soulmate connection that most people only will dream about having!

This is the perfect opportunity to make sure you don’t spend another holiday alone!

Who This Is For

Once your aura is magnetized, your long, lonely search is over! Love will appear in your life as if it appeared out of thin air! But there is only one of me, so I will have limited time and space to magnetize all the auras of everyone who wants to find their true soulmate!

I have 40 spots open to magnetize your aura! Once they are filled, your chance is gone!

I wish there were two of me to do this work, but unfortunately, there is only one of me!

Auric Magnetization is for you if:

-You want to find your TRUE soulmate and are tired of waiting! You want to be with someone you can finally begin a life with!

-You know that someone from your past was your soulmate, yet the two of you are not together for whatever reason (the reason why you’re not together doesn’t matter because magnetization heals all past hurts, wounds, and painful situations!)

-You are having arguments, fights, and misunderstandings with the person you love, and it is tearing the two of you apart! You want the pain to end for good, so that the two of you can start enjoying the love you once felt together!

-You want a family, children, and a fulfilling love life!

-You want to be in love!

Who Auric Magnetization Is Not For 

This would not be the right thing for you if:

-You are not ready for love!

-You are happy already in your relationship! In other words, you would change nothing between the two of you!

-You are with your soulmate already, and things couldn’t be better!

-You have no desire for love, and prefer to spend your life enjoying your friends, family, and other people you meet. In other words, you enjoy being alone!


If you want to draw your soulmate into your life within a short period of time, I am talking about the “perfect one”, you will need to make sure to jump on this quickly before all the spaces I have fill up!

I cannot change time, go back in time, or do this for you at a later time if you miss this because I have no control over how the planets align themselves. So understand that if you miss this opportunity to have your aura magnetized during this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence – you miss it for good!

These 40 spots will fill up quickly! I am sure of that! Since you are on my email list, I am giving you the first opportunity to reserve your space, before I offer it on the worldwide internet!

What You Need To Do Next

Since I have not yet mentioned this on my website, to reserve one of the 40 spaces, you can:

  1. Click here now and fill out this form
  2. Email me back at this email
  3. Call my office at 614-444-6334 and leave all your contact info! Please give me two numbers to make it very easy to reach you!


My assistant will then contact you to reserve your space!

In light, love, peace, and soulmate happiness,

Tana Hoy



P.S. I personally guarantee you that this is going to make all of your dreams about love come true! The only thing you need to do is get magnetized, then sit back and watch the love magic happen! It will be like love fireworks exploding in your heart and soul!

P.S.S. You are going to be amazed at the power an auric magnetization has! If you’ve attended any of my Salons, then you already know the power that exists out there in the Universe because you have already experienced it for yourself!

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