Was It You I Saw In My Psychic Vision?

Hi there,

This week has been an interesting one. For one thing, I have been having many psychic dreams for the past two weeks, as the energy of June approaches.

But this week alone, I have been having all sorts of vivid psychic dreams! It really drives me crazy when I see faces in my dreams, but because I have never met most of my clients face-to-face, I do not recognize these faces. Therefore I do not know who the messages I have been getting are for!

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I did recognize a few of the faces I saw, but most of them I didn’t know who they were. So when this happens, and it has happened before, I do not know which messages are for who!

The life of being a psychic can get confusing sometimes!

What I Saw…Can You Help Me Figure It Out?

What I could sense that some people are really struggling right now! I can sense someone who is struggling to find their true life purpose, and I can even sense there is someone who cares about a person who does not seem to be returning the same affection in return!

There was even a health problem the person does not know about!

My clients always ask me “Tana, if you see something about me in between our readings, will you let me know?” My answer is always “Yes, I promise I will let you know!”

But the problem comes when I haven’t met a person before face-to-face, I have no idea what they look like.

So, that’s why I am sharing what I saw in my dream, so you can let me know if any of the people I saw were you.

Well, just know that I am reading is only a phone call away, and I will always be available to help you because there is no reason to struggle, be depressed, worry or lose sleep when I can easily help you find the answers you need!

Please remember that, ok?

Thanks for reading my email today, and I just had to share with you what has been happening with me this week!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. janice arandelovic says:

    I am struggling to find my lifes true purpose>Trevor does not return my love or I am being blocked by toxic people black witches in their cult from my past who used me before that keep on bothering me.It feels like its coming to head.At the same time I’m told I have to move out by the end of June.the kids will be out of school my daughter left for another older man and going through a messy separation with grand kids caught in the middle I still support all human rights but with a three year tenure instead of four year masters and the right mentor ship , huge rents its kindve got me and my health up in the air. Hemorrhoids ,stress ulcers , a tightness in lungs and throat and no answers.I feel like everything is coming to a halt.
    Sincerely yours Janice.
    I phoned your office , you called back busy but rushed and nice to hear your voice as always but had no openings till October 13th. I have to move somethings in the physical dont wait for L.O.A and universe.My phone is working now the phone line was screwed up at the other end.

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